Sunday, 21 September 2014

My Top 5 Autumn Lip Products

So as its getting a little bit colder where I live and the leaves are turning brown I thought I would do my very first autumn post!
I love lip products especially deep reds so Autumn has to be my favoirite season for makeup but occasional I do switch it up but before I carry on rambling I will start-

MUA- Shade 1 (£1)
I will start with this for one fact only it is the cheapest at £1 I was surprised how good it actually is, the colour is the typical autumn colour of deep red but I also love this for Autumn as it applies very smoothly and feels moisturising when on, but it is not very longlasting so needs reapplying quite often.

Barry M-Genie (£4.50)
This is an all year round lipstick and has to be my favourite drugstore lipstick. The colour changes to any shade of pink depending on the alkali in your lips so sometimes it is very dark but other times a nude pink, this is so versatile and lasts a really long time and does not dry out your lips.

Rimmel Apocalips- Big Bang (£6)
I couldnt go a blogpost about lip products without mentioning the Rimmel Apocalips so I love Big Bang mainly for the beginning of Autumn when you still want that pop of colour from summer but Lso the deep colour of autumn, I dont wear this everyday but occasionally it is great to wear, it can be a bit sticky if too much is applied but overall the colour payoff is amazing and it lasts quite a longtime.

Rimmel Apocalips- Celestial (£6)
Well I did say I couldnt go a post about lip products with out mentioning the Apocalips so why not mention two? I thought I would put this in as personally I am not too keen on nudes but I do like this one and I am fully aware not everyone is comfortable wearing a bright colour so I thought this would be perfect, again its longlasting and has excellent colour payoff but can be quite sticky.

Rimmel 1000 kisses lip tint -grippy grape (£7 but i got it for £1) 
I think lip tints are really under rated, I really like this as it stains my lips and lasts ages and does not transfer which is great when i go out as i hate leaving lip stick marks on glasses. This is also the perfect autumnal colour and the balm on the end makes sure those lips dont dry out.

I really hope you enjoyed this blogpost, comment below any other autumn post ideas.


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