Sunday, 25 January 2015

Best & Worst: Soap &Glory

Soap and Glory is probably my favourite skincare brand and recentlyI have accumalated quite alot, including their make up as well which is amazing! But eventhough I love their products there are also a few I dislike.

Best- Skincare
Hand dream- I love Hand Food and never thought anything could beat it but after recieving this I actually think its even better. The cream is not greasy and drys extremely quickly which is always a bonus but also makes my hands so soft.
Clean on me- FAVOURITE SHOWER GEL EVER! This is literally amazing, it has built in moisturiser so if i forget to put cream on it doesnt matter, the smell is typical Soap and Glory making it amazing,I really don't  know hiw to explain this as its just so perfect. The pump bottle also makes it so quick and easy to use.
Righteous Butter- eventhough this isnt my favourite cream it is one of my favourites from Soap and Glory again it has the typical Soap & Glory scent and a pump for easy use, but this is a bit greasy to start with but soon soaks in.
Hand Food- I have so many of these, one for my dressing table, one downstairs, a soare and one in my bag, I just use it so often. Its my go to hand cream, this was the first soap&glory product I bought and have been buying it ever since, its soaks in straightaway and leaves my skin feeling lush.

Best- Makeup
Kick ass concealer- this has a powder, under eye concealer and blemish concealer. The two concealers fit my skin tone perfectly but the powder is a bit light but apart from that it covers blemishes perfectly and under eye circles are no more. It also lasts a really long time and with a little mirror included its perfect for on the go.
Lipstick- Has to be my favourite Lip stick of all time. Once you have got over the fact it has beetles in it to make the colour its fab. It lasts a long time, is matte but doesnt dry out my lips and is perfect for autumn and winter.
Supercat- Go to Eyeliner, everyone knows I love a good wing on my eyeliner this is brilliany but has nearly run out. If you havent done winged eyeliner before I think this is the one to go for, its quick, easy and long lasting.
Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Crayon- I got these in a set of three off  friend for christmas they are brilliant at making a matte lipstick shiny but can also be worn as sheer like a balm. They are a bit drying but the  long lasting and how they look make up for it.

Worst- Skincare
The Fab Pore- Overall this was horrible and probably the worst face mask I have tried, it made me break out more, smelt horrible, made my hands itch after applying it and just generally did nothing good for me. I really dont recommend this.
Daily Body Butter- This is just a bit mediocre, it does make your skin smoother but its just a bit greasy and has nothing special about it.
Heel Genius- I wasnt sure if this was best or worst to be perfectly honest,  it works amazing my feet are instantly smoother BUT... The texture is just  too slimy and after using it my feet feel all wet and cold in my socks and is overall not pleasant.
Wash Hands- Again this isnt exactly bad but it doesnt really do anything, it makes my eczma worse on my hands and has no anti bacterial qualities making it a bit useless for certain occasions.

Whats your favourite and least favourite soap & glory product?

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Party OOTD // Smart Casual

So todays a short post as I am quite busy bcause it is my nans birthday but I thought I would show you what I decided to wear to her Birthday party/ get together thing today.
- Newlook Raspberry coloured Treggings
- Select white sheer top
-Newlook 3/4 sleeve blazer
- Select Butterfly Necklace
- Barry M Matte Nail Varnishin in Rhosili
- waved hair using Diamond waver
- Chanel mademoiselle perfume
- Autumn makeup look (i know its not autumn but hey ho) 

What do you wear for a party?


Sunday, 4 January 2015

2014 Favourites

Another year over! I actually cant believe 2014 is over, but I have made my resolutions and I am actually going to stick to them but before that I a, going to reminisce (is that how you spell it?) over last year as I have picked out a few of my favourites... Some old and some new.

Soap & Glory is just a go to, favourite of all time but a recent discovery is this lipstick, it is actual perfection. It is one of the matte ones in Pom Pom the colour is great for the transition from winter to spring as it is dark but has a hint of pink in it. It lasts for such a long time, I don't think I can fault it.
My next favourite is this Clinique Mascara, I had this for chrostmas in a little gift set and I was too keen as it smudged in the corner and below my eyes if I used it for top and bottom but now I only use it on my lower lashes it is amazing, it has a small wand so it grabs all my lashes making them look better, despite this it would be alot better in waterproof as the length it added to my top lashes was unbelievable.

