Wednesday, 31 December 2014

What I got for Christmas 2014

Christmas is over!!!I am so upset but only 358 days to go aha. So although its a bit late here is what I got for christmas 2014, these are a few bits I thought you would like to see and as I have tried a few I will give it a little review BUT... Before I start I will do a little bit of a disclaimer that I am not trying to brag or show off in anyway, and I am very very grateful for all my gifts but it was requested by a few people and I hope you enjoy it as I always like a little nosey of what others got.

First of all I got a Clinique Gift set which contained hand cream, body cream, mascara, chubby stick and nail varnish. Although had tried a sample mascara I wasn't sure if I liked the brand but so far so good the hand cream is really good especially as I get really dry hands in the winter and the chubby sticks are good despite being a bit sheer. 
I then got a stack more make up including Soap & Glory Mother puckers and Kick ass concealers which are fantastic! As well as the Maybelline Big Eyes Eyeliner and Mascara that I cannot wait to try. i also recieved a Revlon Lip Butter and an Avon Eyshadow palette. All in a super sweet make up bag.
The next thing I got was a Tresseme gift set with a hairspray, shampoo, conditioner and brush in which was a really nice stocking filler, And seen as I love extra body in my hair this should be great.
Ok, i know at a first look this looks a tad bit peculiar but I promise you it is a hair waver. Its by Babyliss which is my go to hot hair appliance brand. The diamond is infused with the ceramic which is supposed to add shine but I have also found the waves have not fell out im not sure is this is to do with the diamond or just generally the heat or something but overall this is brilliant.
The next thing I got was a selection of nail varnishes I especially can't wait to try the Barry M one but all the colours are gorgeous.
I already new the scrub worked wonders for my breakouts so when i opened the paper to find a gifts set of these i was really happy even though it was 'just a skincare product' as my mom kept telling me but as my skin was particularly bad it was a life saver. There is a scrub, cleanser, toner, lotion and oil which are brilliant.
I then got a selection of books, Four the forth in the divergent series which I cannot wait to read, If I stay which I am also very excited about reading and City Of Bones which I have heard is good but I will update you if they are any good when I have read them. (Let me know if you want to see book recommendations occassionally on a wednesday post.)
Lastly I got an Olly Murs Calender and stuck to the front were Olly Murs Concert Tickets!!! If you know me you will know i love him do much, I am so excited as I was so disappointed when i couldn't get tickets myself. 

So they are a few of gifts I got. I also got a Samsung CSC Camera which I took the pictures with, let me know if you can see a difference in better or worse quality as I am still learning and could only just take a photo yesterday. I'm not very good with technology haha. Hope you liked this post, let me know what you had for christmas or link me to your blog post.


Sunday, 21 December 2014

Christmas Makeup look

ITS NEARLY CHRISTMAS!!!!! Can you tell I am a tad bit excited? I can't wait. I always love to look my best on christmas day when my family come around so I always test out a few makeup looks and choose my favourite for the day and I think this is it. I am also going to curl my hair but I am not sure on the outfit yet. Decisions. Decisions.

So first I applied my clinique moisturiser* then went on to put my Rimmel Stay Matte BB cream which is absolute perfection it is long lasting, which rarely happens as my skin is very very oily. I then applied my Collection Concealer in the lightest shade under my eyes and then the Rimmel Hide that Blemish concealer on any blemishes. I then put a bit of Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (as per) on my t-zone. Finally to finish off my face I put some of MUA's Cream Blusher on in Scrummy, which is a really nice light pink shade, despite this being hard to apply the colour pay off and how long it lasts is well worth it.

Next I did my eyebrows with Beauty UK's High Brow Palette, first I applied the wax on my brow to hold everything on and then put the middle shade powder on my brows. This is great as the brush and pair of tweezers is supplied and for a change they are actually good, but also makes it nice for travelling. A down side is that it comes as a pallette of four a wax, and three different powder shades so if you are like me you will only be able to use two out of the three leaving one to waste.

I then moved onto my eyes and used the MUA Twelfth Night Palette* I only got this palette about a week ago and it has already become a favourite, although I haven't been adventurous enough to try out the purples or bluey shades. I applied Ice all over my lid, in the corner of my eye and to highlight my brow bone. I then used All Spice on the outer corner and finally Fir in my crease. I love these shades together as they are a mixture of matte and shimmer. who doesn't like a bit of shimmer at christmas. I then used the Barry M Kohl Eyeliner on my waterline and tight line before doing my obvious wing using Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner which is probably the best eyeliner pen I have tried. Lastly I curled my eyelashes and applied the Maybelline Falsies Mascara which holds the curl and adds length and volume. It is a must for my makeup bag.

Finally I applied the Rimmel Matte Apocalips in Meteoric Matte to my lips which is absolutely amazing and perfect for winter. Over the top of that to give it a bit of shine I used the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Sheer Gloss Crayons in Rapunzel to add shine.

I really hope you like the look, and the more chatty post layout. Have a brilliant christmas!

