Sunday, 30 August 2015

Sunny Seaside Days

As the summer come to a close, me and my family decided to take a little trip to Somerset, being one of our favourite places to visit as we always seem to find a new beach or a new attraction to discover. This time we went to Weston-Super-Mare somewhere we had never been too before but is one of those 'typical British seasides'.

After the long, tiring drive we decided to have something to eat so what better than a full english breakfast before we started to have a look around. After finishing up we went and sat on the beach where I completely burnt my shoulders and neck and just watched the world pass by for a good hour or two. A short while later we decided to have a bit of a walk and found an amazing collection of sand sculptures, the one pictured had to be my favourite, but I was in complete awe in how people could create such things, when I still can't master a sandcastle!

After looking around the sculptures we walked further along the coast until we ended up at a small cove, it was a lot less busy and the water was separate from the rest of the sea and looked so idyllic with pretty beach huts and people riding pedalos. Whilst wandering around the cove, we noticed a small beach side cafe where we sat down and did another quintessentially British pass time of afternoon tea I had a Lemon drizzle cake a cup of tea whilst the rest of my family had scones.

To finish off the afternoon we walked down the pier and spent a good while playing air hockey, pinball and putting endless amounts of 2p's in the machines and grabbed a cone of chips and hot doughnuts at around 6pm which finished off our day nicely until it started to pour with rain!

What's your favourite place to go on holiday?


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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Back to School: What's In My School Bag

It's the first of my back to school series, although I hate the term "back to school" and dread it as summer seems nearly over as soon as you see the signs in the shop windows, however I thought I would share my "whats in my school bag" but mine will be a little different as I am heading into sixth form so won't need all the 'typical' stuff but is still pretty similar.

This is also a collab with Nicole from thriftyvintagefashion so go and check out her blog too!

First off my bag is just a simple black bag which I have bought to last me a few weeks before I get the one I initially want and ordered however I have come to love this bag. It has a massive pocket in the centre with a small button fastening perfect size for folders then two zip pockets on either side, one side for school equipment then the other side for more non school and beauty stuff.

In the open pocket I am going to put a folder in as I think I will have a lot of notes for sixth form filled with plastic wallets then some dividers once it gets more full but also put in any school books, so things that wouldn't get stolen but are also big enough to not fall out.

Then in one of the zip pockets is my school stuff, so that will include my pencil case which is clear so when I do exams it meets all the regulations, then I have about four pens including biros and ink pens, along with pencils, a ruler, a rubber, a sharpener and highlighters. Then I have a collection of paper clips and sticky notes to mark pages.

This year I am determined to be organised and keep more up to date as I am very bad at it the night before springs to mind when it comes to homework, to help with this I also have a planner which I only thought of buying yesterday as I completely forgot due to being supplied one by the school in previous years, I got this one from Paper chase and the vintage pattern is so pretty!

The last things in this zip pocket is a little notebook for any spare notes I need to jot down and a pack of flashcards for revision.

The opposite zip pocket now gets a bit more interesting as I keep all my 'personal' stuff starting with my phone, which I absolutely cannot wait for my upgrade as it just doesn't stop freezing argh. Then I have my purse from Primark which is just the right size which is also my everyday purse I will swap between bags as I will probably go out at dinner time or after school, then I keep my iPod and earphones then finally my keys.

In the same pocket I  have my Zoella beauty bag with all my must haves including my my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and Powder Brush, concealer, a lip balm, which I chose to be the new one by Zoella then what ever lipstick I am wearing that day. I also love a good perfume or body spray, my particular favourite at the minute is The Body shop one in jasmine which is a gorgeous smell! I also love to have a handy hand cream especially when approaching autumn and winter. Then I will carry separately a packet of paracetamol, my inhaler for my asthma, hand sanitiser, tissues and deodorant. As you can tell I am a serious  over packing however I actually use everything! 

Have I missed anything? What are/were your must haves for your school bag?


