Friday, 5 September 2014

My Current Wishlist

Ooh a midweek post! So today i though i would make up for missing a week of blogging and write my style wish list. I know its not any occasion soon to receive these things but i really wanted to do a wish list.

1. This dress is from it is a tartan print dress with a peter pan collar which is so cute! At £9.99 you can't go wrong and will probably end up buying it for myself as its just so nice! I think this would be great paired with a coat, boots and extra thick black tights. Perfect for Autumn.

2. The second thing is a naked palette, pictured is the Naked 3 palette by urban decay but i would love any of them as the colours and pigmentation is just brilliant in them and everyone who uses it looks amazing. This is relativly expense which is why I have held back from buying it. But I want it so much argh!

3. So again its a highend makeup product. I can never find a perfect mascara, none that I have tried have given me both length and volume which I really want. So I think if this is as good as everyone says then it will be perfect for me. Again the price is holding me back from getting it as if it is rubbish it is a very big waste of money.

4. So I have a little story about this one... Mac Matte lipstick in Pink Pigeon, this is a very and I mean very bright pink but if you know me then you will know thats why I love it. I went into the department store in my local town and swatched it on my hand as it looked really eyecatching, I didnt think anything of it and moved along and thought i might buy something else as I have plenty of lip products but three days later it was still on my hand, not as bright but it was still there. Now that is good for long lasting, I really want this but havent gone back for it yet.

5. Zoeva brushes are supposed to be amazing and their rose gold line is stunning so due to brilliant reviews my heart is set on them and there is no more to it really apart from I wish they were less money as for a teenager they are a bit out of budget aha.

6. Parkas are my downfall, i already have two. They are both perfectly fine and i know I will wear them none stop in the winter but i just want another one as they are so warm and cosy and although they all look similar i think they all look different at the same time. The one I already have is a typical fur around the hood whilst the other has bits of leather on which i really like. But a girl cant have too many coats right?

So thats my wishlist, let me know in the comments things on your wishlist or things I should add to mine.


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  1. Loving that Mac lipstick! Awesome choice and great post :)

  2. Replies
    1. I know I love it so much, and the collar is so cute!

  3. really nice things!
    Much love from