Friday, 19 December 2014

Festive Fridays: Gifts for him

So its the last festive friday before christmas and I decided to do a gifts for him as i did one for women last week. These gifts would be perfect for sons, brothers, partners or dads.

 Aftershave- This is a brilliant gift for any man as there are so many to choose from and many men would appreciate it. The prices can range from £5 and up. This is always my go to gift when I am struggling for inspiration.

Car products- If the men in your life are anything like mine then they will be obsessed with cars, so why not buy them a quirky gadget or something useful they may want or need I love getting these especially for my dad.

Watch- Jewellry is quite popular among men but I think a watch is a particularly nice gift, i bought one for my grandad (pictured) and I really hope he will love it. It has a leather strap and gold trimmings and personally really like it as it is quite old fashioned yet stylish.

Clothes and shoes- everyone loves a good jumper, shirt or pair of shoes especially if they have been wanted for a while. I always get older relatives this gift as they love a jumper, I think i gte my grandad one every year as he likes them so much.

Another idea is to casually ask people what they would like, find out a few ideas and pick your favourite one(s) i hope you have enjoyed this series and would love to her your gift ideas.