Sunday, 3 May 2015

April Favourites 2015

So its that time again (even though this is the second time its been posted as it went a bit wrong oops) and probably my favourite post to do... Monthly Favourites! I have been loving many 'new finds' this month But have also been reloving products. 

MUA Pro-base Concealer
This concealer is amazing and is a bargain at £3, there are 5 concealer shades, there is a orange to correct blues, yellows to correct purples, purples to correct dullness, green to correct redness and a 'normal' colour that matches my skin tone. I apply all the different colours to my face before foundation as I have found if I put it on my face after the colours show especially the green. This lasts all day and my complexion looks so much better, this takes quite a lot of effort though so I don't usually use it everyday only when I have dramatic blemishes or colour issues such as dark circles.

Maybelline Rocket Volume Waterproof Mascara
I am always after a good mascara and although I had one in my favourites last month I needed a day time one. So far I have found this is brilliant, I always need waterproof otherwise it smudges under my eyes which means I have less of a choice but this is so good and adds so much volume and holds the curl in my lashes.

Rimmel Colour Rush: Make me Blush
To start with I wasn't sure if I liked it as the colour in the bullet isn't the same as when its on my lips but then I realised the colour was the stain. This actually lasts all day but instead of being a nude/ light pink colour it turns into a gorgeous fuchsia, so despite being disappointed it was not the colour I initially expected this is a fab product and I may have to make a few more cheeky purchases of them.

Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub
I finally managed to purchase myself a Lush Lip Scrub I wasn't too keen on the scent on the Bubblegum or Popcorn scents of these but this mint chocolate one is lush, see what I did there. I haven't used much but my initial opinion is that this is amazing, I use it every night after my skin care routine then apply lip balm and my lips are so, so, so soft. Despite this I do think that £5 is quite overpriced as it is only really sugar and oil but I really couldn't be bothered to make it every time I used it. Comment below if you would like to see a DIY.

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter
This is a re love from last summer as I didn't really like the strong strawberry scent in the winter but now its getting warmer again I love this body butter and gives me a fruity scent throughout the day and most importantly makes my skin so soft

Nivea Day Cream

I always find it hard to find a good moisturiser as my skin is so oily in some parts especially on my forehead and quite a lot block my pores but I really like this as it is oil free and for oily skin but also combination which is great on days when my cheeks are dry.

VO5 Give Me Texture Spray
This is another purchase I have been reloving this month and gives amazing beachy waves, I spray this before plaiting my hair to get heatless waves but also the following morning to make them more tousled, this product aswell as the look it gives has to be essential this month.

So this month I went to Olly Murs' concert ahh he was so amazing! I loved it and would definetly recommend going if he is near you. The songs and his voice were just perfection amd had to bethe highlight of my month.

Another favourite music wise has to be Ella Eyre, previous to Olly's concert I hadn't really listened to her music but now. Oh my Gosh she is amazing especially Gravity and Comeback.

So they are my April Favourites. What were your essentials this month?


  1. I was at olly murs too and I now love Ella eyre too aha! I'm also posting an April favs today too ;) but I really want to try that concealer; I've heard lots of people talk about it!

    Rebekka from x