Thursday, 30 July 2015

Why Do I Wear Makeup?

I always hear people saying "girls who wear makeup are fake" or "why do girls bother they don't need it, its just hiding there real selves"

This really irritates me, not to get me started on calling girls who are interested in beauty and how they look, "vain" or a "bimbo".

First off to say girls who wear makeup are fake or hiding themselves proves others base us on our aesthetic beauty, to be so judgemental of the fact that just because a girl isn't "natural" to think of them any differently is unbelievable ridiculous. If you see a girl with makeup on and then without makeup how does this make them a different person? 

Make up can make a person feel a lot better about themselves, give them more confidence and definitely does in my case however if I look in the mirror without makeup I accept myself, but personally prefer to wear a full face of makeup, this however is my choice just like someone else chooses to not wear makeup.

The fact makeup can give people confidence is great to me, the fact a person can enjoy there day a little more as there insecurity of a blemish has reduced, the fact they wear makeup therefore improving there confidence means there personality then shines through as they get out of there shells, how does this make them fake? Yes they are more confident but only as they are more comfortable. 

Shouldn't everyone be comfortable in there own skin?

On another point. Why do you even care? Why does it matter what a person chooses to do, if you don't like that someone wears makeup don't take notice. It isn't permanent, it's an expression, a way to look more put together, or just for pure enjoyment. A choice that if I decide to wear more makeup one day or none another doesn't make me a different person,

 Surely people who have no makeup can be hiding behind there own skin, can't they keep there insecurities hidden in another way?

I don't hide behind my makeup,  wearing it is a choice and enforces who I am. It isn't part of me to hide under, not my shell, just an interest which becomes an extension of me.

To judge someone with makeup is completely out of order, nor do I lack intelligence because of how "vain" I apparently am for caring in my appearance.

What does makeup mean to you?



  1. such a well written post! I totally agree, I have only just started wearing a full face of makeup. I can go out with makeup and accept myself but sometimes buying new products or applying makeup and it looking really nice, is fun and something that makes me happy and that I enjoy to do!

    Nicole |

    1. Thankyou! Glad you enjoyed it, I also encourage everyone to accept themselves with no makeup it is very important!