I couldnt do a years favourites without adding this one in to the mix Rimmel Stay Matte Powder has to be the most perfect all round great product, the colour (peach glow) is a perfect match, it keeps oilyness away and stays on all day. What more could you want? If you were planning on buying a new face powder this is the one you should get I swear by it and would recommend it way over any other.

Who would of thought Wilko's own makeup brushes would have made it in to the years favourites? Again I actually swear by these I love them, as you can tell an obvious dupe for real techniques, they look the same, they are just as soft and to tell the truth its overall hard to tell the difference. So for £2 they are amazing, as you are probably paying around £10 extra just for the bramd name the only downside is they dont have a wide selection but I would really recommend seeing if they ahve them at your local wilkos just to try.

Perfume, perfume, perfume I am probably the most picky person when it comes to a scent, not too strong, not to light, dont like this, dont like that so it is a very scarce occasion when I say a perfume is nice but these too are my go to ones. The ted Baker is more of a summer daytime scent as it is more flowery whilst Chanel Coco is more of an autumn winter or evening perfume as it is stronger. Both last a very long time but are from too very different price scales as the Ted Baker is just £2.50 whilst Chanel is around £60 but I love them both and can tell I will use them for years to come.

My skin is terrible at the minute but these have been my saviour, the Tea Tree Selection containing a scrub, wash, toner, gel and oil are all very useful and on terrible breakout days I literally smother my face in all of them and by the next morning you wouldnt even be able to tell I had any spots. I would really recommend getting the smaller sizes and seeing if they suit your skin as if not its a lot of money to waste.

Finally a fashion piece, at £8 from Primark it is lovely with short handles and a long handle, two zip pockets and an open clasp one in the middle it has enough room for all my crap I keep in it and I think It looks really nice with any outfit, evening or day, casual or fancy.

So they are my favourites, I hope you enjoyed this post and as always leave any suggestions in tne comments. 

Happy New Year!


Thursday, 1 January 2015

Farewell 2014... Hello 2015...

Happy New Year! Another one over, but a new start...  Last year had its ups but also a few downs and I will never forget either, they have made me who I am today, some have mad eme more independent, improved my confidence and currently I am considerably happy with where I am but as its New Year everyone makes their resolutions. So here are mine...

 1. Keep Blogging- I have started off with this one as it is probably the one I want to keep most, as it is my GCSE year I am going to have to revise alot and I dont want my blogging to suffer. I want the same quality or even better but nothing will really change, like my theme or extra bonus posts like I did Festive Fridays however I will make sure there is a post every single Sunday. I also hope to form new advertisers and form contacts through my blog to get the most out of it.

 2. Revise- This is a bit boring but just like I don't want my blog to suffer I don't want my revision to be put on hold due to different things. I want to do really well in these GCSE's like many others do, but ai know I can't do it if I don't try the hardest I can.

 3. Have a new experience- I don't do alot, I sit with my laptop the majority of the time, go shopping, spend time with family and a few friends but we always go to the same places do the same things so I want to do something fun that I haven't done before, new places, new things for instance I have never been to a concert and I am going to Olly Murs' in April, I am so excited its unreal, and I just want to keep doing something new!

 4. Stay Healthy- I literally eat pizza, chocolates, crisps and bacon (yeah i know thats a weird thing to add in but it is lush!) but I don't do any exercise whatsoever and I really think its time to start, so from now on I will do 10 minutes of exercise whenever possible, and eat healthy, try new foods but also eat fruit and vegetables as much as possible, with a treat every so often.

 5. Try to record more things- Despite the fact I love taking photos and writing about anything I never take photos of anything I do they are always of products and if I do take photos they are just sitting on my computer so... I have bought a photo album and I have sat it on my cupboard in the corner of the room and over 2015 I will fill it in, and write next to it about the photo. Then once my exams are over I am determined to do more posts about what I have done in my life with the pictures to make my blog alot more personal.

So they are my New Year Resolutions comment below some of yours, and I hope 2015 is even better than 2014!