Sunday, 22 February 2015

Top 5 Perfumes

Here are the perfumes I have been loving recently, as a lot of people have complimented me whilst wearing them so thought you might want a look. Early disclaimer I am probably the worst scent describer ever so I might go on a bit.

Chanel Coco

Lets start with my absolute favourite ever perfume, I have loved it for ages now and really need a new bottle but its quite expensive at around £90. The smell is more for an occasion rather than just a day to day perfume, either a night time or christmas day. Personally I also associate it with winter as it is quite strong and heavy. The perfume is long lasting, but what else could you expect from chanel.

Avon Christian Lacrouix Ambre
Im not a big avon lover, their products are mediocre, nothing brilliant but nothing terrible but after recieving this as a present I have to say I fell in love, the scent is perfect for autumn to winter, daytime or night. It is quite a heavy scent and a bit musky, but I have recieved many compliments. The bottle is really nice and the price at around £25 isn't too bad. I would really recommend this to anyone after a winter scent as this has proved It is worth the occasional purchase from Avon.

Newlook Pink Blush
Again this was a present I recieved and as New Look doesnt specialise in perfume or even beauty i 
was abit apprehensive, but it is a lovely light scent which I can tell is going to be an ultimate favourite in summer. I have also found that it has a similar smell to another chanel perfume I own but this is probably a quarter of the price. The scent has a hint of floral but also a slight musk which I really like, this is the complete opposite to a fruity scent which I love. I can't wait to wear this everyday during summer.

What's your favourite perfume?


Sunday, 15 February 2015

Flawless Pout

If you are anything like me when you go out you always want that 'flawless pout' so here are my favourite products and tips to achive a good look.


Exfoliate- I am useless at doing this I always forget or can just never be bothered as I haven't purchased a lip scrub I always make my own as I find mine works so well (comment below if you would like to see a DIY post) it gets rid of the dead skin and makes your lips alot softer and I find it really beneficial.

Moisturise- I love lip balm so much, I have so many of them its unreal but my favourites have to be Vaseline and Mint Carmex. I apply them every morning before doing my makeup, after I have used lip scrub and before bed and I just find it keeps my lips alot softer amd prevents them getting dry from cold weather, matte lipsticks and general wear and tear. I can also tell a big difference when i accidently forget to use it.


Choosing- Choosing a lipstick is my favourite part of doing my makeup resulting in my collection being huge but before picking a colour I always choose if I want matte or creamy as matte is drying but lasts a long time whilst creamy ones last less time but are more moisturising. I then pick a colour depending on my outfit but also the time of year so burgandys and dark reds in winter and pinks and orangey reds in summer.

Long Lasting- once you have your lilstick on you don't want to have to keep applying it over and over again so I always like to apply a coat of lipstick, blot it, put a dusting of translucent powder on top, apply another lipstick coat with a lip brush then apply Lipcote which seals in the colour and makes the product last longer on average this made my lipstick last about 7 hours.

Finishing off:

Highlight: Apply highlighter to your cupids bow to define your lips and make them stand out more when ghe light reflects off your face.

What are your tips for a flawless pout?

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Disappointing Products

I always read into products a lot before going and purchasing an item but obviously we all have impulse buys and ones that just don't suit us so here are my Disappointing products.

* I am so sorry about the pictures the lighting is terrible at the minute as the weather is making everything gloomy including my pictures, I tried to brighten them the best as I could. Sorry again.* 

Maybelline Foundation
Maybelline Dream Nude Air Foam & Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

First I will talk about the Air Foam (left) this was an impulse buy £2 and a new release who could resist? Another bonus was I was after light coverage for the summer and a good colour match but after the hype of what a bargain it was and it was the perfect thing I was looking for I found it terrible, it doesn't last very long, the colour is extremely orangey, and when they say light coverage they mean light coverage their might as well not have been anything on my face. I really wouldn't recommend this whatsoever.
The second Maybelline Foundation is of a mousse texture to start with I really did like this, a lot of people recommended it and it was all going well but after a week of wearing it I realised again how orangey it was, I am not sure why it happened as it was the lightest shade but was still too dark and a bit orange. I am not even that fair in skin tone so I was very surprised. Again this doesn't last too long and gave me breakouts from the thickness and how high the coverage is.

MUA Luxe
Reckless- Lip Lacquer

When I bought this it was just out and I thought it looked so good and a dupe in colour range as the Rimmel Apocalips which are amazing! But I soon realised that it wore off from my inner lip leaving a line of colour around the outside which looked terrible and very embarrassing as I didn't have it with me to reapply, I also found it dried out my lips and peeled off a lot overall showing bad quality.