Friday, 19 December 2014

Festive Fridays: Gifts for him

So its the last festive friday before christmas and I decided to do a gifts for him as i did one for women last week. These gifts would be perfect for sons, brothers, partners or dads.

 Aftershave- This is a brilliant gift for any man as there are so many to choose from and many men would appreciate it. The prices can range from £5 and up. This is always my go to gift when I am struggling for inspiration.

Car products- If the men in your life are anything like mine then they will be obsessed with cars, so why not buy them a quirky gadget or something useful they may want or need I love getting these especially for my dad.

Watch- Jewellry is quite popular among men but I think a watch is a particularly nice gift, i bought one for my grandad (pictured) and I really hope he will love it. It has a leather strap and gold trimmings and personally really like it as it is quite old fashioned yet stylish.

Clothes and shoes- everyone loves a good jumper, shirt or pair of shoes especially if they have been wanted for a while. I always get older relatives this gift as they love a jumper, I think i gte my grandad one every year as he likes them so much.

Another idea is to casually ask people what they would like, find out a few ideas and pick your favourite one(s) i hope you have enjoyed this series and would love to her your gift ideas.


Sunday, 14 December 2014

REVIEW: MUA Eyeshadow Palette

I have been mentioning this product alot over the past few months but I realised I had never really spoke about the individual colours, how long it lasted and how much it cost e.t.c. so as a lot of people had been asking about it I thought I would do this review.

There are a mixture of colours but are all wearable neutral tones. Personally I love to wear the mattes in the day and glittery at night, whilst I wear the palette mainly in the winter I do love the odd brown colour during the summer. The colours lasts so long but I use a eye primer anyway so they last even longer. So already for just £4 this is amazing. The quality is really good and in the glitter shadows the glitter runs all the way through unlike other palettes that I have had where the glitter is only on the top. At the minute I have been loving the greys as my eyes are blue and really makes the colour come through. Each colour has a name so it is great if you are a blogger like me as their is nothing worse when doing a makeup look and you can't say the colour of the product. This is also a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palette which I really wanted so when I found this I got very happy.

I really recommend this eyeshadow palette, comment below your favourite eyeshadow palette as although I love this one I am in need of a new one as I get bored easily :D

Friday, 12 December 2014

Festive Fridays: Gifts for her

So christmas, I always want to give a good gift something that the person would actually want not just any old boring expected present like a bar of chocolate, by all means if that what the person wants go ahead but I also know it is tricky to buy for people so here are a few ideas.

Gifts for her: Ideal gifts for mothers,grandmothers, daughters or sisters.
Perfume- this can easily go wrong as different people like different scents but this is ideal if you know that they like a certain one for instance my mom loves Chanel Chance.

Necklace- this is a sweet gift that is good if you want a keepsake that isn't just going to run out. This is also good if you are willing to spend a bit more money or at the same time just a token gift ranging from even £1 plus. The same goes for rings, bracelets or earrings.

Nail Varnish- A simple gift I think nearly all girls would love again you can go cheap or more luxury, this would be good as a stocking filler for teenagers/ young adults.

Creams and potions- These are also brilliant stocking fillers, personally I love soap and glory as the christmas gift sets look so nice and make a really nice gift for not much money.

Lipstick- This is similar to perfume not everyone likes the same thing but if you know your sister likes nudes get a nude or if you hear her mention something then get it to surprise them. Great lipsticks are MAC but several small lipsticks would be appreciated.

Diary- I put this one in as who doesn't know a girl who likes to be organised, these can be so nice especially if you get a personalised one and would be very appreciated.

Clothes and shoes- if you know that they have wanted a certain pair of shoes for a while get it for christmas, it is a really great gift and personally the one I would love the most.

Comment below what you are getting people for christmas. Sorry it is late had no internet connection yesterday so I suppose it cant be festive fridays.


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Bloggers Block

People always think blogging is easy you just write it , publish it and its done and to tell the truth I thought it would be like that too but in actual fact all the trying, researching, photographing, writing, checking, publishing and promoting takes a lot of  time so you always want the finished post to be perfect but before all this you need an idea.

