Friday, 31 July 2015

Gooey Chocolate Brownies Recipe

I have wanted to write a recipe post for sometime as baking is one of my favourite things to do! I recently found this chocolate brownie one in my Nans collection of recipes she had been writing out since she was my age and I have to say that these Brownies are the best I have ever tasted so had to share it with you!

4 Eggs
375g Caster Sugar
275g Butter
100g Self Raising Flour
75g Cocoa

Set the temperature on the oven to Gas mark 4 before starting, leaving it to heat up.

Weigh each of the ingredients, putting them all into one bowl to do the All in one method.

Once all ingredients are weighed out and in one bowl you can start to mix, personally I use a plastic mixing spoon but use whatever suits you and mix until a smooth silky mixture is made.

Next its best to grease a oven friendly tin around 23x30x4 then line using grease proof paper to prevent the mixture sticking when cooking. Fill the tin with the mixture and cook for around 40-55 minutes when the top is crispy.

And thats it! I hope you try this super easy recipe and please let me know if you make this yummy brownie.


Thursday, 30 July 2015

Why Do I Wear Makeup?

I always hear people saying "girls who wear makeup are fake" or "why do girls bother they don't need it, its just hiding there real selves"

This really irritates me, not to get me started on calling girls who are interested in beauty and how they look, "vain" or a "bimbo".

First off to say girls who wear makeup are fake or hiding themselves proves others base us on our aesthetic beauty, to be so judgemental of the fact that just because a girl isn't "natural" to think of them any differently is unbelievable ridiculous. If you see a girl with makeup on and then without makeup how does this make them a different person? 

Make up can make a person feel a lot better about themselves, give them more confidence and definitely does in my case however if I look in the mirror without makeup I accept myself, but personally prefer to wear a full face of makeup, this however is my choice just like someone else chooses to not wear makeup.

The fact makeup can give people confidence is great to me, the fact a person can enjoy there day a little more as there insecurity of a blemish has reduced, the fact they wear makeup therefore improving there confidence means there personality then shines through as they get out of there shells, how does this make them fake? Yes they are more confident but only as they are more comfortable. 

Shouldn't everyone be comfortable in there own skin?

On another point. Why do you even care? Why does it matter what a person chooses to do, if you don't like that someone wears makeup don't take notice. It isn't permanent, it's an expression, a way to look more put together, or just for pure enjoyment. A choice that if I decide to wear more makeup one day or none another doesn't make me a different person,

 Surely people who have no makeup can be hiding behind there own skin, can't they keep there insecurities hidden in another way?

I don't hide behind my makeup,  wearing it is a choice and enforces who I am. It isn't part of me to hide under, not my shell, just an interest which becomes an extension of me.

To judge someone with makeup is completely out of order, nor do I lack intelligence because of how "vain" I apparently am for caring in my appearance.

What does makeup mean to you?


Monday, 27 July 2015

Nailbox* Unboxed

Nailbox is a subscription for a box with five items in including three to four polishes and one to two tools for £15 a month, they kindly sent me there June box and I was delighted with the contents and would have been very pleased if I had also paid £15 as the price bought on the highstreet would be over £45 making this an absolute bargain!

The box is release on the 21st of each month and they never give out the same product twice making sure you are always receiving different items. In June's box I received an Essie Polish in Roarrrrange (£8.43), Tanya Burr Polish in Mischief Managed (£4.95), Nails inc Gel Effect in Colville Mews (£15), Seche Vite Topcoat (£10) and Elegant Touch Cuticle Nipper(£13).

Essie is one of my favourite nail polish brands and this colour was amazing, as a colour I would never usually venture into this was a great experiment, but also perfect for summer. The application was easy due to the wide brush but did need two or maybe even three to get the colour in the bottle but dries very quickly and doesn't chip for around two days. As a fan of Essie beforehand I already had a bias opinion towards the brand however this polish did not disappoint.