Sunday, 23 August 2015

Makeup I Should Use More Often

This is the makeup I always neglect in my collection but I should use more, all drugstore so price friendly and won't break the bank, they deserve a lot more love. Barry M Brow Kit, Rimmel Colour Rush Balm, Red and Baby Pink, Maybelline Falsies Mascara, Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo.
After seeing this post the other day on, it got me thinking how many products I actually neglect in my make up collection so I thought I would share a few with you.
So the first product is the Barry M Brow Kit, I very very occasionally pull this out of my collection but most of the time I forget about it. When I first bought this I wasn't too sure if I actually liked this as the powder was a bit too dark therefore put it too the back off my draw however I really think this needs a lot more love as I never even attempted using the wax and highlight shade.

The second product I really need to love a bit more is the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Permanent Taupe, I bought this last winter as a crease colour but during the summer months I haven't felt this was a suitable colour to wear however since it has been left for quite a while without use it has hardened a bit becoming less bendable. I wish I had bought a more wearable colour being a cream product prone to not lasting very long.

Thirdly another eye product (as you can tell I buy way more eye products than I need) this Collection Eyeshadow Pencil in Vintage Blush has only ever been used once, I know its really bad to just have products sitting there unused but I bought a eyeshadow palette the same day which became my number one favourite leaving me forgetting about this. I did swatch this when I found it in my draw and found the colour was beautiful and wondered why I left it, a lovely sparkly pink perfect for outer corners of the eye before adding a matte crease shade until I realised how unbelievably hard this was to actually get colour pay off. I don't know if I am the only one who has had this problem but I actually couldn't possibly press hard enough on my eyelid for the colour to pay off leaving this very unloved.

The last eye product is the Maybelline Falsies Mascara, I bought this when it was a very hyped about product and really loved it however over time as I tried other products this got pushed out of my everyday routine. Although I have found mascara's I prefer this does deserve a bit more love. I do wish I bought this in the waterproof as its very smudgy and flakey.

Finally a lip product, something else I buy too many off. This Rimmel Colour Rush Crayons like the other products above had a firm place in my makeup bag for quite a while. The baby pink is quite neutral but then leaves behind a few stain whereas the red is just a pillar box standard red. Both have extremely good colour payoff and last an extremely long time but I must say the pink lasts longer than the red. These do transfer a lot straight after the initial application but do leave a stain. I don't actually know why I stopped using this as I did and still do love them.

What products do you neglect in your makeup collection?


Thursday, 20 August 2015

Things Work Out In the End

Today I picked up my GCSE results and I had never been more nervous! My near future rested on this tiny envelope I would pick up from school, to be told what I could and couldn't do was very daunting to me.

School life is stressful, theres no other way to see it, deadlines, revision and exams all causing stress but working hard will work out in the end. Year 11 I found was the best year of my school life despite the final exams.

I experienced great times and found my true friends, but it is only what you make of it. I am not one to always have my head in a revision book, I lack motivation and easily get distracted but I did stick to a revision timetable and got my revision done which means in no way do I think you should not revise. Due to spending my time wisely I got to do things with my family and friends within the exam period that I enjoyed like baking, photography and of course blogging. 

Once my exams had finished we had prom, took year book photos and really enjoyed the last time we saw each other all together. Prom was a really good night, from the getting ready to the final goodbyes everyone was happy and turned out to be a lot better than I expected.

However in the time I had not revised I learnt life doesn't rest on the results I pulled out of the envelope today and neither does yours.

Whether aiming for a C or a A. Whether you achieved a E or a A* you can still achieve what you wish if you put your mind to it. To be able to go to college, retake those exams that are important or do a college course in something you love even if it is only at Level 2 GCSEs. I had been told this meant I would be a step behind everyone else but when you are older does it really matter if you took GCSEs later rather than 16? 

I got all the grades I need to get into sixth form and do the subjects I wanted to including English, Media, Geography and Law. In no way did I get the highest grade possible but I did the best I could and thats all that matters right? As long as you work and try the hardest you can you should be happy with what you get. I am happy with how Year 11 turned out for me. So to future year 11's, try your hardest and never be bought down as getting that A isn't everything if you don't have spare time to enjoy and to fellow people who picked there results up, the future is what you make it.

