Wednesday, 1 August 2018

August Goals

How is it already August?! We are more than halfway through the year which is crazy! I have had a strange month in terms of some moments being amazing and others being not so good. As usual, I have worked a lot but have learned to make the most of every moment. My grandad sadly went in and out of a hospital during the month which has been tough. I have also spent a lot of time with friends and have finally got back into my YouTube channel - I have filmed a few videos, the first one is up Friday and if you would like you can subscribe HERE (cheeky self-promo!)

1. Further my presenting career

As I started a new job this has took a serious step backwards, I was absolutely loving doing the odd presenting job and my regular show but I just couldn’t fit it in and didn’t prioritise it enough as it wasn’t progressing as fast as the other side of my career which made it slip but presenting was and is the thing I enjoy the most and want to progress.

2. Take some time off

As I sit here writing this, it is 10:48pm on a Saturday night which kind of proves the extent of my workload and I can finally say it has begun to catch up with me. I am so so tired and I really think it is time for a couple of days of completely chilling out. I think I 'm going to book a couple of trips with friends even if it's just for the day so I can rest and relax before going back to the daily grind!

3. Do things I enjoy

I really want August to be a month where I go and see amazing places and do some great things, spend time with family and friends and enjoy myself. I also want to start being a bit more selfish and doing what I want as I have found recently i have been people-pleasing way too much and it is negatively impacting me.

4. Reduce the unhealthy meals

With my busy schedule comes, eating on the go and therefore very unhealthy quick options which often comes as a McDonald's drive-thru. The day when I had 3 McDonalds was the point I questioned what was happening, It has also made me lack energy and feel incredibly off so throughout August, fast food is on a ban and I am going to try and eat a lot more home-cooked healthy dinners. 

What are your goals for August?


Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Making High Street Look High End

If there's one thing I love to buy... it's clothes. I can spend hours and hours looking at the latest fashion and what I want to add to my wardrobe next. I love showing my style but I am also not one for a high price tag and clearly, it's impossible to have a whole new wardrobe every time a new season rolls around. However, I still want that stylish look every day on a realistic budget and this is how I go about it.

Spend more on your staples

Staples such as a classic pair of jeans, good quality tops, and versatile dresses can be worn in a variety of ways and with multiple different things in your wardrobe. These are the pieces you will wear the most often and reach for when in doubt of what to wear. Spending more means in theory they should last long and save you money as you wear them so often. I have a white blouse which cost me an arm and a leg but I will wear day in, day out for work or a night out I just switch up what I wear it with. The same with a classic pair of black skinny jeans and a pair of stripey trousers. Everyone's staples are different but splurge on your favourite items. Another example is a good pair of black trousers which will get you through anything from an interview to a funeral to a wedding depending on how you wear them.

Buy cheap trendy items

I absoluetly love some trends (I also hate some but that's another story...) Trends can be fun to follow and experiment with , however, we all know as much as we love them they will never stick around. So why not buy them cheaply and then if you only wear them for that season what's the big deal it was only £5! Primark is great for this and also online stores such as and Pretty Little Thing as they have great deals and sales.

Invest in a couple of luxury accessories

I don't think there has ever been a girl who at some point hasn't wanted a designer pair of shoes or a very nice handbags. They can be worn with so many different things and if your body shape changes they will remain the same and still work perfectly. As long as you pick something you have fell in love with then it will be worth the investment. You could look into pure Kashmiri shawls, designer handbags, unique fine jewellery and much more.

Buy expensive winter shoe and cheap summer ones

This is a bit of a stranger one but in the summer it's all about sandals and lightwear footwear whereas winter footwear needs to get you through the harsh weather conditions so it's best to pay a little more so they last a longer time. 


Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Standing On My Own Two Feet*

Over the past couple of months I have had a reoccurring thought of... I would love to live in my own place. I feel like having my own place would be the first step to independence, a home that is fully mine to decorate how I want, to do whatever I want, when I want with no one else to really think about. Of course, I know it's not all sunshine and rainbows and there a lot of challenges so I have started to get as prepared as possible but I can never find anything on the internet that is relevant to what I am after in terms of the pro's and con's so I thought I'd create my own ideas before I go it alone.

Can I Afford It?

This is of course the biggest deciding factor as the jump from living at home to my own place will be drastically different in cost. You need your own source of income and earn enough to cover your rent, bills and any extras such as a car. Then there's the food which can be more expensive than you might think plus there's the toiletries and of course you have to be able to enjoy your life so need money left over for trips out. I started to work out my money and what bills are likely to be so I could see how much rent I could afford to depict what kind of properties I could afford and whether I would need a couple of house mates. Don’t choose a place that uses every spare penny you have, give yourself some room for the occasional unexpected bill or expense. Spending a little time before you move saving up and keeping a rainy day fund is always a good idea too.

Can I Look After Myself?
If it was down to me I'd eat takeaways all the while, my diet would not be at all balanced nor nutritious as my cooking ability is absolutely disgraceful however I am definitely a pro at washing, ironing and cleaning so I wasn't at a total loss! With lots of challenges along the way I will learn as I go, and probably use Google more than I should... plus my mom's always on the other end of the phone! But having the basics nailed before setting out alone made good sense so I bought myself a cookbook and have started practicing making some cheap, healthy and quick meals.

Is Now The Right Time?
A lot of my friends have started moving out and it has pushed me to think the same but it doesn't always mean you have to aswell. Its a HUGE decision so I won't be taking it lightly. Talk to family and friends - maybe even a tarot phone reading ! I don't really rely on my family a lot and so for me it doesn't seem to matter as much but if you do or don't like being on your own it's bound to make you miserable. Don’t rush it, wait until it feels right for you.

Have you considered moving out of your parents? What are the pros and cons?

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