First of all I would like to say I am a massive fan of Tanya Burr and had been looking to buy one of her polishes for quite a while after seeing good reviews so was very happy to find this. However once I had tried it I was very disappointed. The colour is the classic red and has easy application due to a good sized brush however the colour was vary sheer and needed at least three coats which dried fairly quickly however after an hour of being on I looked at my nails and it appeared to look like I had worn the nail varnish for at least three days, they were so chipped and patchy. I don't know if this was this specific bottle but the formulation of this is terrible however I am going to look into this as my experience is the polar opposite to others amazing reviews.

After two bright shades I was extremely happy to find a more neutral colour in my box of goodies and even more happy to find it was a polish by Nails inc. At £15 I would never have bought this as I much prefer an Essie or Barry M as I have always been sure they could be no better. And even though they don;t last any longer than the usual nail polish, the pigmentation, application and drying time is brilliant. I applied two coats and found that the colour was like that in the bottle and suited me very well. Although amazing quality I am still unsure if this is actually worth the RRP of £15.

The final nail polish was a Seche Vite Topcoat, a brand I had never heard of before but I wish I had as this topcoat gives the most lovely shine to my nail polish and also dries extremely fast which is great to use in a rush. I also found that if my coloured nail polish wasn't fully dry the topcoat led to it drying without smudging or smearing. This used with the nail polishes supplied worked extremely well, but I then used it with a Barry M Gel Polish that usually lasts two days leading to it lasting around four so this has got a huge thumbs up from me.

The final thing I found in my box was a Elegant Touch cuticle clipper, something I had never thought of buying before as I don't tend to look after my nails as much as I should. It still seems a bit pointless to me but didn't come in useful when those bits of skin pull at the side of your nails. 

Overall the products inside the box are well worth the subscription price of £15 and the quality and quantity of items is overall brilliant along with the fact that you never get the same product again. I really recommend you check out there website


Sunday, 26 July 2015

My Holiday Essentials

So me and Francesca who's blog is absolutely perf, decided we would do a holiday essentials post. As many people are setting off for a week in the sun we thought we would share what we had to take on holiday. 

My first essential is more for the run up to a holiday but it is an essential for my holiday as I never ever tan, so I like to use it to give me a subtle glow. although a tanner this is gradual so isn't too dark and I usually apply it every other day a week before going away too get a even subtle tan. This is also not too orangey and applies very nicely without the usual horrible smell of a normal tanning product.

Despite wanting a tan its also very important to me to use suncream, as I have quite sensitive skin many suncreams make me itch but this Soltan one works very well in protecting against UV and UVA rays. Suncream is definitely an essential and I would personally recommend using as much protection as possible where ever you are.

My next holiday essential is Sea Salt Spray, I especially love this one by Mark Hill but it has nearly ran out and I can't find a replacement *sobs* however I love this to add texture to either natural or curled hair and just gives a really nice look especially if you are holidaying by the sea as it achieves the current on trend messy style.
Setting spray is something I was only recently introduced to this when I kept moaning to my mom that my makeup never stayed on no matter how much powder I put on, so on a whim I ordered this one from Avon and never really used it too much until we hit summer, I have found one squirt of this in a heatwave is my make ups lifesaver and I very much recommend trying one. 

Finally a must have essential is sunglasses, finding a pair that actually suited me proved a chore for a very long time but recently I have found many sunglasses in this style and tortoise effect frame which compliments me very well. On a side note to sunglasses I recently found out that sunglasses should be UV protected, sounds obvious now i know but before buying any sunglasses make sure they have a little sticker on as eyes are one of the most delicate places and you want to keep those eyes safe!

Whats your Summer Essential?


Friday, 24 July 2015

My Shoe Wishlist

As a typical girl I am a lover for shoes but rarely buy them due to something else catching my eye leaving me with no money to spend on shoes and only a scarce few pairs to try and match with every outfit. So i thought I would devote a post to shoes maybe encouraging me to top up my shoe collection rather than my makeup one!

