Sunday, 13 April 2014

Messy Bun Tutorial

So I love doing a messy bun its so quick and easy so I thought i would give you a quick tutorial. This works best if your hair is not freshly washed as it has more grip. My hair is medium/long so the doughnut size will vary for your hair length. 

Firstly tie your hair into a ponytail as high or low, loose or tight as you want
Then get a hair doughnut and thread your ponytail through it
Spread your hair around it making sure none of the doughnut is showing 
Then secure hair around it with as many bobby pins/ hair grips as you need 
The bun is now done!
You can leave it like this but I like it to be messy so I then do the following steps
Pull hair slightly at front and sides to make it looser
Then pull small pieces out at the sides of your face to frame your face
Keep messing around with it until you have reached the look you wanted
Once you have done the hairstyle to your preference spray with hairspray- I personally love Ellnett or Tresemme.

Whats your favourite hairstyle at the minute?