Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Boho Blogger

Highstreet style perfect for summer and festivals, playsuit from h and m chelsea boots from Newlook and long necklace from accessorize.

Although not my usual style this floral H&M playsuit has become my go to summer outfit, with the super cute pattern and open back I would definitely find this perfect if I went to a festival. 

As something I wouldn't usually go for I was unsure if I would suit it however I braved it out and really like it, with a leaf patterned long necklace from Accesorize and Newlook Chelsea Boots which added to the Boho feel. I recommend anyone trying on a playsuit as they are so easy to just put on and make it look like a lot of effort is put into an outfit.

Whats your perfect summer outfit?



  1. I bought a black playsuit from H&M this year and I love it! Yours looks so pretty

    Lucy |

    1. They are just so easy to wear on a summer day. Thank you!

  2. I don't have enough playsuits and I do enjoy wearing them - I'd have to get them for next summer now :p x

    Alice -

  3. I love playsuits, your basically dresses which you can jump around in! xx

    Emilys Beauty Thoughts

  4. This playsuit is very pretty, loved how you paired it with the boots x :)