Sunday, 29 June 2014

June Favourites 2014

So its that time of month again... Monthly Favourites, some months i have trouble picking out products to show you as I have either been loving the same as the previous month or just nothing has really made me go I love that but this month I have had to condense it otherwise it would have been next month buy the time I had wrote about everything so anyway here we go. :)


Clarins- Tinted Moisturiser*
So i got this tinted moisturiser as a sample attached in a magazine, I wasnt sure about this as it was in shade 04- Blond and I am so pale I always need the lightest shade but although this was a bit too dark it gave me a very healthy glow and was perfect for the no makeup makeup days as it had a medium to low coverage i like to have in summer. I think i will definently buy the full size of this product in the near future 

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

I am not gonna talk to much about this as it is hyped about but it is amazing it so longlasting and covers anything from darkkcircles to blemishes such as spots, it lasts all day and works perfectly and at £4 you cannot really go wrong.


Anne French Deep Cleansing Milk 

I had never heard of Anne french before but my mom recommended it to me as she used it when she was younger. I got mine at Boots for under £5 which is a bargain, it removes all my makeup and impurities and you can defineatly tell the difference when i have and havent used this product, my skin has improved alot since using this along with my next favourite...


John Frieda- Sheer Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner

Ok this states it is only for blondes but as my hair has natural blonde highlights I decided to risk using it to brighten them despite darker haired people saying it turned there hair a wierd colour, but do not use this on coloured hair only use if your hair is naturally blonde or a light brown but even a light brown is risky but anyway it has worked for me and I have had a lot of compliments saying my hair looks nice now its lighter. Where my hair is darker it has got a slight redish tinge but as my hair has a lot of different colours in it i dont really mind and quite like it.


Ted Baker Body Spray

This was only £2.50 from boots and the smell is amazing I have used it everyday in june and only a quarter of the bottle has gone. But for the price it is amazing the smell is quite girly and a bit floral but with the hint of something else which is just perfect ( oh i am so good at describing smells haha) but despite just buying it to throw into my handbag it has become a firm favourite this month and probably all summer due to the light scent.


Boots Conditioning Nail Polish Remover Pads

I have used this for years and is the only remover I have liked but Inhave never put it in a favourites as its just a basic thing i take for granted but then I realised nearly everyone uses so why not mention how much i recommend this, its quick and not as messy as having a bottle and pouring it on to cotton pads as they are already soaked in the solution. They are also acetone free which is so good as I hate the smell. I really recommend these.



Bet you werent expecting this. Were you? Well i got a new matress and bed stand as the springs were broke in my last bed and I absolutely love it, i just think its so pretty. It was from Dreams in the sale, i think the bed stand was £99 and the materess was around £200 but they had money off.


It has been very warm this June where I live so I have been grabbing an Ice cream quite often, not the healthiest but anyway. I love soleros and if you havent tried them just go and get one they are like exotic fruits and they are sooo good.

Now you see me DVD

I was going to see this in the cinema but then didnt get around to going so I finally picked up the DVD from HMV a few months ago and I finally watched it this month, I just love it the storyline is really good but you have to follow it otherwise it can get quite confusing but i recommend you should watch it.

Imagine Dragons- Night Visions Deluxe CD

I was going to name an indivdual song but I literally love them, the music is overall loud which I love and I actually cant believe I had never heard of them before now.


I have had some many exams the past week and hate writing out Flashcards but this app is basically exactly the same but you dont have to worry about losing any. 

What are your favourites this month?

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