Friday, 24 July 2015

My Shoe Wishlist

As a typical girl I am a lover for shoes but rarely buy them due to something else catching my eye leaving me with no money to spend on shoes and only a scarce few pairs to try and match with every outfit. So i thought I would devote a post to shoes maybe encouraging me to top up my shoe collection rather than my makeup one!

1- Alex Carvela Kurt Geiger- As soon as I saw this beauties I knew they had to be in my wishlist, I don't own a nude pair of heeled shoes and a number of times I pull out an outfit that these would look perfect with. I find the nude pink colour suits me really well and these could be both dressed up or down, I also am in love with the cut out side on shoes at the moment as it just makes the shoe just a little bit different from the typical nude heel. Despite me adoring these they are a tad bit out of my price range at £110 however I am sure similar ones are sold in other places and this is a WISHlist after all aha!

2- Primark Chelsea Boots- I love a good chelsea boot especially throughout autumn and find they match with virtually any outfit, I already have a pair from Newlook but the place they come on my ankle is awkward to wear jeans so I can only wear them with dresses, these however I think would go perfectly with jeans and appear more versatile and suitable for all year round. I also love the fact they are suede effect as again this makes them a bit more different from the plastic leather look primark shoes usually have, these are also just £15 a lot cheaper than the previous pair!

3- Converse White Hi-Tops- Out of all these shoes I have wanted white converse for the longest, again a versatile piece for any casual day and I generally love the look. I have had fakes beforehand but they haven't felt the same as if I had real ones as none really compare, if you have had fakes you will know what I mean but I just think these look so modern but also retro and can be styled in so many ways however at £40 I can't decide if they are worth or not.

4- Primark Black Slip on Pumps- I really think Primark shoes are really good quality for the price and rarely appear cheap therefore these seemed a perfect choice after seeing Tanya Burr rocking hers from Kurt Geiger these dupes look identical but are about a tenth of the price at £4, the black shoes with white bottoms are an obvious trend and at that price I just have to jump on the bandwagon.

5- ASOS HINT Heeled Sandals- I have never ordered from ASOS and before these I never really thought to look on there website but these black heels would be perfect for Summer. At only £30 I think I will definitely be making an order and get a lot of wear out of them!

6- H&M Loafers- As I am going into sixth form the last pair of shoes had to be these, simple black flats although basic I really need some smart casual black shoes especially being completely flat as my feet could not take heels for 6 hours a day. For just £9.99 you can't really go wrong and from past experience H&M shoes are very good quality.

What shoes have you had your eye on lately?