Sunday, 22 March 2015

What's in my bag?

This has probably been the most highly requested blog post and as I love being nosy to see what's in others bags (obviously just blog posts, I don't go searching through random peoples bags aha) I thought I would let you see what's in mine and I hope its not too boring.

So my bag was £10 from primark and I think it is perfect for Spring time. The bags also not to big but fits a lot in as there is a front pocket with a flap then at the back there is a compartment with a zip. The one I got was baby pink but there was also a grey and black version but this was my personal favourite as the gold detailing is really pretty.

So in the front pocket with the flap I put a make up bag but also I put my medicine/ health related things so first their is my inhaler as if you didn't know I have asthma. Then I have some Optrex Actimist Spray which i really recommend if you have dry, tired or uncomfortable eyes. I then have some Rescue Pastilles as I get anxious quite often and these help calm me down. I usually have this if I have a exam or if I am nervous about something so for instance my mom has used them before flying. I also have some hand sanitiser, this one is from Sainsburys and smells so nice and is a must have for my bag.
So now I will go on to the contents of my makeup bag inside the flap compartment, so first I have this MUA powder and brush, I don't particularly recommend this powder to actually use as your main powder when you first apply your makeup as it doesn't last very long and can look a bit cakey or orangey but it is only a £1 so I just use it to apply on my t-zone if needed during the day which I very rarely do. I then have the Collection Volumising Mascara which is just £4 and makes my eyelashes sooo long and volumious, again i use this if needed to top up in the day. I also usually have a lipstick of the day and Vaseline but I forgot to take pictures of those.
I then have a hairspray as I just find I love to give my hair a good squirt especially if it is curled as otherwise my hair just falls out of the style. I then have the Shea Hand Cream from The Body Shop which I love the scent of and leaves my hands feeling so soft and only cost about £4. The next thing I have is glue, I don't always have this but if I have applied fake nails I always worry they may fall off which they usually do the day after application and I think it looks horrible when I have one missing. The next thing I have is a small purse size perfume, I have been loving Avon perfume at the minute and this has to be my most recent fave it is Cherish and I am pretty sure it is by Abbie Clancy. And of course who doesn't have a hair tie and bobby pins in their bag eh?
The last thing I have is a travel size hair brush. This is just a Tresseme one which I had for Christmas in a set.

Now in the back compartment I keep all my valuables so I have my phone which is a Samsung S3 Mini, I really want an iPhone but yeah I have this one which is actually really good then I have my iPod and Earphones I lost Apple earbuds so I now have these ones which I really hate but Apple Earbuds are way too expensive. 

The last thing I have is my purse, which I keep my cards in such as The Body Shop, Superdrug, Costa, Library (which I never use) Bank card and gym card ( which I also never use) I also keep money in there obviously. I also keep  my diary and bus pass in the back pocket but again I forgot to photograph them.

So thats everything thats in my bag. I hope you enjoyed this post and please follow me via blogspot, bloglovin or instagram .

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