Wednesday, 25 March 2015

TAG: A thing about Spring

So me and Alice from (who has also posted the tag) decided we were going to make a tag so why not make one about Spring which I love and have so many favourite things about it. People tagged will be below.

1. Favourite Spring Lip?
I love nudes and baby pinks as I think they look so pretty and are very wearable day or night. My two favourites have to be MUA Tulip which is so pretty and i get lots of compliments when I were it  but I also love Rimmel Apocalips celestial which is just an enhanced version of my lip colour both are drugstore and are very affordable.

2. Favourite Spring Eye Make up Look?
I love pinks and light browns in Spring as they look very natural, my favourite palette for this has to be the Make up Revolution in Iconic 3 which is an amazing dupe for the Naked 3 palette which of course is gorgeous. I usually apply the most pale colour all over my lid and a tiny amount to highlight my brow bone then the light pinky brown on the outer corner then at night time I add a darker pink shimmer just to make the look more smokey. I also love to use brown eyeliner as I find it is not as harsh as black liner and is perfect for the 'fresh face look'.

3. Favourite Spring Nail Polish?
I have already done a post all about Spring nails so I won't go into much detail, but I really love Essie in Fiji for a more natural colour and Rimmel 60 Seconds in coralicious for a pop of colour.

4. Spring trend you are most looking forward to?
Obviously Spring is all about the pastels which are so cute and pretty especially baby pinks and blues, I also can't wait to wear some gingham as despite some looking terrible I can't wait to see if I can pull it off as it can look really pretty and girly.

5. Spring Must Have?
I love Sunglasses and Spring is the first appropriate time to pull them out so I always have to have them with me.

6. Favourite Spring Colours? 
As you can tell I am all about pinks but I also love creams and whites as they also look very fresh and pretty on warm sunny days.

7. Are you a Spring Cleaner?
No, i always like things clean and tidy anyway so I just carry on doing my general tidying I dont do a massive tidy or clean through my room at Spring.

8. Favourite Flowers at Spring Time?
I don't really know much about flowers, I think they look really pretty but I have no idea what they are called or what season they come out in so I am going to say Blossom as it is really pretty, it's traditional to Spring and I love it in my nans garden.

9. Favourite Brand of Easter Egg?
CADBURYS!! Who doesnt like a bit of Cadburys, it is literally my favourite chocolate ever, the best Easter Egg though has to be Mini Eggs they are just so cute (and photogenic) i just love them!

10. Overall Favourite Thing About Spring?
Has to be the weather as it is sunny but not to hot and not to cold. I can still layer up but also wear pastel colours. I also love that i can actually take photos with good lighting. 

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    1. You know where it says Lizzy dripping with alink to your blog. How do you get it on your comment as I can never link my blog. I really dont like creme eggs tho aha.

  2. Thank You for tagging me. Lovely tag, can't wait to do it

  3. Thank you for tagging me, sorry I haven't done it yet, will do it ASAP! Can't wait to do it. 💕xx

    1. Aww no problem, can't wait to have a read. 😊