Sunday, 21 June 2015

Summer Essentials // with Laura!

I can't believe we have already hit summer!

So far this summer I have found I have been reaching for the same items time and time again and have become essentials wherever I go so I thought I would share a few with you. This is a collab with the lovely Laura from who has also done a post which I will link at the bottom.

My first favourite has to be a waterproof mascara. My eyes generally are very watery so I have to use a waterproof mascara whatever the season but particularly in summer I like to make sure no amount of water can budge it yet will come off at the end of the day such as this L'oreal Double Extension Mascara as unlike other waterproof mascaras this doesn't budge no matter how much water comes in contact with it but when it comes to removal at the end of the day comes off with ease using a cleanser. This mascara also creates a lovely false lash effect but not to spidery, giving length from the primer on one end and volume from the mascara on the other end.

I couldn't do an essential without including a lip product. Could I? Being a lipstick addict I am always looking for the next best lippy but this summer I have constantly been reaching for a hot pink shades and pencils especially this MAC lipstick in Girl About Town. Every summer fuchsia is my favourite colour but this lip stick has to be the best I have tried as the bluer undertones compliment my skin so well and lasts well on the lips. If you are after a cheaper lipstick though I recommend the Maybelline Colour Drama in Fuchsia Desire which is of a similar shade.

White Nail Varnish is a must for Summer and I have found I have wore it virtually everyday and know I will continue for the future months. I was very apprehensive to start with as I never wanted my nails to look like I had used tipex  but since using this gel effect one by Avon in Iceberg White I have found it compliments tanned skin and is barely chipped after about 3 days.

My fourth favourite has to be sunglasses, I have never found a pair that I feel suit me but these ones are so sleek with the fake gold arms and the tortoise shell pattern compliment my skin and face shape but the best part has to be they were £2 from Primark and I have had do many compliments saying they look more expensive and suit me well so these have to be my go to sunglasses, plus they have UV protection which is fab for the price.

My final essential has to be books, I have started reading so many books sitting outside in the sun, whenever I get the chance I will pick one up and they are especially great if at a pool side or on holiday. I have particularly been loving rereading the divergent series as the new films have been released but I also love the book If I Stay.

Laura's post:

Whats your summer essential?



  1. Love the colour of that nail polish, I've never really tried anything from Avon I'll have to give it a go :) Nice post, can't wait to read Laura's!

    1. Avon nail varnishes are so under rated they last so long and the colour range and pigmentation is amazing. Laura post should be up very soon. Glad you liked it!

  2. This is a lovely post! that mascara looks really good! I agree though that waterproof mascara is an essential for summer. I am loving the Maybelline great lash mascara in the waterproof version :)

    1. Ooh I might try that mascara, love maybelline mascaras but haven't tried that one. Hope you enjoyed the post xo