1- Alex Carvela Kurt Geiger- As soon as I saw this beauties I knew they had to be in my wishlist, I don't own a nude pair of heeled shoes and a number of times I pull out an outfit that these would look perfect with. I find the nude pink colour suits me really well and these could be both dressed up or down, I also am in love with the cut out side on shoes at the moment as it just makes the shoe just a little bit different from the typical nude heel. Despite me adoring these they are a tad bit out of my price range at £110 however I am sure similar ones are sold in other places and this is a WISHlist after all aha!

2- Primark Chelsea Boots- I love a good chelsea boot especially throughout autumn and find they match with virtually any outfit, I already have a pair from Newlook but the place they come on my ankle is awkward to wear jeans so I can only wear them with dresses, these however I think would go perfectly with jeans and appear more versatile and suitable for all year round. I also love the fact they are suede effect as again this makes them a bit more different from the plastic leather look primark shoes usually have, these are also just £15 a lot cheaper than the previous pair!

3- Converse White Hi-Tops- Out of all these shoes I have wanted white converse for the longest, again a versatile piece for any casual day and I generally love the look. I have had fakes beforehand but they haven't felt the same as if I had real ones as none really compare, if you have had fakes you will know what I mean but I just think these look so modern but also retro and can be styled in so many ways however at £40 I can't decide if they are worth or not.

4- Primark Black Slip on Pumps- I really think Primark shoes are really good quality for the price and rarely appear cheap therefore these seemed a perfect choice after seeing Tanya Burr rocking hers from Kurt Geiger these dupes look identical but are about a tenth of the price at £4, the black shoes with white bottoms are an obvious trend and at that price I just have to jump on the bandwagon.

5- ASOS HINT Heeled Sandals- I have never ordered from ASOS and before these I never really thought to look on there website but these black heels would be perfect for Summer. At only £30 I think I will definitely be making an order and get a lot of wear out of them!

6- H&M Loafers- As I am going into sixth form the last pair of shoes had to be these, simple black flats although basic I really need some smart casual black shoes especially being completely flat as my feet could not take heels for 6 hours a day. For just £9.99 you can't really go wrong and from past experience H&M shoes are very good quality.

What shoes have you had your eye on lately?


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Beauty Find! Sleek Face Form Kit

I have been using the Sleek Face Form Kit on and off for about six months, I am very wary about contouring as it can go very, VERY wrong and I am no expert when it comes to this sort of thing and I am definitely in ore of people with the perfect contoured face.

This being my first contour kit, I was very intrigued I had tried blusher many times before from various brands but never one by Sleek, I usually go for matte shades for blusher as I like a quite natural base with just foundation and powder however despite the shimmer this gives a lovely build able look, like normal flushed cheeks, I prefer to use this on a evening out rather than a day to day basis due to the small shimmer.

This was the first highlighter I had used as it had never really occurred to me to use such a product which you would never believe as I have a slight obsession with highlighter especially the recent strobing technique, due to this technique the initial love for this powder has dwindled away and I have started loving liquid highlighter instead however this powder is a brilliant highlighter  for along the nose, under eyebrows and of course the tops of cheeks. The highlighter again is shimmery which proves a tiny bit over the top if mixed with the blush in the kit in the day time however I love to use this with a matte blusher for a daytime shimmer.

The bronzer, something I was most scared of using and still find daunting is brilliant, I just put this in the hollows of my cheeks and instantly gives my face definition, I chose to get the palette in the lightest shade 'Fair' and the bronzer is the perfect shade for my skin and isn't orangey at all which is a huge plus point but is also very buildable so is versatile if going between tanned and pale. 

Overall the kit is great value for money, and also brilliant for starting in makeup as it has all you need  for a beautifully contoured face however I do wish there was a choice in shade of blusher as personally I would prefer a less shimmer but I think this is personal preference. 

