Sunday, 23 November 2014

Revise. Revise. Revise.

So eventhough Sundays is usually the 'beauty day' so to speak I thought I would do a different post on revision, i currently have my mock gcse's this week so have been non stop revising for the past few weeks but i can never get into the swing of it so here are my tips a tricks for when you have those dreaded exam days.

Get all your books out a make sure you have a good work space that is quiet and you can leave things out on without people moving things so you can't find them. Make sure you have all the equipment you need, a drink, maybe something to eat and turn off all electrics that may distract you.

So once you are prepared its time to revise.

I find various methods useful but first of all I read through the text and highlight anything I don't know, as you can see theres quite alot highlighted. I find erasable highlighters good as sometimes you dont get something the first time you read it but after highlighting it you no longer need it so I erase the bits once I know them.

I then make revision cards which I find useful to just whip out if I have a spare moment, mind maps are also good. Make sure you keep things organised though as everything can get very confusing.
Another tip is revise a little and often I find doing half hour revision then a half hour break is good so you dont over revise.

Ok, i know you probably going to think people will call you a suck up, teachers pet e.t.c. but especially if you have trouble in the subject ask for help off teachers or even ask for sheets, or practise exam questions. They will be happy enough to help you and wouldnt you prefer to get good qualifications that will benefit you rather than being popular for 5 years of your life.

They are my main revision tips but people learn differently. Let me know how you revise and Goood Luck if you have an exam soon.



  1. I quite like the cue cards and reading and being quizzed on facts afterwards.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

    1. Imalways like to be quizzed afterwards it helps show what you have learnt