Friday, 28 November 2014

Festive Fridays: Countdown to christmas!

So its advent on Monday! The countdown to christmas will begin. I have decided to post every friday up till christmas with something festive along with my usual sunday posts. This is what I plan to do before christmas, I hope it helps some of you get organised.

1st- 25 days to go

The countdown has begun, the first thing to do has to be open your advent calender, old and young alike an advent calender is a must! 

2nd- Set yourself a budget
The boring part of christmas is money, just because its the festive season you dont have unlimited amounts of cash so set yourself a budget and try not to go over (i know it hard!) make sure to include food, presents and any other treats.

3rd- get out those christmas cards
If you are anything like me you hate writing christmas cards so do the fun thing first and pick out the ones to give people or go and buy some, then write a list of who to give them to. This means whenever you get a spare moment you can pull out a pen and start to write them.

4th- Dear Santa...
Find out what people want for christmas, and if you have kids get them to write a letter to santa use Santa/Father Christmas, Santa’s Grotto,Reindeerland,XM4 5HQ for a reply but send them off with an enclosed SAE by the 6th of december.

5th- Declutter
No one wants a messy house for christmas so get rid of things you dont use and take them to charity shops or clothes bank and make room for those presents on christmas day.

6th- Day Out
Its the first weekend of advent so why not get festive and go to a christmas market, this is also a good time to start christmas shopping yayy!!!

7th- Christmas Tree
Its sunday, whether fake or real its a great time to put up the tree with all the family, stick on the christmas CD and get decorating.

8th- Decorate, decorate, decorate
If you didnt get to decorate the house yesterday today is a great opportunity, if you have finished with the house why not make some prechristmas treats such as a gingerbread house. Today could be a good day to make a large batch of mince pies and freeze them to defrost when needed. (Keep in freezer for up to about 1 month)  

9th- If you arent at work why not do a bit of christmas shopping, it should be a bit quiter today and wont be too late to spot the best buys.

10th- write lists, get inspired
Look online for recipes for food and drinks for any christmas parties or christmas day, this gets you prepared of what to buy at the supermarket.

11th- wrapping gifts
Hopefully you have got all the christmas shopping done and dusted so stick on a christmas film, grab a hot chocolate and get started. Add ribbon and gift tags for a oersonal touch to each package. To keep organised try putting each persons present in a lpdifferent labelled carrier bag.

12th- festive greetings
If you havent already, write your christmas cards as people are probably starting to give them out, if you have wrote them post them or personally deliver your christmas cards.

13th- 'Its behind you'
Tonight would be a great time to go to a panto this is great at getting festive and fun for all the family.

14th- Get the house sparkling clean
When guests arrive you want to be house proud  so clean around, leave the dusting and vacuuming for closer to guests arrival.

15th- finishing festive touches
Add a wreath to the door, put out festive flowers and make everything feel as cosy and christmassy as possible without going to overboard

16th- ready, set, bake!
Bake those christmas treats such as biscuits and cakes, wrap them in cellophane and give them as a gift to visiting family and friends.

17th- christmas songs
Make sure you have a christmas playlist ready for the big day make sure you ahve a variety of classics and new releases to make sure everyone is happy.

18th- kitchen duties
Make sure the kitchen is clean and tidy, that your cupboard is full of the essentials, you have a list of all the last minute food to buy such as vegetables and make timing plans to work out how long things take to prepare and cook on the big day.

19th- partayyy
Have a christmas party, to get into the festive mood.

20th- welcome
Its the last weekend before christmas, see family and friends or maybe they have stayed over from the night before.

21st- relax
Its sunday, have a pyjama day, watch films, stuff your face with chocolate and have a nice time with aanyone close to you.

22nd- food
Buy all the food for the big day, vegetables, meat anything else you might need it should last until the 25th

23rd- last minute
Tody, cook, prepare or just relax, I have usually got nothing to do as I am already prepared but i know some people arent as organised.

24th- eve
Put out a mince pie and carrot for santa, watch more films and get into your pyjamas. Remember to get an early night so santa has time to come ;) top tip: prepare vegetables the day before and keep in water it saves time on the big day


I hope you liked this post, and I look forward to writing the rest of the series.



  1. Christmas Cards are next on my to do list - thanks for the reminder.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  2. I seriously wish I could be this organised, but I'm sure it would go horribly wrong if I even tried.

    Katie xx