Things Will Always Work Out in The End


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Boho Blogger

Highstreet style perfect for summer and festivals, playsuit from h and m chelsea boots from Newlook and long necklace from accessorize.

Although not my usual style this floral H&M playsuit has become my go to summer outfit, with the super cute pattern and open back I would definitely find this perfect if I went to a festival. 

As something I wouldn't usually go for I was unsure if I would suit it however I braved it out and really like it, with a leaf patterned long necklace from Accesorize and Newlook Chelsea Boots which added to the Boho feel. I recommend anyone trying on a playsuit as they are so easy to just put on and make it look like a lot of effort is put into an outfit.

Whats your perfect summer outfit?


Sunday, 16 August 2015

Smokey Golden Eye Tutorial

Photo Taken By Katie Lou ( Own Photo do not use without permission) Smokey Golden Eye Products, Real Technique Brushes to complete, Rimmel London Quad, Bronze and gold shadows, winged eyeliner using collection liquid eyeliner, finished by seventeen va va voom mascara. Background done by using light up hanging hearts and Primark throw
Recently day or night I have loved gold with brown eye makeup, and after buying this Rimmel Quad I have been loving the look it gives for my daytime smokey eye and how pigmented the shades are. 

How to achieve a natural smokey golden eye perfect for day or night, neutral colours using a Rimmel Quad Eyeshadow Pallette, liquid Collection eyeliner and Seventeen, Boots Own Brand Waterproof Mascara

So after applying my usual base all over my face or foundation, concealer and powder (see foundation routine here) I used the lightest shade all over my lid focusing it in the corner of my eyes and beneath my brow to act as a highlighter using the all over shadow brush by Real Techniques, this blends really well into the skin and acts as a great base.

Following this I used the Real Techniques all over shadow brush and used the dark brown which is the most matte shadow in the quad and blended this into the white through my outer corner.

To make this look smokey, I went in using the gold colour throughout my crease and blended it outwards and upwards creating the smokeys effect. There is also a bronze tonned shadow the opposite side but personally only use it in separate looks. 

To finish off with the eyeshadow I blend the dark brown colour beneath my lower lash line and smudge it out, adding to the smoked eye look.

Now I have finished with eyeshadow I finished off this eye look with the Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner creating a wing and used a few coats of Seventeen Va Va Voom Mascara which is great for length but not so much volume despite the name.
And that is the look! 

How to achieve a natural smokey golden eye perfect for day or night, neutral colours using a Rimmel Quad Eyeshadow Pallette, liquid Collection eyeliner and Seventeen, Boots Own Brand Waterproof Mascara

Whats your favourite eye look at the moment?


Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Beauty Find! MAC Relentless Red Lipstick

A Highend Makeup Review on Mac Relentless Red Retro Matte Lipstick, price £15.50. which has an amazing long-lasting formula (Photo taken on white shabby chic hanging heart and Primark white throw).

Being a lipstick lover, I find myself treating myself a little too often. This MAC Retro Matte Lipstick caught my eye as soon as I got to the counter, being one of the formulas I hadn't tried before I thought this would be the perfect one to add to my collection and I wasn't wrong!

I have to admit I was apprehensive splashing out £15.50 incase this matte lipstick like others I had tried was drying, but I couldn't have been more wrong, this super pigmented red with pinky orange under tonnes sits perfectly on my lips, and definitely did not strip my lips of all the moisture it had. 
I found the lipstick lasts an extraordinary length of time, rarely having to reapply during the day and is completely untransferable. 

Overall I think if you are after a matte lipstick this formula is definitely your best choice, and I am more than sure you would find your perfect shade with the bright pinks, reds and nudes on offer.


Sunday, 9 August 2015

My Foundation Routine

After searching across the internet for inspiration for what to write about in todays post I thought I would share my current base routine, using my favourite drugstore products.

