Sunday, 17 June 2018

My Bucket List!

Earlier this week, I was sitting at my desk at work after a very exciting proposition and thought 'Wow I can actually tick something off my bucket list!' but also that there's so much I want to do in life I need to write it all down so here is my official bucket list - and like when I sat at my desk earlier this week I want to be sitting in an armchair as an 80-year-old woman and think 'Wow I actually did it'. 

1. Present on the TV 
2. Fly in an airplane
3. Skydive
4. Go on safari in Kenya
5. Go to Amsterdam
6. Travel America
7. In fact.. See the world!
8. Go in a hot air balloon
9. Drive my dad's sports car 
10. Stand on a volcano
11. Move out of my family home
12. Race on a track 
13. Go to a festival
 14. Present my own radio show 
15. Own a Mini 
16. Learn to swim
17. See the northern lights
18. See a beautiful sunset
19. Beat my anxiety 
20. Grow my own little family 

I'm sure I've forgotten things and the list will just keep growing but whats on your bucket list?


Wednesday, 13 June 2018

The Day I Dressed Like Barbie

At heart, I will forever be a girly girl. Whenever I see any clothing in a bright pink colour I automatically start thinking about how I can wear it and this beauty of a skirt was no different.

There's nothing about this skirt that I don't like, the pink colour is so pretty and cute but eye-catching, I love the fact it's leather as it makes it that little bit more different and it was a great price at £20 in the sale. It's definitely one of those items that I throw on and feel so good in. I just love it! 

I paired it with this white 'Made in the Nineties' t-shirt from New Look which cost a small price of £6.99, I then tied the front as I do love a crop top and then matched the outfit with some nude heeled sandals. After I'd pieced it together and looked in the mirror all I could think is this is an outfit that would come with a Barbie doll which made my inner 90's child scream with happiness.

I kept the make up pretty simple with a nude lip and then wore some large rose gold aviator sunglasses and minimal silver jewellery. As you can tell in this outfit is very much pink, barbie inspired, summery and did I mention... pink!


Sunday, 3 June 2018

June Goals!

Can you believe we are nearly, half way through 2018?! It's crazy, so much has happened so far this year and I couldn't be more grateful. I absolutely love writing these types of posts as it gives a real focus for the month and pushes me to actually achieving what I aim for.

Goal 1 - Book a Holiday 
The weather in the UK has been very very nice over the past few weeks but it has made me crave a holiday - sea, sand and sun is all I need right now and that definitely means a holiday. Also, I have never been to a different country so it's something I want to tick off my bucket list - Any places you recommend me visiting that aren't too far away but have a lot to see leave them in the comments!

Goal 2 - Start Writing More
I love writing, that's why I do this blog. I love just putting everything in my head into writing but I also love being creative and its hard to find a balance on here as I feel I sometimes restrict my own creativity for the simple reason people might not like it - but I'm going to change that, I also want to maybe try writing a story of some kind as being an author of a book is one of my all-time goals. 

Goal 3 - Focus on YouTube 
I planned this for May but with my new job and just general life getting in the way I have had to put it off for yet another month. I really enjoyed the process of talking to the camera whilst filming then editing. I loved putting my love for media into practice in another way and showing my personality and creativity that is usually limited by my blog. 

Goal 4 - Spend More Time With Family and Friends
As I briefly mentioned life has been pretty hectic lately so this has led to spending very limited time with my extended family such as my grandparents and also friends. I have had to cancel so many plans and haven't had time to stop to realise how they must feel so I'm going to change that as I feel so bad. 

Goal 5 - Go To The Gym Twice A Week
In May I joined the gym and I have, to my surprise, been really enjoying it. I don't go to hardcore but just enough exercise to improve my stamina and maybe be a little bit fitter. If you'd like some fitness posts let me know!

Goal 6 - Have an Amazing Birthday 
On the 9th June, it's my birthday! I'm very excited as per usual and despite the heavy workload. I have managed to get the day off but will work either side so I'm determined to make the best of it.

What are your June Goals?

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

My Driving Experience: The Importance of Tyre Health*

(This isn't my usual car - I had a go in a sports car and really liked the photo aha) 
A few months ago I passed my driving test and I wrote about my experience of learning to drive - you can read about it HERE. Since then I bought my first car and I was super happy about it and built up loads of confidence when driving it - maybe a little bit too much... As then two weeks ago I hit the curb as I turned the corner causing some serious damage. 
Now I don't know a lot about cars so after I did it, I took a look but not much looked damaged except the alloy so I continued to drive it for the next few days before thinking to myself what if it's not safe. It's a good job I stopped driving it and took it to my local garage as it turned out it wasn't such a 'small accident' I had cut the tyre and there was some bulging. The local garage was so surprised it hadn't gone flat or even burst so I could have been in some serious trouble!
As I could have been in some serious trouble all because I didn't know much about the working of the car it made me sure I would always visit my local garage if I was ever in doubt, specifically when it comes to tyres. From this, I have also found a few tips about tyre safety as I am sure many of you like me can drive but don't understand the workings of a car. 

Tyre Pressure
This was something I thought I was actually pretty good at checking as you can get a little device to do it at home but home check-ups aren't always that great as I found my other wheels weren't quite up to scratch. The tyre pressure should be stated in your car manual and is slightly higher in your front tyres to the back tyres. Some garages even check tyres for free so its definitely worth taking it to be checked!

