Tuesday, 7 April 2015


So as you can see my blog has changed. WOO! I hope you like the new colour scheme, I think it looks really nice and fresh as the old one was just a standard blogger supplied template but I made this myself, and if you know me this is a very big achievement as me a technology don't usually mix.

Also as you probably now I have my GCSE's coming up starting 11th May to 12th June (I have 2 on my birthday *cries* ) therefore I won't be very active from now to the 12th June but especially between those dates, so I am so sorry if I don't post but I have currently pre written 8 posts ready to publish so I don't let you down. I hope you don't mind but at the minute I really need to put revision and exams first.

As you may have noticed if you follow my instagram that I am nearly at 1.2k followers, so a little shoutout for myself and self promo if you don't follow it, it is @_ktlou99 and I would love to reach my goal.If you do follow comment below your @ name and I will follow you back.  Another goal is to have 150 followers on bloglovin by summer so if you don't follow that I would love if you could as you would get updated with all that I post. 

Lastly I would just like to thank everyone who has been reading my blog as recently I have had such an increase in readers which I think is so nice and that people are actually enjoying my content. Also if you have any suggestions for future blog posts or generally about how to improve my blog I would love to hear them.

So thats you lot all updated I just can't wait until Summer now as I have a whole load of ideas.


  1. OMG! I'm loving the new colour scheme, it is so pretty!!! Good Luck with your GCSEs!! xx

  2. What am I going to read now?😭

    1. I will try and post as often as possible. Dont worry twinny 😊😂