Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Just Go For It!

There were a hundred reasons I would tell myself why I shouldn't go for it. It didn't matter what 'it' was I would think of a reason. When it comes to trying something new and stepping out of my little bubble otherwise known as my comfort zone I do not find it easy to go for it.  

For me its because I worry about my existing responsibilities, how it may affect other people or perhaps the consequences that may come from it. I'm an overthinker, a worrier so there are many, many reasons I don't rock the boat.

However, I am about to contradict myself as I am a dreamer, I am always looking for how I can achieve my ambitions and that means I am always pushed out of what I would consider 'the norm'. Nothing I do is normal, not my job, not my interest they all take a whole lot of never knowing what's around the corner - it's kind of become a bit like always jumping off a cliff with my eyes closed - I never quite know where I'll land. Sometimes it might hurt and go wrong but alternatively, I can end up in the best place. 

Recent events have given me no choice. It was time for a fresh start and jumping at new opportunities. So like me will you take the first steps to achieving? Are you planning on writing a book? Travelling the world? Ditching a  toxic relationship you're currently in? It's all about moving forward to a healthier. happier life. It might be none of these things but you know what you desire for the future.

I know that lifestyle bloggers helped me so hopefully, a few of my tips will help you.


Whether you want a new job or maybe even a career change, re-train so you are in the right place. It's all too easy to let fear get in the way and anxiety of the unknown stop you but I have found if I recognise there are unknowns and you can't possibly predict what's around the corner in day to day life anyway. Even if it's been your job for the last 25 years, tomorrow the company could liquidate. Or maybe you think ' Let's wait a year' but what if a year's too late. If you realise this it will allow you too 
take control and therefore feel more comfortable. It's also a good idea to think. Am I happy? If the answer is no then this should also put you in the mindset its time to make a change.

Be Practical

Making big changes isn't just how you feel, you do need to consider the practical elements too. Make small, manageable changes if that works better in your situation especially if it is slightly more risky or your decision will affect others. Financially, look at savings, potential earnings or even a Guarantor loans. There is always an option, be careful in deciding which is the best for you.

Be Strong

I know that I have many ideas and possibilities whizzing around in my head that I get caught up n the moment and some of the things I decide to do are a little bit out there. I did say I was a dreamer aha! People may say its impossible but if you can believe it you can achieve it.
Also remember self care is very important, eat properly, stay hydrated and exercise so the outcome is the best it could be.

Find Encouragement

If this post isn't enough, seek out family and friends who will push you and tell you the impossible is possible. Find things online, success stories, motivational speeches.
Make a mental list of all the excuses that person might have made not to pursue their dreams and then imagine them smashing through them. It’s that kind of mental toughness that you might have to develop too. If you are in a situation that requires you to leave an unhealthy relationship then you might need to call on the help of professional services. Finding friends to encourage you is a great idea in any case. You might even persuade one to come with you on your trip.


You don’t need to rush into making decisions, you don’t even need to rush into taking any action but you do need to commit to change if that’s what you ultimately want to do.
Spend some time reading around your subject so you know the decisions you’re making are informed and start putting together that action plan to escape that dreary office cubicle or enroll on that course towards what you feel is your calling.

Make sure you create some time and space to really think about what you’re doing and focus in on creating a good mental attitude that will drive your actions forwards. Be encouraged that other people have done it before you and, like them, you will succeed in whatever it is you’re choosing to do.
Do your research, get your finances in place and get ready to go. It’s time to stop making excuses about why you can’t and start thinking about how you can. It’s time to go for it. After all what have you got to lose?


Thursday, 10 January 2019

Top 3 Fashion Trends of 2019!

Love being right on the money when it comes to your outfits, but don't want to spend every last penny you have on your wardrobe? Well, you've come to the right place, because below no only do I identify the most prominent fashion trends of 2019, but come up with ways to achieve them that don't require you to win the lottery either. Read on for more.

Retro styling

Last year I loved 'all things 90’s, and 2019 will keep bringing back the past but with more of an 80's vibe! Think boxy silhouettes, shiny fabrics, and even bum bags! Of course, the shops will be packed full of these items, but if you want the look for less, which I always do! It's a good idea to go to stores that embrace fast fashion at a low price like Primark which is perfect for something you might not wear this time next year.

Layering Jewellery

When it comes jewellery in SS 2019 more is most definitely more. I have already started this, even getting my ears pierced again so I can wear even more! Layering chokers with longer necklaces, ear cuffs, hoops and studs and, of course a lot of stacked rings. There are endless possibilties, even with a casual outfit it adds that bit of style. Even try using retro styled pieces which combines two of the biggest trends.

Luckily,  you can get some pretty fancy gold tragus piercings, and other jewellery for a ridiculously low price, if you shop online. In fact, at such low cost you can afford to treat yourself to more than one item, and so kill that layered look dominating the spring-summer season in 2019.

Kitsch and camp

Lastly, as Vogue discusses here, The Met Gala theme this year is camp, and that means any clothing or accessory item that is retro will be in high demand, but a lot of these pieces come with a high price tag due to being unique. All you need to do is think bright, colourful and make a statement throughout the SS19 season!  


Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!

Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!

As I sit here on New Year's Eve thinking of the year that has just passed I realised it has definitely been a year of two halves. The first 6 months to the last 6 months have felt like two completely different years - Both full of both great highs and terrible lows with nothing quite falling in the middle. 2018 most definitely will be a year I will remember.

2018 started with having a hell of a lot of determination as I was in a place where I really just wanted to sort my life out. This is why they feel like completely different years. From January - May I built up everything I felt I was missing. From passing my driving test, saving up money and gaining a lot of work experience. I also built my self-confidence through this and really grew as a person. Most of this was also down to the fact I really tried to overcome my anxiety and finally reached a point where I could say I was happier than I had been for a while.