I am always thinking of ideas, if a friend says something, someone wants a recommendation it gives me an idea to do a post but occasionally I get a blank mind, I press the little pencil symbol and cannot for the life of me think what to write about. So here is a list of 15 things you could do if you stumble upon that dreaded bloggers block.
  1. Monthly Favourites- This is an obvious one but it is a really good post idea to fill a week if you can't think to write but readers also love them as they get to know what products are good.
  2. Top 5- I do this as a little series and match the products to seasons e.g. Top 5 Autumn Lip products . I really enjoy writing these but also find it a challenge for myself to pick only 3 or 5 out of my collection.
  3. About me- let us now a few facts about yourself, funny things, your loves your hates.
  4. OOTD- this is great if you are loving a particular item or you are proud of that days outfit. It can also help readers find the perfect item they have been looking for.
  5. Whats in your make up bag? - This is a loved post as we all love to be a bit nosey don't we, you could also do a what's in my travel makeup bag? or whats in my handbag? post.
  6. Music- Let us know you music playlist, what your loving this christmas or your summer jams.
  7. Your oops moments- whether they are beauty mistakes when you were young or even something funny or embarassing you did the other day.
  8. Photographs- Show you hair history or disasters with makeup, this is similar to the post idea above but gives you and your audience a good laugh.
  9. Grab a friend- do each others makeup, be serious or silly.
  10. Beauty Tips- Tell us your beauty tips you swear by, find tips on the internet and tell us what went well and even what didn't.
  11. Reviews- These are great for readers if they had been looking to buy a product as an honest opinion is always good, but don't write too many as it can get a bit boring.
  12. Budget Shopping- challenge yourself to do yours or a friends make up under a budget.
  13. Aims and Goals- Get a bit serious and let us know your aims for summer e.g. read 5 books or get extra serious and tell us your life goals.
  14. Morning/ evening Routines- Personally I love reading these posts as it is interesting to see how different people do different things.
  15. Day in the life- Document you day, whether it is a usual day or you are doing somethning funny we would all like to see it.
So they  are my ideas for when you get those dreaded blank minds. comment below your ideas of things you would like me to do and I will try my best to do them.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Top 5 Winter Eye Products

If you have read my blog for a while you have probably come to realise that doing my eyes is my favourite part of doing my makeup and can never have enough eyeshadows, eyeliners and mascaras. So as big dark dramatic eyes are big for winter I thought I would tell you my favourite products.

MUA Eyeshadow Palette- Undress Me Too
I mention this product quite a lot as first of all it is an amazing dupe for the naked palette but also the colours are literally perfection. I particularly like the greys for a day to day whilst the shimmers are great for a night out. On a side note the smokey eye brush is brilliant, it is a real techniques dupe and was just £2 from wilkos but looks and feels just the same, I was so happy with this bargain it was unreal :)

Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner*

I think this was in my favourites last month but I have still been loving it. Whilst it is hard to apply the effect afterwards is perfect it is also very long lasting which I love as it is probably the worst thing having to redo eyeliner especially if it is winged as it is hard enough to get them equal anyway. This a travel size and even though it is fantastic I am not sure if I will purchase a full size just because it takes a lot of time.

Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner
Soap & Glory Supercat has to be my favourite eyeliner pen of all time and I always use it when I can't be bothered to do gel or use the benefit one (above) This is super easy and always gives a nice effect, sometimes it can smudge but as long as your careful to not rub your eyes it is fine. I find this goes on easier if you have used a powder eyeshadow rather than a cream as it can slide off but I hardly use cream ones so it is fine for me.

Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara
This is probably one of the most loved drugstore mascaras in the blogging world and I have loved it ever since I bought one after Tanya Burr hyped about it and I loved her lashes. This particularly helps keep the curl after curling your lashes due to the spoon brush. Occasionally it can leave black marks under my eyes as it is not waterproof but other than that it adds an amazing amount of length and volume.

Collection Volumising Mascara
This is my favourite of favourite mascaras although it is not too great at adding length the volume it gives is amazing. I love this as it gives that dramatic look which is perfect with dark eyeshadow and black eyeliner. I really recommend this if you are after a cheap mascara but does a great job as it is only around £3.

So they are my favourite eye products, as they give me the perfect look that fits the winter trend. Comment below your favourite eye products as I am open to suggestions. I hope you are enjoying festive fridays and send me your christmassy pictures with the hashtag #katielousfestivefridays

Friday, 5 December 2014

Festive Fridays: Deck the hauls

Its nearly christmas! Over the past few weeks me and my family have been buying lots of decorations and even a new tree. So I thought I would show you a few of my favourite things. In the past we had a silver, purple and white theme but it wasn't the typical festive so this time we thought we would go traditional with red, white, silver and a smidge of gold.
The first place I went to was Next I knew they had a lot of christmas decorations and as soon as I saw these I fell in love and at 50 items for £20 was amazing value this set consists of pine cones, baubles, felt hearts, bells and a star tree topper.
To match that set I bought 20 baubles to add other shades of red to the tree and as Next is very good quality I think these will last a long time. 
I then went to B&Q (top pic) and Hobby craft(bottom pic) and fell in love with these decoration. they match the traditional, homemade, nordic christmas look we were going for and at £1 or £2 each I think that is so cheap especially as a lot came with three or four for £1. I think these will look super cute on the tree and make me so excited to decorate.
I then went back to Next and bought some bunting which is so nice. The first one spells christmas and I was thinking of putting it spread across the fireplace whilst the second one are really cute wooden stars and hearts with tiny LEDs in which are battery powered, I think these will look so nice when watching a christmas film with no lights on except the fairy lights on each christmas decoration will be pretty.
This has to be one of my favourite house decorations, it is a little tree which I am going to put in the middle of the table again it is battery operated to light up little LEDs and it is sooo pretty its unreal and is so christmassy.

so they are a few of my favourite things I bought, show me pictures of your christmas decorations using the hashtag #katielousfestivefridays and I will be sure to check them out. Can you tell I am overly excited :D