Wednesday, 25 March 2015

TAG: A thing about Spring

So me and Alice from (who has also posted the tag) decided we were going to make a tag so why not make one about Spring which I love and have so many favourite things about it. People tagged will be below.

1. Favourite Spring Lip?
I love nudes and baby pinks as I think they look so pretty and are very wearable day or night. My two favourites have to be MUA Tulip which is so pretty and i get lots of compliments when I were it  but I also love Rimmel Apocalips celestial which is just an enhanced version of my lip colour both are drugstore and are very affordable.

2. Favourite Spring Eye Make up Look?
I love pinks and light browns in Spring as they look very natural, my favourite palette for this has to be the Make up Revolution in Iconic 3 which is an amazing dupe for the Naked 3 palette which of course is gorgeous. I usually apply the most pale colour all over my lid and a tiny amount to highlight my brow bone then the light pinky brown on the outer corner then at night time I add a darker pink shimmer just to make the look more smokey. I also love to use brown eyeliner as I find it is not as harsh as black liner and is perfect for the 'fresh face look'.

3. Favourite Spring Nail Polish?
I have already done a post all about Spring nails so I won't go into much detail, but I really love Essie in Fiji for a more natural colour and Rimmel 60 Seconds in coralicious for a pop of colour.

4. Spring trend you are most looking forward to?
Obviously Spring is all about the pastels which are so cute and pretty especially baby pinks and blues, I also can't wait to wear some gingham as despite some looking terrible I can't wait to see if I can pull it off as it can look really pretty and girly.

5. Spring Must Have?
I love Sunglasses and Spring is the first appropriate time to pull them out so I always have to have them with me.

6. Favourite Spring Colours? 
As you can tell I am all about pinks but I also love creams and whites as they also look very fresh and pretty on warm sunny days.

7. Are you a Spring Cleaner?
No, i always like things clean and tidy anyway so I just carry on doing my general tidying I dont do a massive tidy or clean through my room at Spring.

8. Favourite Flowers at Spring Time?
I don't really know much about flowers, I think they look really pretty but I have no idea what they are called or what season they come out in so I am going to say Blossom as it is really pretty, it's traditional to Spring and I love it in my nans garden.

9. Favourite Brand of Easter Egg?
CADBURYS!! Who doesnt like a bit of Cadburys, it is literally my favourite chocolate ever, the best Easter Egg though has to be Mini Eggs they are just so cute (and photogenic) i just love them!

10. Overall Favourite Thing About Spring?
Has to be the weather as it is sunny but not to hot and not to cold. I can still layer up but also wear pastel colours. I also love that i can actually take photos with good lighting. 

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Sunday, 22 March 2015

What's in my bag?

This has probably been the most highly requested blog post and as I love being nosy to see what's in others bags (obviously just blog posts, I don't go searching through random peoples bags aha) I thought I would let you see what's in mine and I hope its not too boring.

So my bag was £10 from primark and I think it is perfect for Spring time. The bags also not to big but fits a lot in as there is a front pocket with a flap then at the back there is a compartment with a zip. The one I got was baby pink but there was also a grey and black version but this was my personal favourite as the gold detailing is really pretty.

So in the front pocket with the flap I put a make up bag but also I put my medicine/ health related things so first their is my inhaler as if you didn't know I have asthma. Then I have some Optrex Actimist Spray which i really recommend if you have dry, tired or uncomfortable eyes. I then have some Rescue Pastilles as I get anxious quite often and these help calm me down. I usually have this if I have a exam or if I am nervous about something so for instance my mom has used them before flying. I also have some hand sanitiser, this one is from Sainsburys and smells so nice and is a must have for my bag.
So now I will go on to the contents of my makeup bag inside the flap compartment, so first I have this MUA powder and brush, I don't particularly recommend this powder to actually use as your main powder when you first apply your makeup as it doesn't last very long and can look a bit cakey or orangey but it is only a £1 so I just use it to apply on my t-zone if needed during the day which I very rarely do. I then have the Collection Volumising Mascara which is just £4 and makes my eyelashes sooo long and volumious, again i use this if needed to top up in the day. I also usually have a lipstick of the day and Vaseline but I forgot to take pictures of those.
I then have a hairspray as I just find I love to give my hair a good squirt especially if it is curled as otherwise my hair just falls out of the style. I then have the Shea Hand Cream from The Body Shop which I love the scent of and leaves my hands feeling so soft and only cost about £4. The next thing I have is glue, I don't always have this but if I have applied fake nails I always worry they may fall off which they usually do the day after application and I think it looks horrible when I have one missing. The next thing I have is a small purse size perfume, I have been loving Avon perfume at the minute and this has to be my most recent fave it is Cherish and I am pretty sure it is by Abbie Clancy. And of course who doesn't have a hair tie and bobby pins in their bag eh?
The last thing I have is a travel size hair brush. This is just a Tresseme one which I had for Christmas in a set.

Now in the back compartment I keep all my valuables so I have my phone which is a Samsung S3 Mini, I really want an iPhone but yeah I have this one which is actually really good then I have my iPod and Earphones I lost Apple earbuds so I now have these ones which I really hate but Apple Earbuds are way too expensive. 

The last thing I have is my purse, which I keep my cards in such as The Body Shop, Superdrug, Costa, Library (which I never use) Bank card and gym card ( which I also never use) I also keep money in there obviously. I also keep  my diary and bus pass in the back pocket but again I forgot to photograph them.

So thats everything thats in my bag. I hope you enjoyed this post and please follow me via blogspot, bloglovin or instagram .