The second half of the year, things fell into place. I got a new job, made incredible friends and experienced things I could only have dreamt of at the start of the year. However, not all was good. On  the 1st August 2018 my Grandad passed away, he'd been ill for a while but it was still sudden. It took me a while to come to terms with it all, not really believing what had happened.

2018 was the also the year of friends. The ones I already had I grew even closer too and met some  amazing people who I don't know what I did without.

So 2018 you were a year too remember. But here's to 2019. I'm leaving this an open book, no resolutions, no aims, no pressures. Just to do whatever I want, when it feels right.

Happy New Year! 


Wednesday, 17 October 2018

My Favourite Netflix Series'

I don't think I know anyone who doesn't love the occasional evening consisting of putting your feet up and watching the TV - whether it be binge-watching a series or just a film it's a great way to relax. Now we are approaching Autumn/ winter it means it's an even better time to do so. For times like these, Netflix is my go to as there is so much to choose from. It has really really upped its game if you ask me!

1. How To Get Away With Murder 
Hands down the best series on Netflix, I have been seriously hooked the whole way through and is the only series I have ever been able to properly binge watch. Every moment I had to spare I put this on as I watched American law students complete an internship with a defense attorney as they try to get other people off with murders and other crimes, however, the crimes appear to start to happen a little closer to home. Series 4 is coming very soon and I literally can't wait.

2. Girlboss 
It's been a long time since I watched this but it was one of the first that came into my head when I thought of writing this post. It's about how the online shop 'Nasty Gal' grew from selling vintage pieces. It really does show just how strong girl power is and gives the even more important message that you can do anything you put your mind too.

3. Vampire Diaries 
I have just finished the final series, which has seemed to taken me for ever and not because I haven't enjoyed it as I most definetly loved it! It has about 150+ episodes so definetly not one to watch quickly but is worth it. It's about a group of friends - some vampires, some werewolves and others somewhere in between. It's one of those series on Netflix everyone has watched and theres a reason for that!

4. The Sinner
I absolutely love a murder show, so this was right up my street (as weird as that sounds... I know) A woman stabs a man for what looks like no reason at all, and the series explains the reasons behind why it really happened. I recommend this if you love a psychological thriller but warning there is a lot of gore in parts!

5. Stranger Things 
Another one of those 'everyone and there moms' have watched this but it really is amazing, set in the 80's a boy in a group of friends goes missing and things get strange! It's a sci - fi so I didn't think it would be my cup of tea - not a fan of aliens and all that usually but its brilliant!

6. 13 Reasons Why
If you haven't heard of this, you must of been living under a rock. A girl commits suicide and she leaves 13 tapes telling the reasons for her death, it also explains the impact of her death on the people around her. It's a hard watch in places but I think thats a good thing as it shows what truly goes on in schools and society.

7. Marcella 
This was originally on ITV and then Netflix, two series' have been released but only the first is on Netflix. It is another great murder related show as Marcella is a police woman finding who the serial killer is. It's a much watch!

8. Skins
I rememeber watching this when it first came out so when I bought Netflix and realised I could watch it all over again I was so happy. I wouldn't say it would be in my list if I had not watched it when I was younger but it is about a group of teens and follows all the stuff that 'normal' teens get up to. It;s a great lighthearted but also hard hitting in places watch that makes you laugh, cry and get very emotionally invested in the show.

What's your favourite Netflix show?


Sunday, 7 October 2018

My Life Ambitions!

If you have read my blog for a while you will know I love setting goals and the idea of having dreams. I am also very ambitious with the mindset that nothing can stop me - some people may call it naivety but I call it determination. I have shared lists and lists of my short term dreams but these are all to reach one thing... or maybe eight... that are my life ambitions.

1. Raise a family
 This has always been my main aim in life and always will be, if I could only have one thing off this list it would most definitely be this. I can't think of anything better than my own family, a little set up of me, the man I love and children. 

2. Get Married 
I'm also the typical girl who's dreamt of the perfect white wedding, it's not as important to me as long as I have a life long partner. However, I have always wanted to get married, a long white dress, bridesmaids, flowers. I have seen it since I was little and I would love to see it become a reality.

3. Enjoy my job 
I feel like I have already achieved this in some ways but of course, we can always think of things that could be slightly better and I am not yet in the job I have always wanted so don't believe it is fully achieved. One of my life motto's is 'do the things you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.' Some days will be less enjoyable than others but overall I want to enjoy my work.

4. Live in a nice house in a nice area 
All I want to do at the minute is move out of my family home and start my own life. The only thing stopping me is that I have always wanted to move out with someone as then that would be the foundations to my new life with a new person and so on and so forth. I just can't wait to be able to live my own life plus buying new homeware bits is right up my street!

5. Have my Own Business 
This one has slightly changed over time of what kind of business I would want, but I have always known I would like my own business, I'm still not 100% sure what it would be but I'm sure over time it will develop. 

6. Be a Presenter 
My dream of all dreams is to present, on stage, on screen or just audio. I just love to present, it's something I work incredibly hard towards but is also very hard to achieve. My dreams have always been a radio breakfast show and then even more of a dream would be a Blue Peter - but that is never ever going to happen!

7. Have a Golden Retriever 
I really really really REALLY want a dog! I would literally have any dog but I particularly love golden retrievers. Just to have a little companion and they are so loving and easily trained it would be the perfect dog.

8. Own a Mini 
This is a slightly materialistic one but my dream car has always been a Red Mini Cooper S, so one day I will own the perfect one!

What are your life ambitions?