Sunday, 22 February 2015

Top 5 Perfumes

Here are the perfumes I have been loving recently, as a lot of people have complimented me whilst wearing them so thought you might want a look. Early disclaimer I am probably the worst scent describer ever so I might go on a bit.

Chanel Coco

Lets start with my absolute favourite ever perfume, I have loved it for ages now and really need a new bottle but its quite expensive at around £90. The smell is more for an occasion rather than just a day to day perfume, either a night time or christmas day. Personally I also associate it with winter as it is quite strong and heavy. The perfume is long lasting, but what else could you expect from chanel.

Avon Christian Lacrouix Ambre
Im not a big avon lover, their products are mediocre, nothing brilliant but nothing terrible but after recieving this as a present I have to say I fell in love, the scent is perfect for autumn to winter, daytime or night. It is quite a heavy scent and a bit musky, but I have recieved many compliments. The bottle is really nice and the price at around £25 isn't too bad. I would really recommend this to anyone after a winter scent as this has proved It is worth the occasional purchase from Avon.

Newlook Pink Blush
Again this was a present I recieved and as New Look doesnt specialise in perfume or even beauty i 
was abit apprehensive, but it is a lovely light scent which I can tell is going to be an ultimate favourite in summer. I have also found that it has a similar smell to another chanel perfume I own but this is probably a quarter of the price. The scent has a hint of floral but also a slight musk which I really like, this is the complete opposite to a fruity scent which I love. I can't wait to wear this everyday during summer.

What's your favourite perfume?



  1. Omg Chanel coco is lyfeeee I really need to buy some more perfumes but atm I'm loving Calvin Kleins range:)

    1. I havent tried calvin klein perfume, really need to but chanel is literally perfection👌