Soap and Glory Arch de Triumph
Brow Duo- Brow Pencil and Highlighter

The actual product is amazing, perfect shade, long lasting, highlighter is fab so Why was it disappointing? It won't sharpen! This is so annoying, I would use this everyday otherwise as I cannot fault it but no pencil sharpener I have found fits it and its so annoying, I really wish Soap and Glory would sort this out as I would even repurchase it is it was thinner and fitted in a regular pencil sharpener.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Dry Shampoo
Lemon and Green Tea

Please just never buy this its probably the worst dry shampoo I have ever tried. First of all it makes your hair look more greasy than it was in the first place, it made my scalp itch and the smell is horrid just no save your money. I was actually very hopeful for this product as other Garnier products have served me well and it is invisible which is always a bonus as no one wants un rubbed in dry shampoo, but I actually hated this.

Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Face Wash

I picked this up 2 for 1 with the face scrub, as the smell is gorgeous. The scrub was brilliant, it did not last very long but it was very good, this on the other hand is terrible it made me breakout loads and didn't make my face feel clean, I was also disappointed it did not lather up as I prefer washes to be foamy. This is one of those that I wouldn't recommend but also would as I am not sure if it was just a reaction.

Simple spot zapper

The last product that has disappointed me is the Simple Spot Zapper which I got a few months back, this disappointed me in the fact it didn't do anything, my breakouts were still there and it didn't really benefit me but a good thing was it did not induce anymore breakouts and I found if I put it where I did not have breakouts it stopped them arriving. Overall this was just a bit useless.

What products has disappointed you the most?

Sunday, 1 February 2015

January Favourites 2015

Its February already?! January went so fast its unbelievable but I have loved so many things this month as I went on a little  BIG shopping spree with my christmas money and also have been trying out my christmas presents so before I go on anymore here are my January favourites.


Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer - £10
Soap and Glory is my favourite brand so no surprises another one of the brands products has made it into my favourites the under eye concealer is a Gods send puffiness and under eye bags are just gone and the one for blemishes is also a miracle you wouldn't even know i had a spot or redness. This also has a powder BUT the shade is way too light so to get the right shade concealer the powder is too light but other than that it is a good setting powder. I don't use concealer all the while but this is in my make up bag and have found it so handy and the mirror also makes it good for on the go.

Collection Volumising Mascara- £4
I had never really had a look at the collection stand in Boots before apart from to get the Lasting Perfection Concealer but after a friend recommended an eyeshadow (which I didn't like) I couldn't help myself to buy this as well. The mascara is waterproof and lasts agessss but I can also see a big difference in my lashes it also adds some length and makes my eyelashes look lush especially if they are curled.

Vaseline Rosy Lips- £2
It is absolutely freezing where I live and my lips are coming out the worst, I always used the normal Vaseline but I wanted a bit of colour so this has worked out pretty well, if you like normal vaseline im pretty sure you would like this too so would really recommend it.


This was a bit of an impulse buy but I am so glad of it, If you have never heard of it I wouldn't be surprised as neither had I but basically you put it on over the top of your lipstick or lipgloss and it seals in the colour making the lipstick last all day. I am not sure if it lasts all day but it is perfect for a night out so probably last about 5 hours. I wasn't to sure to start with as it is basically just medical alcohol which makes your lips tingle alot but after that it is really good especially if you hate topping up your lipstick.


Mark Hill Sea Salt- £6
I am pretty sure I have mentioned this before in summer but I have been reloving it in the past month. I spray it before I plait my hair at night so I have heatless waves the next day and I can definetly tell the difference using it and not using it. I know this is more of a summery thing but everyone needs a hint of summer in winter.


Zoella Beauty Creamy Madly Dreamy- £5
*sorry for bad photography, Winter has bad lighting*
This is amazing, it was sort of obvious that Zoellas products were going to be good but this is amazing and £5 is such amazing value. The scent is so nice and refreshing and the packaging is beautiful but most importantly my skin is left so much softer after using it everyday for a week my skin was like a babys.

Body Shop Shea Hand Cream- £4

Who doesn't like The Body Shop really their products are so amazing and this hand cream meets the high expectations. It is currently in my handbag and has proved very useful with the cold weather and the smell is gorgeous.


If I Stay- £5
I have only just started this but I am addicted and can't wait to read more so I won't say anything in case I spoil it as I hate spoilers eurghh like why do people do it?! But if you need a new book and you like romance this is really nice, I can't wait to watch the film but I am waiting until I finish the book.

So they are my favourites this month and please comment any blog post ideas you would like to see in the future.

 What have you been loving this month?