Sunday, 28 June 2015

Summer Make Up Look

 I have found I have wore this makeup look so much recently and I think it is perfect for both days and nights this summer using a pop off colour on my lips, so I had to share it with you.

Firstly I applied the Rimmel Wake me up Foundation in 100 Ivory and buffed it in using a buffing makeup brush, this gives a great anti-fatigue effect and really illuminates the face whilst giving a non-greasy finish. I then used a tiny dusting of Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder in Peach Glow across my t-zone as I find this area gets quite oily. For blusher I used the Technic 'Peaches and Cream' cream blusher as I find it gives a more subtle natural blush than a powder blusher perfect for lighter makeup.

I then moved on to eyebrows filling them in with the Collection Eyebrow Kit, using the middle brown shade and a Real techniques angled brush lightly putting the powder throughout. As its summer I don't like a heavily made up eye so I opted for the Collection Nude Bronze Palette, using a Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush used the shade 'ivory' and covered my eyelid before heading in with a Real Techniques crease brush and put a small amount of 'Ocre' throughout it. To finish off my eye I used the Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner to create my much loved winged eyeliner and curled my lashes before using the Maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara which is currently my new favourite.

Lastly I finished off the look using MAC Girl About Town Lipstick, a new favourite kindly given to me which completed this look.


Thursday, 25 June 2015

Perfect Pastels OOTD

Despite Spring coming to a close I thought as it is not quite summer I would show you my favourite outfit I have been wearing whenever possible for the transition between seasons for my first ootd, although very simple I think it looks very pretty.

Pastel Pink Scallop Edge Top - Newlook
White Kimono - Newlook
Jeggings- Primark
Shoes- Primark
Necklace- Newlook
(NOTE: I do shop in other shops ;'))

I have also started a account on lookbook where I post regular OOTD's if you want to follow me on there. 

Whats your favourite outfit as we head from spring into summer?


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Smile! My Brace Experience

So from January 2013 until December 2014 I had a brace, my teeth were pretty bad as my mom said I looked like a chimpanzee because my teeth protruded forward. (she does love me... I promise aha) At the time I never thought my teeth looked too bad when I was younger, but now I am actually embarrassed that I never realised how it looked and how I never noticed at the time. The protruding teeth  was caused by always putting my top teeth over the top of my bottom lip therefore pushing my teeth forward. However now I have perfectly straight teeth, making me more confident to let my smile shine.

Before Brace: As I said before my brace, I had protruding teeth and as soon as I had lost all my milk (baby) teeth I was referred by the dentist to a brace specialist. I then found out I had to have two teeth out, one from either side on the top row, I was very apprehensive about it but on the day my dentist was 'super kind' I had four injections in both sides to numb the pain. The first one took longer than expected to be pulled out so when the dentist got on to the other side the injections had wore meaning the tooth hurt so bad to come out and made me feel ill with the pain therefore I had to go back at a later date. When I went back it came out in about 10 minutes with no problems

About two months later I went to the orthodontist so she could get to know what I needed doing to my teeth using an x-ray and then I had a play dough like substance put around my teeth for about a minute to get the shape of my mouth so I could get the appropriate wires and brackets etc. 

During Brace: On the 12th January 2013 I went to the orthodontist to get my brace put on I was very very nervous as I had heard how much it hurt and numerous stories of it breaking and how you can get cuts in your mouth from them but first of all I will say if you take the right care this will not happen! So the brace went on which probably took about twenty minutes and didn't hurt at all during the attachment process. I had the standard 'train track' brace which was on the outside of my teeth. Once the brace was attached my teeth felt achy for about a day or two and I just had paracetamol to get rid of it, I also tried to only eat soft foods due to my bite feeling weaker. A few days later I got used to the feeling and slowly felt more comfortable eating. Then sixth months after that I had my bottom brace on which hurt ALOT more but did go after a few days.

When the brace is on you are told to not eat certain foods so no chewing gum, hard foods, chewy things such as toffee and no sugary drinks as these can make your teeth more prone to rotting or make the brackets come loose. I tried my hardest to stick to this rules but I did break my brace once from eating a haribo. Oops! Then it fell off a second two times as my teeth had moved so when I bit down my top teeth pushed off my bottom brace so I had too have cement put on to make my teeth not touch which tasted disgusting but this rarely happens to the majority of people.

Cleaning Brace: When wearing a brace you are told to take extra care and brush your teeth three times a day, use mouthwash and use tiny teeny brushes to get everywhere a tooth brush can't reach. Personally I only brushed my teeth twice a day on a school day as being at school I found that it was awkward to fit in three times and I did not get a build up of plaque so this worked fine for me. I did use non alcohol mouth wash everyday as soon as I got home from school but I was advised not to use after brushing as it has a lower fluoride content than toothpaste therefore does not make effective brushing. I always forgot to use the small brushes but I did use them if I had ate something specifically bad for my teeth. I would also advise not to use any whitening products as although we all want those pristine white teeth it can mean when the brace is took off where the brackets were is darker than the rest of your teeth.

