Thursday, 20 August 2015

Things Work Out In the End

Today I picked up my GCSE results and I had never been more nervous! My near future rested on this tiny envelope I would pick up from school, to be told what I could and couldn't do was very daunting to me.

School life is stressful, theres no other way to see it, deadlines, revision and exams all causing stress but working hard will work out in the end. Year 11 I found was the best year of my school life despite the final exams.

I experienced great times and found my true friends, but it is only what you make of it. I am not one to always have my head in a revision book, I lack motivation and easily get distracted but I did stick to a revision timetable and got my revision done which means in no way do I think you should not revise. Due to spending my time wisely I got to do things with my family and friends within the exam period that I enjoyed like baking, photography and of course blogging. 

Once my exams had finished we had prom, took year book photos and really enjoyed the last time we saw each other all together. Prom was a really good night, from the getting ready to the final goodbyes everyone was happy and turned out to be a lot better than I expected.

However in the time I had not revised I learnt life doesn't rest on the results I pulled out of the envelope today and neither does yours.

Whether aiming for a C or a A. Whether you achieved a E or a A* you can still achieve what you wish if you put your mind to it. To be able to go to college, retake those exams that are important or do a college course in something you love even if it is only at Level 2 GCSEs. I had been told this meant I would be a step behind everyone else but when you are older does it really matter if you took GCSEs later rather than 16? 

I got all the grades I need to get into sixth form and do the subjects I wanted to including English, Media, Geography and Law. In no way did I get the highest grade possible but I did the best I could and thats all that matters right? As long as you work and try the hardest you can you should be happy with what you get. I am happy with how Year 11 turned out for me. So to future year 11's, try your hardest and never be bought down as getting that A isn't everything if you don't have spare time to enjoy and to fellow people who picked there results up, the future is what you make it.

Things Will Always Work Out in The End



  1. Well done! I was so nervous to get my results today as well, I totally shocked by my results but well done for working so hard and have a great time at college! x :)

  2. Well done on your results! I picked mine up today too and I was so nervous I cried haha - but I did well enough and can do what I wanted to do next year too!

    Lucy |

  3. Congrats on your results Katie! So happy you got what you needed for your next step. You're totally right - in a few years from now you won't even remember your exact GCSE grades - all that matters is you got what you needed, so well done you! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  4. Woohoo, well done!!! Things do work out in the end, and if they don't - it's not the end ;) Love that quote - lovely reminder to stay optimistic :D
    xox Nadia