Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Fashion Find: Jewellerybox.co.uk*

Jewellerybox.co.uk is a London based online company that sells cute but affordable jewellery so when they said they would send me a few items I jumped at the opportunity. 
They sell real silver and gold for the same prices as high street jewellery which is great for those like me that don't always want to splurge out yet wants high quality. 
When the parcel came I could not wait to see the treats inside but jewellerybox.co.uk have defiantly nailed the idea of little touches make all the difference just look at this super cute packaging including handwritten note and the free lip balm inside.

Within this sweetly wrapped package l I found a Sterling Silver Flower Pendant with Sky Blue Topaz Gemstone and  Sterling Silver Flower Stud Earring, the necklace retails at £12.40 whilst the earrings are just £4.40 which is great value for money. 

 Although these aren't a matching set they go together so cute and are perfect for summer and looks perfectly delicate. The earrings sit perfectly in the ear lobe and are not too big or too small and are very comfortable to wear, also due to being silver I haven't had that dirty look to the hole where my ears were pierced I get when I wear cheap earrings. The earrings are also very dainty and will go perfect for any event but I cannot wait to wear these at things such as weddings or birthdays.

The necklace again is very dainty but unlike the earrings has a small topaz gemstone in the centre which is a great finishing touch to the necklace, I have also found that the chain length is just right whether to wear on its own or layer it with other pieces, but this length can be changed at checkout which is a great added touch unlike high streets who just add the extension chain on which I hate always dangling down my back. 

I can see I will wear both the necklace and earrings so much in the coming months and I will most certainly purchase something else in the future, either for myself or even a gift for someone due to how cute the packaging is.  Why not check them out to either update your jewellery box or grab yourself a cute, simple piece to make any outfit look amazing.

 This brown paper parcel tied up with string is most definitely one of my favourite things.


Twitter: @jewelleryboxuk


  1. This is such a cute idea and such a wonderful gift for a birthday or something x


    1. I may buy my lovely friend one they are lovely. Have you saw there other pieces on their website?

  2. Gorgeous! The jewellery is so pretty and looks to be really good quality, and I love the attention to detail in the packaging too. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. So happy with them! Definitely recommend it.

  3. Oh wow these are so adorable...I'm having a major obsession with sterling silver jewelry at the minute! Nothing looks more classy xo


    1. Sterling silver definitely is a must for any jewellery box x