Have you tried this or if not what's your favourite contour kit?


Friday, 17 July 2015

Style Through The Ages With Kate Louise!

Recently I got in touch with Kate from as her blog is perfection and we decided to do a collab, we found we had so much in common including names, blogging and our love for fashion and beauty the only difference was we are two decades apart in age!
So we decided to take pictures of our makeup and outfits to see whether our style for a summer day varied.

On a summer day I don't like too much makeup so firstly applied the Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation which is really light on the skin but has amazing coverage for my typical teen blemish prone skin, I then dusted a small amount of my trusty Rimmel Stay Matte Powder over the top as my face can get extremely oily throughout the day. I then finally applied a tiny amount of W7 blusher* which I absolutely love.

I then Used the Avon Eyeshadow Palette using a cream and a light brown in the crease before applying winged eyeliner using the Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner and then used the Seventeen Va Va Voom Mascara, both are waterproof meaning none of that dreaded black smudges running down my face.

I finished of the look by applying the MAC Girl About Town Lipstick which is the perfect pop off colour to brighten up my look and pick out the flowers in my dress.
As I was going for a barbecue this Summer day I went for a dress but I would also wear this if I was going on a walk or spending the day relaxing in the sun, the dress is from H&M (£12) then paired it with Primark Gladiator Sandals with Gold detail which were super cheap yet look more expensive, finishing off I wore  Newlook 'gold' Rings which were £3 for 6 and Rimmel Nail Polish in Funtime Fuchsia. As I later realised I forgot to put my bag in this photo #bloggerfail however if it was in the photo I used a small bag from River Island which I may feature in a future blogpost.

 Now onto Kate's Makeup, check out her post (here) to see what products she used. As you can tell her makeup is a lot more natural than mine with the use of a nude lipstick, I personally never wear nudes I just prefer colour however I  think it looks very pretty on Kate. The eye look is quite similar in the fact we both use brown tonne eyeshadow how ever my eyeliner is much more dramatic in the format of a wing. For face makeup we both added a slight amount of face forming including blush and highlight however Kate's is more a peachy tone and I use less highlight due to my oily skin.
Overall I think our makeup is similar in the products we used such as we both used lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara etc but the way in which we use them and the shades are different.
Firstly, I would like to say that Kate's fashion and style is so beautiful, every outfit she posts is so lovely. Again check out her post to see where she got her clothes from, however in comparison as you can tell our outfits are completely different, how ever I would also wear this. The simplistic pieces put together, and the floaty white top makes a perfect outfit for summer. The cut knees which are most certainly on trend I have personally never worn but is one thing I really want to get. I love the bag and may even make a purchase if its still available! The shoes again are a lovely brown something I would also go for in Summer.

Thank you to Kate for doing this wonderful collab with me.
Kate's Blogpost:

What's your go to summer outfit?


Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Fashion Find: Mink & Stone Bracelet*

I am a jewellery-a-holic I think it completes any outfit so well and are so versatile, So when Mink&Stone got in touch with me to create my own personalised piece I had to say yes asap!

RRP: £9.45 (for this piece, different pieces vary in price)

Mink&Stone are a online jewellery shop where you can create personalised necklaces and bracelets using a wide range of different beads. The process is simple and the end product looks amazing; After receiving a email from Mink&Stone I headed straight over to the website and looked at the inspiration page where I collected ideas of the sort of things I could do. There were bracelets and necklaces made by other people which all looked so pretty. I then went over to the design part of the website, I chose to make a bracelet and then started playing around with different patterns and colours. In the end I made this one and published it on to the inspiration page before ordering it. The whole process took me about 30 to 45 minutes but was very easy.

Designing the bracelet was also made easier by filters showing what might be good for summer, bridal, tropical, boho etc. and patterns were already supplied which is especially helpful when first learning how to do it but can also make some very pretty creations in a quicker time.