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Sunday, 15 March 2015

KT & Ems Guide to Spring: Fashion

Its the second week in the series with Emma but also the last however I am looking forward to any future times we may post together as of course she is my Insta twinny. Todays post is on fashion so I am going to show you my favourite OOTD for Spring.


So I love New Look clothes at the minute so I bought quite a lot of Spring Clothes but my favourite items have to be this pink textured scallop edge top, which is really comfortable and I think looks a bit different from a standard block t-shirt due to the texture. I have also been really loving this baby pink colour. I then paired it with this lace kimono also from New Look which was on sale for £8, I think this is such a relaxed piece and can be paired with literally any tops in spring and summer but could also be paired over a bikini on holiday. I then wore some light wash Primark Jeans which I think are so good quality for the money and are probably sell the best fitting jeans and jeggings in my opinion. 


I also wore a gold coin necklace and some midi rings from River Island. Both necklaces and midi rings have become an obsession, I just always buy them everytime I go shopping but I really needa few statement pieces. The necklace was £6 and the rings were £3 which I think is such good value for money. Then to finish off I wore a nude bag and nude shoes both from Primark.

So that is my Spring OOTD, go over to Em's blog to see her latest post in the series (see here). We have also done a post last week on makeup and nails to finish off your outfit .

Whats your spring must-have?

Sunday, 8 March 2015

KT & Em's Guide to Spring: Nails

So today I am doing a collab with the lovely Emma who's blog is amazing and we have decided to do a two week series with our guide to spring. I love spring, the fashion and especially the pretty make up looks that are around but I am going to kick off this series with Spring Nails whilst Em shows off her smashing make up idea.

Rimmel 60 Seconds- Coralicious
Rimmel 60 seconds nail polishes are possibly my favourite nail varnishes as they dry super quick and the colour range is amazing. Coral has become one of my favourite colours at the minute as its still pinky but also has a hint of orange, I think this polish is perfect for spring and can already tell I am going to wear it all the while. The pigment is also great and at around £4 you can't go wrong.

Topshop Nail Polish 
I bought this last summer and really loved it but I haven't wore it since so I am really looking forward to rekindling my love for this polish as the colour is so nice as it is more of a dull pink in the bottle but when applied it is a bit more of a bright pink heading towards red.

Rimmel 60 Seconds- Rose Libertine
I did say I love these polishes so heres another one, as you can see the bottle is very dirty well loved as I just love this colour so much, it compliments my skin tone so well and is just a really nice and fresh colour for Spring and again the pigment is brilliant.

Barry M Matte Nail Polish- Rhosilli
This is the brightest of the nail polishes in the post and is a really nice hot pink to fuchsia, the fact that this is matte also makes a bit different to any other of the polishes and is probably my favourite nail varnish at the moment and for £5 it is a bargain, I really recommend buying the matte topcoat aswell as this polish on its own does not last very long.

Essie- Fiji
Alot of bloggers talk about this but I really like the colour as it is a really light pink verging on white but isn't sheer like a lot of other polishes of this colour, the quality is really good but when applying it can go a bit thick and then not dry properly. Eventhough there is a hype around Essie Polishes I think although I love the colour, the application is not to die for as it takes a while to dry despite this I love the polish.

Make sure to visit Em's post ( ) and follow her instagram @alongcameem .

Whats your Favourite Spring Nail Polish?


Sunday, 1 March 2015

Whats in my makeup bag?

I did one of these a while ago (may be deleted) but it wasn't very good as it was one of the first posts I did but also the makeup i use now is a lot different. I am also going to start leaving links under all the pictures in case you want to purchase anything.
Danielle Makeup Bag
Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer 
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
MUA Blusher- Lolly
Beauty UK High Brow
Make Up Revolution - Iconic 3 
Maybelline Big Eyes Liner
Rimmel Gel Eyeliner
Collection Volumising Mascara- Black
Clinique Lash Power Mascara
Rimmel Kate Lipstick- 20
Rimmel Apocalips - Matte

So they are all the things in my make up bag, and I really recommend any of the products. As it is transitioning from winter to spring I have a variant one lipstick for sunny days others for the still cold rainy days and the same with how much I apply my eyeliner e.t.c.

Whats in your makeup bag?

February Favourites

February has already finished I can't believe its the start of Spring today and in typical British style its raining but hopefully my Favourites will brighten up your day.

Maybelline Big Eyes
I am not sure if I have mentioned this before but this month I have used it so much its unbelievable, it lasts virtually all day and I can tell so much of a difference if I put white on my waterline than black, it opens my eyes up a lot more and works especially well on days when I am tired and has made its way into my very full make up bag.

MUA Probase Eye Primer
I cannot explain my love for this eye primer and for £2.50 its impossible to go wrong, my eye make up never smudges or budges even if I rub my eye and also acts like a concealer for me as it is a similar colour to the lightest Rimmel Foundation shade if that explains it, I don't think it would be very good for darker skin tones but for me it works perfectly.

Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion
This came in a set I received for christmas but this month my skin had been so terrible so I have got so much use out of it, i just dab a small amount onto the broke out area at night and by the morning it is virtually gone, it doesn't get rid of the redness but the actual spot is nearly gone but it is one of those things I always forget to use but when I do I find it works great.

Nivea Eye Make-up Remover
I had never used a eye make up remover before this month as I always just used my cleanser but this was on offer so I bought it on impulse and I was pleasantly surprised its just so much quicker especially at getting rid of waterproof mascara.

Barry M Matte Top Coat
Initially I bought this to go over my other Barry M Matte Nail Polishes as a normal top coat doesn't work as the nail polish doesn't keep the matte aspect but I have started putting it over the top of other 'normal' polishes to make them matte and I think it gives such a nice effect and something different from the usual shine.

So they are all my favourites. What have you been loving this month?