Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Fashion Find: Mink & Stone Bracelet*

I am a jewellery-a-holic I think it completes any outfit so well and are so versatile, So when Mink&Stone got in touch with me to create my own personalised piece I had to say yes asap!

RRP: £9.45 (for this piece, different pieces vary in price)

Mink&Stone are a online jewellery shop where you can create personalised necklaces and bracelets using a wide range of different beads. The process is simple and the end product looks amazing; After receiving a email from Mink&Stone I headed straight over to the website and looked at the inspiration page where I collected ideas of the sort of things I could do. There were bracelets and necklaces made by other people which all looked so pretty. I then went over to the design part of the website, I chose to make a bracelet and then started playing around with different patterns and colours. In the end I made this one and published it on to the inspiration page before ordering it. The whole process took me about 30 to 45 minutes but was very easy.

Designing the bracelet was also made easier by filters showing what might be good for summer, bridal, tropical, boho etc. and patterns were already supplied which is especially helpful when first learning how to do it but can also make some very pretty creations in a quicker time.

When designing I thought as summer is here I thought I would go for pretty pinks so it matches with most of my outfits, I also thought it would be a lovely simple piece to wear for any special occasions such as a wedding. I chose to do the bracelet with colours I liked rather than personalising it too much for example putting letters on it or spelling my name. There were various beads available, including feature pieces such as flowers then primary, secondary, accent and spacers making it easier to know where the beads should go. I chose to put various beads in a repetitive pattern including the czech pressed glass spacer, 2 cut dyed, czech fire polished and pink glass primary bead. 

I then received the bracelet 2 days later, the bracelet comes wrapped in bubble wrap and tissue paper making it secure then in a small bag making it look super cute. The bracelet can be adjusted in length at the emd of the design process but I wasn't too sure how long to do it but this didn't matter too much as when it arrived i found there was a four centimetre extension chain so it didnt matter if it was too small. This is also very good if buying this as a gift for someone and are unsure of there wrist size.

Overall I would definitely buy something from Mink&Stone again, there wide range of beads suit so many people and the different styles of necklaces and bracelet make sure theres something for everyone. The price is great for a unique gift especially for a birthday present for someone as the personalised touch would be great and mean something to the person compared to the usual one bought on the highstreet.

This is a great bespoke piece for anyone and I very much recommend designing your own and checking out there website.



  1. I checked out their website and just started paying around with designs, it's so much fun! (i dodn't even have to buy them, ahah) x


    1. I know I love it! You can make some really pretty designs!