Monday, 6 April 2015

March Favourites 2015

Happy Easter! I hope everyones enjoying their day and eating as much chocolate as possible. I know I am aha. So even though we are a week into April I thought I would do my March Favourites, I have been loving so many things this month especially make up wise so before I ramble on I will begin.


Bourjois 123 Perfect Liquid Foundation
This has to be the best foundation I have tried, it isnt dewy which is great especially as a I have oily skin  but also isn't drying. It covers most things using yellow, purple and green pigments and also covers spots so well. This also doesn't feel thick despite being high coverage overall it is a perfect favourite and has made a permanent place in my makeup bag. 

Technic High Lights
Can we just appreciate how much this looks like the Benefit High Beam and I have to say it is the ultimate dupe and I much prefer it to highlighters I have used before and would recommend it if you can't afford the benefit one as this is a complete dupe. This is liquid and lasts all day giving a subtle glow to under my eyebrows, tops of cheekbones and cupids bow where the light naturally falls. For £2 I can barely fault it.

Collection Work The Colour Eyebrow Kit
I recently bought this from Superdrug as I have never found 'that perfect product' I will always go back to but this powder is amazing, although I can't use all the powder shades for my eyebrows which to me seems a waste. The brow mascara/ gel comes in so handy for when a hair is unruly and for £4 I don't think it is too bad too waste a bit or I may use it for eyeshadow and surprisingly the brush supplied is actually good which makes it very handy for on the go.

L'oreal Double Extension Waterproof Mascara
Oh my Gosh this is amazing. I picked it up spur of the moment as it just looked a 'cool' product to try and I had never tried anything l'oreal before although this is probably at the higher price end of drugstore it is well worth it. One end is white and primes your lashes to add extra length then the other end is black to go over the top adding even more length and a bit if volume. Personally I wouldn't use this on a day time basis as it is quite heavy so I use it for nights out but I find it gives a really natural length and people I know could tell the difference as I got a few compliments and who doesn't love compliments eh?

Make up Revolution Iconic 3 
This was in my recent Whats in my makeup bag post and since then I have been loving it even more, it is the perfect Spring colours for on my eyes and look really subtle for the day time but can also make a more smoky look for the night time, I really want to purchase the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Rose Gold as I think it would be the perfect base for these eyeshadows. This is also the perfect dupe for the Naked 3 palette but at £4 works out £30 cheaper and the colour payoff, textures and overall look are amazing so works out a cheaper good quality alternative. 

Avon Makeup Setting Spray
This is the first fixing mist I had tried and seen as it was only £3 on sale in my avon catalogue I thought it would be an ideal time to try it. I was wary that this may have clogged my pores or maybe not even worked but it is amazing, I started to just trial this for a week using it throughout the day and my makeup never budged and I can tell such a difference if I don't use it. I probably prefer this to powder but wouldn't use it daily as it can be quite drying.

Real Techniques Eye Set
So my last makeup favourite is these. I bought these from the Real Techniques Outlet on Amazon for £14 as in Boots they are like £21 for the set so I thought this was a bargain as they are not fake. It comes with an eyebrow brush, fine liner brush, accent brush, all over shadow brush and crease brush. I use the brow brush daily, but I already had too which were just boots and superdrug own and I think they share the same, great quality but the other four are so soft and my eye look just looks way better than it did when I used cheaper alternative brushes. 


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
This has been raved about in the blogging world and I finally picked up my own bottle. I have to say it is amazing and I too will be hyping about it. This is literally perfection for using to remove my makeup each night, it doesn't make my skin oily or dry it out and removes so much more impurities than my previous cleanser. I have also noticed my skin has been clearer and does so well at removing eye make up. Also it is so long lasting as I have used it all month and there is still about 3 quarters left.

Clearasil Toner
At the start of March my skin looked so bad, so I bought this as it said it opened pores making visibly clear skin in 12 hours and I needed a new toner anyway. I only use this at night time even though it says use morning and night as I thought if it opens my pores then I put make up on in the morning then the makeup would fill my pores making it worse but recently my skin has been so clear and I put it down to this. 


This are so cute and I can't wait to get even more, i got these free as I was given a code to use which gave me £5 free and if you want them too heres my code>>> G72OG17 so you will get free polagrams too. I got some of my friends too make like a little memory book as I am in my last year of school but also some Olly Murs ones as he is just bae. 

Orange Juice
This is such a random favourite but I have a slight obsession with Orange Juice, first of all I have been trying to be healthier so in the morning I drink it to get one of my five a day and some vitamin C, even though it has quite a lot of sugar in the pre packed ones I can't be bothered to just squeeze my own oranges but I have been drinking so much of it lately.

I have also been loving this month, App Bounty this is similar to Feature Points but I find it more trustworthy as it is in the App store and also gives out way more points and I got a five pound amazon voucher on the day i downloaded the app again you can use my code to get 500 points I think it is which is >>> BVUNUSYI

My music favourite has to be 1989 by Taylor Swift I know I am so late to the hype around it and it is technically 'old' now but its new to me and I literally adore it, especially style. I have also been loving Echo Smiths album I have been literally addicted to it, my favourite song has to be Cool Kids which I know was released as I single but is still my favourite.

Lastly I have a film favourite which is Insurgent and can we just appreciate how fit Theo James is. But I went to see it with three of my friends and I have to say it has been my favourite film I have watched all year!

So they were all my favourites, there was quite a lot but I hope they didn't bore you.

Whats your favourite this month?



    If you like the eyebrow kit from collection, i think you may like their eyeshadow sets. They are amazing for the price.
    Great post x

    1. Thankyou :) i have been looking to buy those, have you tried them? Would you recommend them 😊