When designing I thought as summer is here I thought I would go for pretty pinks so it matches with most of my outfits, I also thought it would be a lovely simple piece to wear for any special occasions such as a wedding. I chose to do the bracelet with colours I liked rather than personalising it too much for example putting letters on it or spelling my name. There were various beads available, including feature pieces such as flowers then primary, secondary, accent and spacers making it easier to know where the beads should go. I chose to put various beads in a repetitive pattern including the czech pressed glass spacer, 2 cut dyed, czech fire polished and pink glass primary bead. 

I then received the bracelet 2 days later, the bracelet comes wrapped in bubble wrap and tissue paper making it secure then in a small bag making it look super cute. The bracelet can be adjusted in length at the emd of the design process but I wasn't too sure how long to do it but this didn't matter too much as when it arrived i found there was a four centimetre extension chain so it didnt matter if it was too small. This is also very good if buying this as a gift for someone and are unsure of there wrist size.

Overall I would definitely buy something from Mink&Stone again, there wide range of beads suit so many people and the different styles of necklaces and bracelet make sure theres something for everyone. The price is great for a unique gift especially for a birthday present for someone as the personalised touch would be great and mean something to the person compared to the usual one bought on the highstreet.

This is a great bespoke piece for anyone and I very much recommend designing your own and checking out there website.


Fashion Find:* is a London based online company that sells cute but affordable jewellery so when they said they would send me a few items I jumped at the opportunity. 
They sell real silver and gold for the same prices as high street jewellery which is great for those like me that don't always want to splurge out yet wants high quality. 
When the parcel came I could not wait to see the treats inside but have defiantly nailed the idea of little touches make all the difference just look at this super cute packaging including handwritten note and the free lip balm inside.

Within this sweetly wrapped package l I found a Sterling Silver Flower Pendant with Sky Blue Topaz Gemstone and  Sterling Silver Flower Stud Earring, the necklace retails at £12.40 whilst the earrings are just £4.40 which is great value for money. 

 Although these aren't a matching set they go together so cute and are perfect for summer and looks perfectly delicate. The earrings sit perfectly in the ear lobe and are not too big or too small and are very comfortable to wear, also due to being silver I haven't had that dirty look to the hole where my ears were pierced I get when I wear cheap earrings. The earrings are also very dainty and will go perfect for any event but I cannot wait to wear these at things such as weddings or birthdays.

The necklace again is very dainty but unlike the earrings has a small topaz gemstone in the centre which is a great finishing touch to the necklace, I have also found that the chain length is just right whether to wear on its own or layer it with other pieces, but this length can be changed at checkout which is a great added touch unlike high streets who just add the extension chain on which I hate always dangling down my back. 

I can see I will wear both the necklace and earrings so much in the coming months and I will most certainly purchase something else in the future, either for myself or even a gift for someone due to how cute the packaging is.  Why not check them out to either update your jewellery box or grab yourself a cute, simple piece to make any outfit look amazing.

 This brown paper parcel tied up with string is most definitely one of my favourite things.


Twitter: @jewelleryboxuk

Monday, 13 July 2015

My Feel Good Summer Playlist

Spur of the moment post alert! I have been listening to so much music recently especially summery upbeat songs since the sun has been out the past week, despite that I am currently sitting inside while it rains like cats and dogs but hopefully the heatwave will be back but nevertheless I will be singing along to these.

What songs on your playlist this summer?


Sunday, 12 July 2015

Whats In My Travel Makeup Bag?!

Its getting towards holiday season so I thought I would show you what would be in my makeup bag whilst on holiday.

The first products I would have to include is Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, perfect for summer due to the dewy finish that really makes me look more alive, I have used this so much over the past months, I find it lasts really well all day and has an SPF which is an obvious must for summer.

