Sunday, 12 April 2015

Night time Skincare Routine

So recently it got requested I did my nighttime skincare routine, and too me it is a bit dull and the products I use aren't overly exciting. First off I will say I have an extremely oily t-zone, very dry cheeks and of course being a teenager an excessive amount of breakouts equalling a skin nightmare.
Firstly I remove all my eye make up using the Nivea Extra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover which I absolutely adore, I wear waterproof makeup all the while so finding a remover that wasn't too harsh on my sensitive skin but removed all my makeup proved a difficult task, but this is brilliant. It removes all eye makeup including waterproof without even rubbing, meaning no more red stingy eyes for me.

 I use a Face scrub the one I am currently using is this Freederm one, which although isn't a typical 'go to brand' in the blogging world when it comes to skincare but recently I have been desperate. My skin, especially on my cheeks I have had terribly breakouts which have been really dry so I have found this has nearly cleared them up. Usually I use either The Body Shop Tea Tree Scrub or a Neutrogena Scrub which are both good, but this is my life saviour at the minute. When I wash my face I usually just use clean hands and rub it in or use a face loafer.

After I have dried my face off  I then move on to removing any impurities left behind after I washed my face. I pour some of the Garnier Micellar Water on to a cotton pad then wipe it over my face, previously I used a cleansing milk, and before that a lotion and  I was under the impression that it removed all impurities but after using this I can tell so much more of a difference including making my skin clearer.

After this I tone my face af the minute I am using the Clearasil Toner which reduces the appearance of spots within 12 hours which comes in so handy at the minute and I think will keep my blemishes at bay once my skin is nearly cleared because the past few months it has been terrible. This again removes impurities but if you have a spot but wow it stings. But to me that shows its working and I have defiantly seen an improvement in my skin.

I then recently have applied an eye cream, not everyday but occasionally as it makes the skin more looked after and it has just generally made it softer. My favourite I have tried is a sample I got from Benefit, the So Radiant Eye Cream* it lasted about three uses as I used it sparingly and I could tell such a difference in my skin under my eyes. I would really recommend adding an eye cream to your skincare routine.

At night time at the minute I don't use cream which I know is bad as even oily skin needs cream but I have found they make my t-zone so much oilier the next morning. And my skin just generally feels thick and greasy and produce breakouts however I do use one in the morning. So to add some moisture to my dry cheeks I use The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil to my cheeks, adding more oil, meaning softness but also the Tea Tree reduces the spotty, rash thing on my cheeks. I don't use this every night only those when my skin is extremely bad.

As you can see I have a lot of products for spot prone skin, and if you have any other recommendations for me whether its a product or tip please comment below as my skin could be a some.might say crisis.

Would you like to see a morning skincare routine?


  1. Oh my gosh, I love your posts & especially this one! I've ways wanted to try some of the Benefit skin care & now I want to even more, great post once again xx

    1. Thankyou twinny 🙈 and so have i but they are expensive 😱 x

  2. Great post - I'd love to see a morning one too.

    Lizzie Dripping