Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Bloggers Block

People always think blogging is easy you just write it , publish it and its done and to tell the truth I thought it would be like that too but in actual fact all the trying, researching, photographing, writing, checking, publishing and promoting takes a lot of  time so you always want the finished post to be perfect but before all this you need an idea.

I am always thinking of ideas, if a friend says something, someone wants a recommendation it gives me an idea to do a post but occasionally I get a blank mind, I press the little pencil symbol and cannot for the life of me think what to write about. So here is a list of 15 things you could do if you stumble upon that dreaded bloggers block.
  1. Monthly Favourites- This is an obvious one but it is a really good post idea to fill a week if you can't think to write but readers also love them as they get to know what products are good.
  2. Top 5- I do this as a little series and match the products to seasons e.g. Top 5 Autumn Lip products . I really enjoy writing these but also find it a challenge for myself to pick only 3 or 5 out of my collection.
  3. About me- let us now a few facts about yourself, funny things, your loves your hates.
  4. OOTD- this is great if you are loving a particular item or you are proud of that days outfit. It can also help readers find the perfect item they have been looking for.
  5. Whats in your make up bag? - This is a loved post as we all love to be a bit nosey don't we, you could also do a what's in my travel makeup bag? or whats in my handbag? post.
  6. Music- Let us know you music playlist, what your loving this christmas or your summer jams.
  7. Your oops moments- whether they are beauty mistakes when you were young or even something funny or embarassing you did the other day.
  8. Photographs- Show you hair history or disasters with makeup, this is similar to the post idea above but gives you and your audience a good laugh.
  9. Grab a friend- do each others makeup, be serious or silly.
  10. Beauty Tips- Tell us your beauty tips you swear by, find tips on the internet and tell us what went well and even what didn't.
  11. Reviews- These are great for readers if they had been looking to buy a product as an honest opinion is always good, but don't write too many as it can get a bit boring.
  12. Budget Shopping- challenge yourself to do yours or a friends make up under a budget.
  13. Aims and Goals- Get a bit serious and let us know your aims for summer e.g. read 5 books or get extra serious and tell us your life goals.
  14. Morning/ evening Routines- Personally I love reading these posts as it is interesting to see how different people do different things.
  15. Day in the life- Document you day, whether it is a usual day or you are doing somethning funny we would all like to see it.
So they  are my ideas for when you get those dreaded blank minds. comment below your ideas of things you would like me to do and I will try my best to do them.


  1. I need to do some more OOTD posts - maybe over Christmas.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  2. I'm bookmarking this for a day when I'm stuck!
    Brianna ||