Sunday, 8 March 2015

KT & Em's Guide to Spring: Nails

So today I am doing a collab with the lovely Emma who's blog is amazing and we have decided to do a two week series with our guide to spring. I love spring, the fashion and especially the pretty make up looks that are around but I am going to kick off this series with Spring Nails whilst Em shows off her smashing make up idea.

Rimmel 60 Seconds- Coralicious
Rimmel 60 seconds nail polishes are possibly my favourite nail varnishes as they dry super quick and the colour range is amazing. Coral has become one of my favourite colours at the minute as its still pinky but also has a hint of orange, I think this polish is perfect for spring and can already tell I am going to wear it all the while. The pigment is also great and at around £4 you can't go wrong.

Topshop Nail Polish 
I bought this last summer and really loved it but I haven't wore it since so I am really looking forward to rekindling my love for this polish as the colour is so nice as it is more of a dull pink in the bottle but when applied it is a bit more of a bright pink heading towards red.

Rimmel 60 Seconds- Rose Libertine
I did say I love these polishes so heres another one, as you can see the bottle is very dirty well loved as I just love this colour so much, it compliments my skin tone so well and is just a really nice and fresh colour for Spring and again the pigment is brilliant.

Barry M Matte Nail Polish- Rhosilli
This is the brightest of the nail polishes in the post and is a really nice hot pink to fuchsia, the fact that this is matte also makes a bit different to any other of the polishes and is probably my favourite nail varnish at the moment and for £5 it is a bargain, I really recommend buying the matte topcoat aswell as this polish on its own does not last very long.

Essie- Fiji
Alot of bloggers talk about this but I really like the colour as it is a really light pink verging on white but isn't sheer like a lot of other polishes of this colour, the quality is really good but when applying it can go a bit thick and then not dry properly. Eventhough there is a hype around Essie Polishes I think although I love the colour, the application is not to die for as it takes a while to dry despite this I love the polish.

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Whats your Favourite Spring Nail Polish?



  1. Love you first post in the series! I look forward to reading the next one :) xx