Wednesday, 31 December 2014

What I got for Christmas 2014

Christmas is over!!!I am so upset but only 358 days to go aha. So although its a bit late here is what I got for christmas 2014, these are a few bits I thought you would like to see and as I have tried a few I will give it a little review BUT... Before I start I will do a little bit of a disclaimer that I am not trying to brag or show off in anyway, and I am very very grateful for all my gifts but it was requested by a few people and I hope you enjoy it as I always like a little nosey of what others got.

First of all I got a Clinique Gift set which contained hand cream, body cream, mascara, chubby stick and nail varnish. Although had tried a sample mascara I wasn't sure if I liked the brand but so far so good the hand cream is really good especially as I get really dry hands in the winter and the chubby sticks are good despite being a bit sheer. 
I then got a stack more make up including Soap & Glory Mother puckers and Kick ass concealers which are fantastic! As well as the Maybelline Big Eyes Eyeliner and Mascara that I cannot wait to try. i also recieved a Revlon Lip Butter and an Avon Eyshadow palette. All in a super sweet make up bag.
The next thing I got was a Tresseme gift set with a hairspray, shampoo, conditioner and brush in which was a really nice stocking filler, And seen as I love extra body in my hair this should be great.
Ok, i know at a first look this looks a tad bit peculiar but I promise you it is a hair waver. Its by Babyliss which is my go to hot hair appliance brand. The diamond is infused with the ceramic which is supposed to add shine but I have also found the waves have not fell out im not sure is this is to do with the diamond or just generally the heat or something but overall this is brilliant.
The next thing I got was a selection of nail varnishes I especially can't wait to try the Barry M one but all the colours are gorgeous.
I already new the scrub worked wonders for my breakouts so when i opened the paper to find a gifts set of these i was really happy even though it was 'just a skincare product' as my mom kept telling me but as my skin was particularly bad it was a life saver. There is a scrub, cleanser, toner, lotion and oil which are brilliant.
I then got a selection of books, Four the forth in the divergent series which I cannot wait to read, If I stay which I am also very excited about reading and City Of Bones which I have heard is good but I will update you if they are any good when I have read them. (Let me know if you want to see book recommendations occassionally on a wednesday post.)
Lastly I got an Olly Murs Calender and stuck to the front were Olly Murs Concert Tickets!!! If you know me you will know i love him do much, I am so excited as I was so disappointed when i couldn't get tickets myself. 

So they are a few of gifts I got. I also got a Samsung CSC Camera which I took the pictures with, let me know if you can see a difference in better or worse quality as I am still learning and could only just take a photo yesterday. I'm not very good with technology haha. Hope you liked this post, let me know what you had for christmas or link me to your blog post.



  1. You got some amazing items for christmas!

  2. You got some really nice things for Christmas! My skin isn't very good either so I'm kind of jealous you got that Body Shop set! (Also who doesn't love the Body Shop?)

    xo would you like to follow each other? Cloudy Dreams