Sunday, 30 August 2015

Sunny Seaside Days

As the summer come to a close, me and my family decided to take a little trip to Somerset, being one of our favourite places to visit as we always seem to find a new beach or a new attraction to discover. This time we went to Weston-Super-Mare somewhere we had never been too before but is one of those 'typical British seasides'.

After the long, tiring drive we decided to have something to eat so what better than a full english breakfast before we started to have a look around. After finishing up we went and sat on the beach where I completely burnt my shoulders and neck and just watched the world pass by for a good hour or two. A short while later we decided to have a bit of a walk and found an amazing collection of sand sculptures, the one pictured had to be my favourite, but I was in complete awe in how people could create such things, when I still can't master a sandcastle!

After looking around the sculptures we walked further along the coast until we ended up at a small cove, it was a lot less busy and the water was separate from the rest of the sea and looked so idyllic with pretty beach huts and people riding pedalos. Whilst wandering around the cove, we noticed a small beach side cafe where we sat down and did another quintessentially British pass time of afternoon tea I had a Lemon drizzle cake a cup of tea whilst the rest of my family had scones.

To finish off the afternoon we walked down the pier and spent a good while playing air hockey, pinball and putting endless amounts of 2p's in the machines and grabbed a cone of chips and hot doughnuts at around 6pm which finished off our day nicely until it started to pour with rain!

What's your favourite place to go on holiday?


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  1. Wow, that sand sculpture looks amazing! I always get burnt so easily as well, hope it doesn't hurt too much!

  2. ah Weston super mare, its the nearest beach to me. My family actually really dislike going there, we call it' Weston super nightmare' but that's probably because we have been so many times! You got some lovely photos though, glad you had a great time x

    1. Even though we actually enjoyed it I don't think we will go again for a long time!

  3. I've nominated you for a Liebster Award x

  4. I absolutely love the seaside! Definitely one of my favorite places and I really want to visit Brighton someday.

    xo, mikéla /