I then have my very well loved Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, perfect for under eye circles and blemishes, its definitely an all around good one. I find this again lasts all day and is full coverage yet it feels like my skin can still breathe.

I will also always carry around my trusty Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, this is optional as I know many people love a dewy finish however due to having oily skin I need some help making it look a tiny bit more mattified.  I won't go on too much as I always ramble on about this whatever the post!

I also take two Technic products the Peaches and Cream Blush and a Highlighter. The blush is a mousse which I find easier to apply and gives a subtle colour as I am not very daring with blusher and prefer a peachy colour as I am always scared to look like a Barbie doll. The Highlighter is a dupe for the Benefit High Beam which I also love but this is about £2 which is way cheaper despite the products looking and working the exact same.

Moving on to eyes I love to have one palette that can create a day and night look so my current favourite for this is the Rimmel quad in Sun Safari, this palette is perfect all year round and has multiple uses, I would recommend this if starting out in makeup too. There is instructions on the back to create a look with all four however I like to use the white all over my lid then swap between the gold brown and redish brown in my crease and occasionally the dark brown to make a more smokey look with the goldish colour.

I then usually take the Collection 24hr extreme eyeliner pen as its small and mess free and I think lasts really long but also creates a perfect wing and makes application very quick. I don't take a eyeliner pencil as I never really use anything on my waterline but if you do like too take one I would recommend the Barry M Kohl Eyeliner.

To finish off my eye look I chose Benefit's Roller Lash in the travel size version as it gives a lovely curl that lasts and is also very build able and gives lashes that look really long. The travel size is also very handy as its smaller and compact.

I then take the Maybelline Brow Satin in Dark Brown for my eyebrows as it doesn't take as much room as a powder palette yet still has powder but also a pencil alternative. This is great for any eyebrow shape, size or colour and is very versatile

Moving onto lips I love a good variety of different shades and colour, I usually go for a pink, a red and a nude/nudey pink . For the red I went for the MAC Matte Lipstick in Relentless Red which is so versatile and build able going from a light red to a darker red with great staying power.  The pink I went for a hot pink that was the Rimmel Apocalips in Apocalyptic this again is long lasting but also has great colour pay off, this is a lip lacquer so is quite tricky to apply and not to good on the go or in a rush but love it. As my final lip product I chose to take a Rimmel Colour Rush which is an extremely light pink but I felt I would wear this more than if I took a nude with me I love this as it stains my lips and hardly ever need reapplying, it is also a balm type when applying so is very moisturising.

That everything in my makeup bag. Whats in yours?


Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Beauty Find! MAC Girl About Town Lipstick

Shade: Girl About Town
Rating 5/5
RRP: £15.50

For my birthday a few weeks ago my lovely friend bought me this MAC Lipstick in Girl about Town. Before I go on lets all just take a moment to appreciate the colour... Its gorgeous! The hot pink compliments my skin tone so well and the colour pay off is amazing but what else could you expect from MAC. The colour has a blue undertone which makes my teeth look whiter which is a huge bonus but also is the darker side of hot pink which is great and will be loved all the way through summer.

This is the amplified creme formula so is very moisturising but lasts the majority of the day and doesn't transfer from lips to things such as a drinks glass. I also find the lipstick makes my lips look a lot more fuller and plump which I love. This may be a bit weird but I also love the smell of this lipstick and has actually made me love it even more so if like me you love a good smelling lipstick, great colour payoff, a long-lasting pigment and don't mind spending a little bit more I would definitely recommend this lipstick which has made a permanent place in my make up bag.


Sunday, 5 July 2015

June Favourites 2015

This year has flown by I cannot believe we are at the middle of the year already. It feels like christmas was last week! However it is time for my favourite post to write... monthly favourites, as I didn't do one in May I have been loving so many new products and cannot wait to talk about them.