Quality Of Tyres
On my driving test, I remember there was a question that the examiner asked querying me on what to look out for on my tyres and I had a rehearsed answer of 'cuts, punctures, slices and bulges' but let me tell you I had no idea what any of them really looked like and how to make sure they were in good quality. I also remember the tread had to be 1.6 mm but what was I supposed to do get a ruler out and check every part of the tyre? It's good knowing the information but putting it into practice is something I knew nothing about.

Accident Damage
I suppose I should have got my wheel checked straight after my little incident but as I looked they appeared fine with an unprofessional eye. I just keep thinking though what would I have done if on my usual commute to work (which includes a motorway) the tyre had of burst.

Talk To The Professionals
After my incident, I visited my local garage where he knew a lot about tyres to find that the damage was a lot worse than what I had first thought. This damage probably wouldn't have been as bad if I had gone as soon as I had a problem but driving around had put unneeded pressure on my car. Also, going to your local tyre professional can mean you don't have to drive really far to get your tyres fitted which for me was essential. This will save you time and money and of course be less risk to your personal safety. There are many local depots which make sure that you are able to locate a centre near to your specific location - for example, if you are in Somerset or other UK areas, Point S lets you book tyres online instantly. 

Beware of Future Problems
You don't want to be like me and facing no car for a week while it's in the garage. So visiting a local tyre expert will really save you time and money. Plus why put yourself at risk for the sake of an hour at a garage to make sure you are 100% safe. 

This post was a little bit different to my usual but I hope you enjoyed it just the same but I wanted to turn my unlucky, dangerous situation into something positive and help anyone who also might not know what to do if in a similar position.
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Saturday, 26 May 2018

How I Survived My Exam's

Exam season is in full swing as they began last week and it's not a secret that I absolutely hated them.  I hated the pressure, I hated the expectations, the fact my life was consumed by revision, I had no life and the fact I managed to forget everything as soon as I sat down due to my overwhelming anxiety. Like me, all those thoughts have probably run through your head unless your one of those rare and lucky people who just take them in your stride. I managed, however, to achieve well in my exams and gladly I have had no exams for a while so I thought I'd share my tips as it really isn't worth stressing out over but worth making an effort as those grades stay with you forever. you just need to find a happy balance. This is basically a complete guide if your struggling at the moment - hopefully, this can help one person as I know this was the exact time it all got too much for me. 

1. Revise In Manageable Amounts
I always stayed away from social media in exam time due to always feeling pressured by seeing how much other people had revised and I was right to do so as someone I followed tweeted their younger sibling had the aim to revise for 8 hours a day after being told this was 'the expected time to succeed' whilst another person stated they revised for 12 hours. That's half a day! To do that you would have to revise into the night, have little social life and limited sleep. To me, that seems ludicrous and I would never have been able to cope. I used to revise 2 hours a night after school and 5 hours on a weekend maybe 6 hours if I had an exam the next day but that was the most I could cope with and I would only do it for as long as I wanted - sometimes 15 minutes at a time sometimes 50 minutes. I don't have a very long attention span especially if I don't enjoy something. This way, even though I was revising for less time, all my time was productive. Plus I had time to chill.

2. Find A Way That Works For You
As I have touched on - 13 hours a day works for one person, 5 hours worked for me. The same goes for revision methods. One person may like a flashcard, I liked a mindmap or a game. As you can tell I liked to be hands-on, doing something and making it fun, colourful and as interesting as possible. Everyone learns differently so keep that in mind especially if you're comparing the amounts of revision you've done. 

3. Drink Plenty Of Water
Staying hydrated is the key for both revision and in the exam. I used to drink so much water primarily to control my anxiety (don't know why water helps but it does) and also to stop headaches. The fact exams are in summer also means hydration is key.

4. Timetables
I spent a lot longer than I should have done creating timetables but they are so helpful for managing time. It made sure I was revising all subjects and taking time for myself. I swore by it in my GCSE's and I wish I had continued to use it for my A Levels.

5. Take Time For Yourself 
This especially important after an exam, I never revised on the day of an exam, I revised the night before for the exam the following day then took the afternoon off and relaxed. I also found it important to completely forget about the exams and revision at this time as it doesn't really work if you don't keep relaxation time separate from work. For example, don't watch revision youtube videos when you're having 'me time'. I just found having a constant reminder meant I never fully de-stressed.

6. Your Friends are Very Important
Your classmates and friends are all going through exactly the same. It's so important to take advantage of this and talk about any stresses and worries but also working together. Helping each other and trying to understand each other. Everyone is stressed and its very easy to take it out on each other, I remember I fell out with my best friend just because of stress and its the worst thing you can do as you don't need any more worries. 

7. Don't Cram Revise
This is the worst thing you could possibly do before an exam - I didn't even look at any notes before an exam as if I didn't know it by 8pm the night before I weren't going to know it all.

8. Don't Focus Too Much On One Subject
I was the worst for this as I absoluetly loved Geography so would read about it for hours but hated History so forgot about it. Then a week before the exam it hit me that I couldn't continue obtaining a G in History and I should probably revise for it leading to me forgetting about Geography. Surprisingly I then managed going up to a C overall in History getting an A in one of the exams but then getting a B in Geography when I should of got an A. If I had focused more equally I believe I would of got a better grade.

9. Keep Everything Colourful
Coloured pens and paper were my best friends. They made everything so much more appealing and made me want to revise. Thats the key  - make revison as bearable as possible.

10. Take The Night Off Before An Exam
I never revised the night before an exam. I made sure I had finished by 8 pm then chilled out. Watched a film, painted my nails, chose an outfit to wear the following day. Anything to distract me and ensure I had a good nights sleep.

How did you survive exam season? Or if you're currently sitting exams, how are they going?!