Sunday, 30 November 2014

November Favourites 2014

I have done a favourites pot for ages as for a while I hadnt really loved anything enough to write about but towards the end of october and throughout november I have been obsessed with so many things! So before I babble and make this post any longer I will start.

Rimmel BB Cream
I bought this in late july but never really had the chance to try it until this month and I find it is really good, it is supposed to do 9 things (see picture) but Although it does the majority I dont think it is very good for coverage but as I use concealer anyway it doesnt bother me. As my skin is oily I love how it lasts all day without virtually sliding off my face. This is definetly going to be in my makeup bag for a long time.

Eyelash curlers, clinique Mascara* and Benefit they're real push up liner* 
I recieved both the mascara and eyeliner free and have loved them since the day I got them. i love this eyelook especially with some eyeshadow, the , mascara adds so much volume but i wouldn't advise the eyeliner if you are new to using eyeliner as personally I think it is quite hard to apply, but the after look is worth it.

Body shop face mask
I always struggle with breakout after breakout and it drives me up the wall but this gets rid of them straight away, at £1.50 each they are fairly cheap unless you want to do them every week as the satchet is only enough for one so a tub would be better, but I am not sure if they do it... I leave it on for 10- 15 minutes and it dries so hard but I wash it off with warm water and my face is soft and virtually free of breakouts.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Nail Varnish
I got this last year for a pound and I am pretty sure I spoke about it last year bit it is the perfect winter colour, it is really long lasting compared to usual rimmel nail polishes and I would really recommend it.

Eylure Body Tape
It has happened to everyone, your top keeps gaping and its a bit awkward as the sleeves fall down e.t.c. But I found this and you stick it on your top, dress or whatever item of clothing to hold it up and attach to your skin. They are so useful and come in a variety of sizes to fit the item of clothing.

Love Actually 
As its getting close to christmas I thought I would watch a christmassy film but I didnt want to watch something revolved around christmas as I thought it was a bit too early. I love this, it can get a bit confusing if you aren't watching it properly as it is set at different times with different people but the story is so heart warming and I absolutely love it.

Olly Murs - Never Been Better
I can't express my love for this and how happy I was when this came throug my door, especially when I saw the signed photo, the album is perfection and I actually love it. All the songs are catchy, they are all different but sound so typical olly, my favourite has to be did you miss me? or tomorrow or... I a tually can't choose. If you havent heard it stop what you are doing and listen to it. Coincidently my favourite single has to be wrapped up but I have also been loving the power of love by gabrielle aplin, again getting into the festive spirit.

I hope you enjoyed this november favourites,and make sure you check out my blog on fridays as I have started a series to get into the festive spirit. 


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