Sunday, 26 October 2014

My Autumn Essentials

Autumn has to be my top season, I just love everything about it, the leaves falling off the trees is so pretty and I know its getting towards winter meaning christmas! So today I thought I would show you my essentials for autumn.

I love a bold lip colour in autumn and my two favourites are Rimmel Apocalips Big Bang and MUA shade 1 both of these are drugstore but the pigments are amazing, the colour of MUA is a gorgeous berry red where as the Apocalips is a bright red. I am really looking forward to getting the Matte Apocalips in a deep berry red and I think it will be my new favourite.

To go woth my bold lip I like to have my eyes standing out, the MUA 'Naked 2 dupe' Undress me too is my all time favourite for autumn the dark browns and shimmer grey variety is perfect as you can swap around what you wear, this is also great for travelling as some colours are great as eyeliner. I also love to curl my eyelashes in Autumn its a bit of a wierd one but in the summenr my mascara just comes off but in Autumn my face is dryer meaning less moisture so my mascara stays on longer so I curl my eyelashes to again make my eyes pop.

The down side to Autumn is that my hands get dry from the cold weather but Hand Food always comes to my rescue and works wonders on making my hands smooth. I would recommend hand cream as an essential for in your bag aswell and to apply it before bed. 
No one understands my love for Chanel Coco it is just perfect, the smell is strong and lasts all day and despit being quite expensive I have had this bottle for about a year as you dont need alot for a strong smell. 
Hot Chocolate is my ultimate essential, wrapped up with a blanket and a book is just the highlight of autumn, but this mug is just perf the retro aspect of it is so nice and I do live a good mug.

So there my essentials, comment below your essentials.