After Brace: In mid December I finally at long last got my brace took off, my mouth felt so empty but it was such relief for it to be over and the process of removing was pain free. Despite the brace being took off I still had to look after my teeth and I had to wear a retainer which is like a clear gum shield. After I had my brace off I had to wear it day and night for seven days and then every night since then, to start with it was a bit uncomfortable but now I am used to it, I would also recommend brushing it with toothpaste and your toothbrush every night to reduce germs. Every six months I have to have a check up to make sure they are not moving back. The retainer prevents this movement and if not worn especially in first five years then teeth will soon move away from being perfectly straight. I am determined to keep wearing my retainer whenever I can as the process of wearing a brace was so long and I really like the end result. 

Overall I think that the braces were defiently worth it despite the small amount of pain at certain times those few hours or days are nothing compared to the result which will last my life. I hope this has helped anyone about to get a brace, has a brace or even been enjoyable for any who may have read it for fun.


Sunday, 21 June 2015

Summer Essentials // with Laura!

I can't believe we have already hit summer!

So far this summer I have found I have been reaching for the same items time and time again and have become essentials wherever I go so I thought I would share a few with you. This is a collab with the lovely Laura from who has also done a post which I will link at the bottom.

My first favourite has to be a waterproof mascara. My eyes generally are very watery so I have to use a waterproof mascara whatever the season but particularly in summer I like to make sure no amount of water can budge it yet will come off at the end of the day such as this L'oreal Double Extension Mascara as unlike other waterproof mascaras this doesn't budge no matter how much water comes in contact with it but when it comes to removal at the end of the day comes off with ease using a cleanser. This mascara also creates a lovely false lash effect but not to spidery, giving length from the primer on one end and volume from the mascara on the other end.

I couldn't do an essential without including a lip product. Could I? Being a lipstick addict I am always looking for the next best lippy but this summer I have constantly been reaching for a hot pink shades and pencils especially this MAC lipstick in Girl About Town. Every summer fuchsia is my favourite colour but this lip stick has to be the best I have tried as the bluer undertones compliment my skin so well and lasts well on the lips. If you are after a cheaper lipstick though I recommend the Maybelline Colour Drama in Fuchsia Desire which is of a similar shade.

White Nail Varnish is a must for Summer and I have found I have wore it virtually everyday and know I will continue for the future months. I was very apprehensive to start with as I never wanted my nails to look like I had used tipex  but since using this gel effect one by Avon in Iceberg White I have found it compliments tanned skin and is barely chipped after about 3 days.

My fourth favourite has to be sunglasses, I have never found a pair that I feel suit me but these ones are so sleek with the fake gold arms and the tortoise shell pattern compliment my skin and face shape but the best part has to be they were £2 from Primark and I have had do many compliments saying they look more expensive and suit me well so these have to be my go to sunglasses, plus they have UV protection which is fab for the price.

My final essential has to be books, I have started reading so many books sitting outside in the sun, whenever I get the chance I will pick one up and they are especially great if at a pool side or on holiday. I have particularly been loving rereading the divergent series as the new films have been released but I also love the book If I Stay.

Laura's post:

Whats your summer essential?


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Beauty Find! Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

I'm Back! Finally all my exams are over and I can get back to blogging! So I will be uploading a lot more on here and Instagram starting from today.  I hope you enjoy these fortnightly reviews of things I discover posted every Tuesday along with my usual Sunday post, any tags on a Wednesday and then an OOTD every other Thursday. Hopefully it doesn't get too complicated but I am commited!

I am always on the search for a good lighter foundation with a medium coverage but I usually go for a matte finish due to my oily skin but due to summer I thought I would take a leap into the unknown of a dewy finish and I am loving it!

Shade: 100 Ivory
Rating: 3/5
RRP: £7.99

This Wake Me Up Foundation has a very dewy finish but doesn't look greasy. It claims to be skin brightening and illuminating which I think creates a healthy glow and especially around the eye area creates a more awakened look. The foundation also lasts all day but is a bit dark and has a tiny bit of an orangey side to it so is better for a more tanned skin. 

The coverage is quite light but more than what a BB Cream would give but I like to wear it on a good skin day as I find a lesser coverage prevents a future breakout. I also find this foundation is good to apply a little bit more under the eye to conceal darker circles or bags which I think is due to the illuminator in the formula and the anti-fatigue effect. The bottle is also quite small and lightweight so fits into my makeup bag very well. 

All in all I would say this would work best on all skin types in the summer months as a lesser coverage foundation but giving that healthy glow, skin sometimes loses if tired, stressed or ageing. I also think due to being liquid foundation it has a slightly moisturising affect on the skin.