Sunday, 5 July 2015

June Favourites 2015

This year has flown by I cannot believe we are at the middle of the year already. It feels like christmas was last week! However it is time for my favourite post to write... monthly favourites, as I didn't do one in May I have been loving so many new products and cannot wait to talk about them.

Maybelline Brow Satin Eyebrow Duo
Go to Eyebrow Product this is literally perfect! I have always found it hard to do my eyebrows, as filling them in can look to dark but I have never got the hang of a pencil but I bought this on a whim after seeing it advertised on the TV and it is amazing. I bought mine in the shade Dark brown but there was such a vast amount of shades I am sure everyone could find a match. There is a wind up pencil (which is great for those, like me, who hates sharpening pencils) and a applicator filled with powder in the other end, I usually use the pencil on a day to day basis then add powder if my eye look is heavier as it makes the brows a tiny bit darker. I won't talk to much about it though as I have a review planned for this Tuesdays beauty find so look out for that if you are interested but I very much recommend.

Collection Nude Bronze Eyeshadow Palette
I bought this a few months ago and I never really used it as all the colours wear to metallic for the look I went for at spring. Since summer has arrived I have found the gold toned has worked perfectly for a summer evening out as it is quite sheer but still adds a glow. Despite loving that colour in June I think the rest of the palette will get a lot of wear when heading into autumn. The colours aren't too pigmented which I like in this palette as it creates a more subtle look if wanted but they do last a very long time even without the use of a primer.

The Body Shop Lipstick
I was kindly gifted this from my friend at my birthday and I love it. I had never tried a Body shop Lipstick before or any of there make up in fact but this lipstick has become one of my favourite summer shades, it has a creamy texture and is very moisturising, yet the colour pay off and the longevity is very good. This is one of those lipsticks that are very build able so can either give a subtle look or a very bright look.

Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish - Coralicious 
Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polishes are my all time favourite varnishes, they last an extremely long time and take seconds to apply. This only needs one coat for extremely good colour pay off so is great if in a rush. I particularly have been loving this shade as it is the perfect shade of coral not too orange not too pinky and is great for summer, I know I will love alternating between this and a white polish in the summer months.

Toni And Guy 3D Volumiser
We all love voluminous hair, and I have the most trouble achieving it as my hair is limp and lifeless and naturally lacks texture. I have tried several products but none have seemed to give me that "wow! my hair actually has volume!" kind of reaction until now. This is to be sprayed at the roots just before styling, I usually squirt about six pumps in random places of my hair focusing on the top layer as thats wear I want the most volume. I then style my hair and the end result is way more voluminous and I have had many compliments when using it. Who doesn't love good compliment eh?  

Ted Baker Body Spray
I love a good Ted Baker Body Spray and as another range was released and I was on that hunt for a new spray for in my bag at £2.50 I couldn't have gone wrong. The scent is a bit fruity and a bit floral making the scent not too heavy perfect to spritz on in the summer. I also think the packaging is super cute and just the right hand bag size.

Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub
This contains oat, sugar and shea and literally smells like a oat biscuit, it is gorgeous but I think an acquired smell as my mom absolutely hates it! Apart from the smell it works really well at exfoliating   any hard or rough skin specifically on elbows and knees. I also find this would be great to use before tanning as one use makes skin super soft.

Primark Necklace
I bought this last week so should still be in stock as Primark often change there lines but for only £1 i think this was so worth it. I find primark jewellery is actually really good quality and this in particular is very pretty and wearable. I also love layering this with other necklaces.

Pandora Pink Cherry Blossom Ring
I received this off my nan for my birthday and is so pretty, I have wore this on any special occasions as its perfect. It is a tiny bit too big as I have really small fingers but other than that it is beautiful and I am so grateful to have been gifted it.

Film wise I have been loving Ghost, although its an 80's film, it is one of my uptime favourites! it's about a man who gets accidently killed and turns into a ghost to protect his girl friend as the killer wants his money and I have been watching it over and over!

Music this month I have been loving:
Olly Murs - Beautiful To Me which is absolute perfection!
Ella Eyre - Together 
Ella Eyre - Gravity 
Hozier - Someone New
Wiz Khalifa - See you again
Felix Jaehn - Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Better) 
Years and Years - Desire

What was your favourite thing in June?


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