Maybelline Brow Satin Eyebrow Duo
Go to Eyebrow Product this is literally perfect! I have always found it hard to do my eyebrows, as filling them in can look to dark but I have never got the hang of a pencil but I bought this on a whim after seeing it advertised on the TV and it is amazing. I bought mine in the shade Dark brown but there was such a vast amount of shades I am sure everyone could find a match. There is a wind up pencil (which is great for those, like me, who hates sharpening pencils) and a applicator filled with powder in the other end, I usually use the pencil on a day to day basis then add powder if my eye look is heavier as it makes the brows a tiny bit darker. I won't talk to much about it though as I have a review planned for this Tuesdays beauty find so look out for that if you are interested but I very much recommend.

Collection Nude Bronze Eyeshadow Palette
I bought this a few months ago and I never really used it as all the colours wear to metallic for the look I went for at spring. Since summer has arrived I have found the gold toned has worked perfectly for a summer evening out as it is quite sheer but still adds a glow. Despite loving that colour in June I think the rest of the palette will get a lot of wear when heading into autumn. The colours aren't too pigmented which I like in this palette as it creates a more subtle look if wanted but they do last a very long time even without the use of a primer.

The Body Shop Lipstick
I was kindly gifted this from my friend at my birthday and I love it. I had never tried a Body shop Lipstick before or any of there make up in fact but this lipstick has become one of my favourite summer shades, it has a creamy texture and is very moisturising, yet the colour pay off and the longevity is very good. This is one of those lipsticks that are very build able so can either give a subtle look or a very bright look.

Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish - Coralicious 
Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polishes are my all time favourite varnishes, they last an extremely long time and take seconds to apply. This only needs one coat for extremely good colour pay off so is great if in a rush. I particularly have been loving this shade as it is the perfect shade of coral not too orange not too pinky and is great for summer, I know I will love alternating between this and a white polish in the summer months.

Toni And Guy 3D Volumiser
We all love voluminous hair, and I have the most trouble achieving it as my hair is limp and lifeless and naturally lacks texture. I have tried several products but none have seemed to give me that "wow! my hair actually has volume!" kind of reaction until now. This is to be sprayed at the roots just before styling, I usually squirt about six pumps in random places of my hair focusing on the top layer as thats wear I want the most volume. I then style my hair and the end result is way more voluminous and I have had many compliments when using it. Who doesn't love good compliment eh?  

Ted Baker Body Spray
I love a good Ted Baker Body Spray and as another range was released and I was on that hunt for a new spray for in my bag at £2.50 I couldn't have gone wrong. The scent is a bit fruity and a bit floral making the scent not too heavy perfect to spritz on in the summer. I also think the packaging is super cute and just the right hand bag size.

Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub
This contains oat, sugar and shea and literally smells like a oat biscuit, it is gorgeous but I think an acquired smell as my mom absolutely hates it! Apart from the smell it works really well at exfoliating   any hard or rough skin specifically on elbows and knees. I also find this would be great to use before tanning as one use makes skin super soft.

Primark Necklace
I bought this last week so should still be in stock as Primark often change there lines but for only £1 i think this was so worth it. I find primark jewellery is actually really good quality and this in particular is very pretty and wearable. I also love layering this with other necklaces.

Pandora Pink Cherry Blossom Ring
I received this off my nan for my birthday and is so pretty, I have wore this on any special occasions as its perfect. It is a tiny bit too big as I have really small fingers but other than that it is beautiful and I am so grateful to have been gifted it.

Film wise I have been loving Ghost, although its an 80's film, it is one of my uptime favourites! it's about a man who gets accidently killed and turns into a ghost to protect his girl friend as the killer wants his money and I have been watching it over and over!

Music this month I have been loving:
Olly Murs - Beautiful To Me which is absolute perfection!
Ella Eyre - Together 
Ella Eyre - Gravity 
Hozier - Someone New
Wiz Khalifa - See you again
Felix Jaehn - Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Better) 
Years and Years - Desire

What was your favourite thing in June?