Sunday, 9 November 2014

Face Mapping

We all know spots are made by oily skin and excess dirt or makeup being left on skin but despite, cleansing, toning, washing, masking e.t.c. I was still getting breakout after breakout so last week I looked in to it and discovered this...
Looks a bit weird doesn't it? But its called face mapping, an old science that relates internal problems with your skin, obviously it isn't always right like just because you have a spot their you aren't certain to have like a kidney problem but it does give a rough idea and has helped me battle a few breakouts.

1.  Forehead- Spots on the forehead can be due to a number of things including, stress and sleep deprivation but can also be due to blocked pores from makeup or daily dirt/ sweat so to prevent this make sure you cleanse your face and get lots of sleep. Some people also say eat less junk or fatty foods making your skin greasy.
2. Between eyebrows- These spots are due to overindulgence, so cut down on those fatty foods. This area is relate to your liver so if you drink too much alcohol you can get a lot of breakouts here
3. The end of your nose - A build up of makeup can cause this as there is a lot of dilated pores but it can also mean you need more fresh air, and no that isnt because its on the end of your nose it it to do with your respiratory system and your heart.
4 & 5.  Around eyes-  Due to dehydration and are linked to your kidney, so drink up.
6 & 7. Cheeks- This can be due to a respiratory problem which I can believe as I suffer alot with this and have asthma. you can also get these breakouts if you smoke. Also dont let your body overheat, get fresh air, avoid sugary foods, caffeine and eat your greens.
8. Chin- this is hormonal so arrive at 'that time of the month so these sadly you just have to let them carry on and you cant really prevent them.
9 & 10. side of eyebrow- this again can be dehydration but may also appear if you are ill.

I hope you found that as interesting as I did just remember this is a guideline your spots might be different so dont hold me to it, but the tips will be beneficial.


  1. Found this post so interesting, I love your blog xx

  2. Replies
    1. I find it so interesting, i have found some of it works as well