Sunday, 21 September 2014

My Top 5 Autumn Lip Products

So as its getting a little bit colder where I live and the leaves are turning brown I thought I would do my very first autumn post!
I love lip products especially deep reds so Autumn has to be my favoirite season for makeup but occasional I do switch it up but before I carry on rambling I will start-

MUA- Shade 1 (£1)
I will start with this for one fact only it is the cheapest at £1 I was surprised how good it actually is, the colour is the typical autumn colour of deep red but I also love this for Autumn as it applies very smoothly and feels moisturising when on, but it is not very longlasting so needs reapplying quite often.

Barry M-Genie (£4.50)
This is an all year round lipstick and has to be my favourite drugstore lipstick. The colour changes to any shade of pink depending on the alkali in your lips so sometimes it is very dark but other times a nude pink, this is so versatile and lasts a really long time and does not dry out your lips.

Rimmel Apocalips- Big Bang (£6)
I couldnt go a blogpost about lip products without mentioning the Rimmel Apocalips so I love Big Bang mainly for the beginning of Autumn when you still want that pop of colour from summer but Lso the deep colour of autumn, I dont wear this everyday but occasionally it is great to wear, it can be a bit sticky if too much is applied but overall the colour payoff is amazing and it lasts quite a longtime.

Rimmel Apocalips- Celestial (£6)
Well I did say I couldnt go a post about lip products with out mentioning the Apocalips so why not mention two? I thought I would put this in as personally I am not too keen on nudes but I do like this one and I am fully aware not everyone is comfortable wearing a bright colour so I thought this would be perfect, again its longlasting and has excellent colour payoff but can be quite sticky.

Rimmel 1000 kisses lip tint -grippy grape (£7 but i got it for £1) 
I think lip tints are really under rated, I really like this as it stains my lips and lasts ages and does not transfer which is great when i go out as i hate leaving lip stick marks on glasses. This is also the perfect autumnal colour and the balm on the end makes sure those lips dont dry out.

I really hope you enjoyed this blogpost, comment below any other autumn post ideas.


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Look Up

We walk around in a bubble, a social media bubble. It’s all we focus on. It has changed our perception of what’s real and what isn’t.

You can't walk down the road without seeing someone on their phone or with their headphones in blocking out the outside world, but think about what life would be like if you spoke to people in real life instead of using Twitter or Facebook all the time. They are supposed to make us more social but think about it… Out of all your followers on Twitter; How many of them do you know? But while you're speaking to these people that you will more than likely never meet or getting caught up in all the people who portray that perfect life you could see other people you may know forever.  As how many times have you sat in a room and not even spoke to the person sitting next to you as you are too busy tweeting. You are typing while listening, reading while talking and the harsh reality of it is that it’s true, but I am guilty of this like many I could be in a restaurant and me and all my friends could be Snapchatting to other friends despite being with each other or my Nan who has a lifelong friend, who she met at the bus stop when she was 20 to now when they have been friends for over 50 years. But, just think. If my Nan had the technology, we have now when she was younger she would never have spoken to her. They may never have known each other as she would never have looked up from her phone.

Although this may seem a bit hypocritical as I am currently here writing this blog. We all need to change. If my generation are getting unsociable think about life for your children or your grandchildren. Just look up from your phone and talk, other people may pleasantly surprise you.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

August Favourites 2014

So I will start off by apologising for the lack of posts the past week or two, I was on holiday and then went back to school and I just couldn't find any time, but without all the excuses, posts will be up every Sunday and tags and non beauty will be posted occasional Wednesdays. So lets begin with my August Favourites
Make up

Barry M Eyeliner
SO I have a love hate relationship with Barry M I either find a really good product or a really bad one but recently I have been loving them. I have been using both these eyeliners all month, everyday. The wink marker gives a really easy wing and although it is not very long lasting the initial result makes up for it. I would recommend this if you don't mind reapplying. The kohl eyeliner is fantastic, long lasting and is great for water and tight line leaving minimal smudges.

Rimmel Apocalips- Celestial
If you have read my blog for a long time you will probably find this as a surprise as I really love bright colours and never wear nudes but, I thought if I was going to try a nude then an Apocalips would be a good start. I love it so much, the colour is virtually the same as my lips but just looks better than having bare lips. It lasts quite a long time and I think I will continue to wear it as my go to nude.

Garnier Cleansing Lotion

I just picked this up as a cheap cleanser when I was going around Superdrug and I was pleasantly surprised, I wouldn't choose this over my normal Anne French Cleansing Milk but if you can't find that this is my personal next favourite. It removes makeup effectively but it is not a very deep cleanser so it takes a while to get rid of heavy make up.

Lush Fun
I love a good novelty bath product and this is perfect, as I said it is novelty so I wouldn't repurchase it but I have used this several times and as you can see there is a lot left. I love Lush anyway so this is just another product I can add to my long list of Favourites.

Garnier Ultimate Blends The Sleek Perfector Oil*
You can use this in a number of ways, before washing to nourish hair, before heat to protect hair and after styling to tame strays, I have tried all these ways and I find it works wonders. I usually find that oils make my hair greasy but this just makes it feel really sleek and nourished. This was only a sample but I will definitely be buying the full size.

Topshop Coin Necklace
I have been after a necklace with two coins attached together on it as I love them and have seen alot of celebrities wearing them but I could not find one and after months of not finding one I saw this. It hasn't got two coins and I am still on the look out for one but at the minute this is the next best thing. It is great for layering or wearing on its on but for £5 I think it was excellent value.

So they are all my favourites, comment below some of yours this month.


Friday, 5 September 2014

My Current Wishlist

Ooh a midweek post! So today i though i would make up for missing a week of blogging and write my style wish list. I know its not any occasion soon to receive these things but i really wanted to do a wish list.

1. This dress is from it is a tartan print dress with a peter pan collar which is so cute! At £9.99 you can't go wrong and will probably end up buying it for myself as its just so nice! I think this would be great paired with a coat, boots and extra thick black tights. Perfect for Autumn.

2. The second thing is a naked palette, pictured is the Naked 3 palette by urban decay but i would love any of them as the colours and pigmentation is just brilliant in them and everyone who uses it looks amazing. This is relativly expense which is why I have held back from buying it. But I want it so much argh!

3. So again its a highend makeup product. I can never find a perfect mascara, none that I have tried have given me both length and volume which I really want. So I think if this is as good as everyone says then it will be perfect for me. Again the price is holding me back from getting it as if it is rubbish it is a very big waste of money.

4. So I have a little story about this one... Mac Matte lipstick in Pink Pigeon, this is a very and I mean very bright pink but if you know me then you will know thats why I love it. I went into the department store in my local town and swatched it on my hand as it looked really eyecatching, I didnt think anything of it and moved along and thought i might buy something else as I have plenty of lip products but three days later it was still on my hand, not as bright but it was still there. Now that is good for long lasting, I really want this but havent gone back for it yet.

5. Zoeva brushes are supposed to be amazing and their rose gold line is stunning so due to brilliant reviews my heart is set on them and there is no more to it really apart from I wish they were less money as for a teenager they are a bit out of budget aha.

6. Parkas are my downfall, i already have two. They are both perfectly fine and i know I will wear them none stop in the winter but i just want another one as they are so warm and cosy and although they all look similar i think they all look different at the same time. The one I already have is a typical fur around the hood whilst the other has bits of leather on which i really like. But a girl cant have too many coats right?

So thats my wishlist, let me know in the comments things on your wishlist or things I should add to mine.


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