To start off my makeup I apply my all time favourite foundation, one that no matter how many I try this is always the one I go back to, lightweight but with medium coverage this is perfect for my skin, covering blemishes and not looking cakey and suits my oily to combination skin really well. I use the shade 100 Ivory has yellow undertones, a perfect match for my skin tone.
Although the foundation covers any blemishes I have, my under eye circles still remain therefore I have been using my new favourite which is a the Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Heavy Duty Under Eye Concealer which is most definitely very heavy duty and after its applied you would never even believe I had dark circles, I also find this creamy concealer is quite brightening, but this may be because I bought the lightest colour so it is a tiny bit lighter than my foundation colour. This is a brilliant under eye concealer but I wouldn't recommend for use on blemishes.
After my concealer and foundation, I set it using my holy grail setting powder, Rimmel Stay Matte. I don't think I have ever found a powder better than this one, it creates a matte finish and keeps my makeup on all day plus it is extremely affordable.
To finish my base routine I start to contour first of all I go in with Sleek Face Form Bronzer in the hollows of my cheek bones and blend in, Then I apply the blusher from the kit on the apples of my cheek giving a lovely glow to my face, as the blusher is quite sparkly I do go over with the powder brush I previously used to blend some of the blusher with bronzer making sure I have no lines.
I have really go into doing the recent strobing (highlighting) hype however I still use bronzer just add extra highlight, to do this I apply highlighter to where light naturally hits, on the tops of my cheeks and inner corners of my eye I apply the highlight from the face form kit which is a lovely colour. ( if you would like to find out more about contour kit, heres a link to my review) I then use the Highlights which is a complete dupe  for Benefit Highbeam and gives lovely glow to my brow bone, tops of cheek bones and cupids bow. This has a pinker undertone perfect for paler skin tones like mine and really gives the perfect strobing effect.

Whats your favourite products to achieve the perfect base?

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Classy & Fabulous

You probably thought this would be a review of the Chanel Perfume, but after taking this photo I thought why not do something different.
Chanel has become one of the most well known brands of this time but the woman behind the brand,  is one of the most influential women of the 20th century* becoming successful as a fashion designer but also being unique, encouraging women against the corseted silhouette of the 1900's. 

Aside from the brand Chanel, Coco Chanel said many things inspiring women throughout her life and since her death in 1971. 
"A girl should be two things Classy and Fabulous"
Although this can be interpreted in the way women should look a certain way, I see this differently and use it to say that women should feel Classy and Fabulous no matter what, to be those two things, making you feel confident. To be able to wear anything you want to make you feel those two things, to do what you want to make you feel good.

"Keep your heels, head and standards high"
Again this could be interpreted negatively but this along with the one above and numerous others to me feels as if this empowers women to do what they want, to keep you feeling good. I am not saying everyone has to wear heels but what I mean is if you want to wear heels you do that. If someone says something horrible ignore it. Hold your head up, and don't let anyone treat you like you aren't good enough and don't ever lower yourself to someone else level.

"I don't care what you think about me. I don't think about you at all." 
This is the main quote I think everyone should stand by, you shouldn't care what people think, therefore don't think about them or what they say it will only get you down.
The main reason for people hating is jealousy so don't give them the time of day. You are the better person.

Using Coco Chanel quotes, I am trying to say you should be yourself no matter what, to be confident, be classy, be fabulous but you can only be those things if you feel it yourself. 
Ignore what people say, Ignore what people may think.

Do what you want.


*According to Time Magazine

Monday, 3 August 2015

Monochrome Monday OOTD

Highstreet Clothing, Patterned Monochrome Trousers, Black Vest Top, Statement Necklace, Newlook, Primark Shoes, Handbag, Background - Park with bushes and trees. Fashion Blog, photo belongs to Katie Lou do not use without permission

I have been looking for a perfect pair of patterned trousers for a very long time that fitted with my monochrome love, and even though at my first glance I thought these were pyjama bottoms I have fell in love. 
With the comfiness of pyjamas these Matalan trousers make an outfit look very put together without having to put in a lot of effort, the perfect mix if you ask me! Simply worn with my much loved vest tops and dressed up with a few accessories including a statement necklace or layering a few if you feel cheeky, a pair of cute shoes and a bag, both mine from Primark. 

My go to summer lazy day outfit means I am very glad I stumbled upon these treasured trousers.