Thursday, 1 January 2015

Farewell 2014... Hello 2015...

Happy New Year! Another one over, but a new start...  Last year had its ups but also a few downs and I will never forget either, they have made me who I am today, some have mad eme more independent, improved my confidence and currently I am considerably happy with where I am but as its New Year everyone makes their resolutions. So here are mine...

 1. Keep Blogging- I have started off with this one as it is probably the one I want to keep most, as it is my GCSE year I am going to have to revise alot and I dont want my blogging to suffer. I want the same quality or even better but nothing will really change, like my theme or extra bonus posts like I did Festive Fridays however I will make sure there is a post every single Sunday. I also hope to form new advertisers and form contacts through my blog to get the most out of it.

 2. Revise- This is a bit boring but just like I don't want my blog to suffer I don't want my revision to be put on hold due to different things. I want to do really well in these GCSE's like many others do, but ai know I can't do it if I don't try the hardest I can.

 3. Have a new experience- I don't do alot, I sit with my laptop the majority of the time, go shopping, spend time with family and a few friends but we always go to the same places do the same things so I want to do something fun that I haven't done before, new places, new things for instance I have never been to a concert and I am going to Olly Murs' in April, I am so excited its unreal, and I just want to keep doing something new!

 4. Stay Healthy- I literally eat pizza, chocolates, crisps and bacon (yeah i know thats a weird thing to add in but it is lush!) but I don't do any exercise whatsoever and I really think its time to start, so from now on I will do 10 minutes of exercise whenever possible, and eat healthy, try new foods but also eat fruit and vegetables as much as possible, with a treat every so often.

 5. Try to record more things- Despite the fact I love taking photos and writing about anything I never take photos of anything I do they are always of products and if I do take photos they are just sitting on my computer so... I have bought a photo album and I have sat it on my cupboard in the corner of the room and over 2015 I will fill it in, and write next to it about the photo. Then once my exams are over I am determined to do more posts about what I have done in my life with the pictures to make my blog alot more personal.

So they are my New Year Resolutions comment below some of yours, and I hope 2015 is even better than 2014!


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  1. Great resolutions - I remember my GCSE being hard but you just need to stick at it and not give up.

    Lizzie Dripping