Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Navy Stripes OOTD

Although appearing to be a super sunny day it was actually pretty cold when I took this photo, so moving slightly and I mean very slightly away from my beloved monochrome outfits, I opted for these Topshop Navy Trousers with tiny Black Pinstripes, the perfect thing to move away from the standard boring denim jeans.

I then went for a simple black tee with black mesh along the top from Select and then added a bit of leather with my Primark Jacket which I got for just £14! And my current handbag from Next a surprise find when looking for homeware items. I then went for simple jewellery of a necklace and ring that my nan gave me with a small K and a heart on.


Sunday, 27 September 2015

September Favourites!

It has been ages since I have done a favourites post! So I thought I would round up all the past months as I think my last one was June! I have especially loved a lot through September however it is very makeup heavy but I still hope you enjoy.

L'Oreal Infalliable 24 hr Matte Foundation - Porcelain (£7.99)
As usual I am very late to the hype, after seeing this anywhere and everywhere I just had to purchase it and I must say it is definitely worth the hype, I find it applies best with a moisturiser used beforehand and a primer other wise it can gather in a few of my dry patches but defiantly keeps my skin oil free. It also has high coverage but feels like I have nothing on my skin which I absolutely love as I hate a heavy feel to my foundation.

Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder - Translucent (£3.99)
Yes! I have actually tried something different to Rimmel Stay Matte! I had recently found that the Stay Matte caked beneath my eyes when using it along with the L'oreal Foundation as I think there was too much of a 'matteness' (is that a word?) to my skin but I still wanted something to make sure my concealer stayed on so this was the perfect fix, it doesn't give any coverage and wouldn't use this  if i wasn't using a matte foundation as it doesn't hold anything other than concealer on my face however it has encouraged me to branch out to other powders and works perfectly with the l'oreal foundation.

Stila Bronzer - Shade 01 (£18)
I find it incredibly hard to find a bronzer that doesn't turn orange on my extremely pale skin but this cheeky little purchase at the start of August has become my holy grail, as drugstore wasn't working for me I felt branching out into high end might work out better and heard some good reviews and I am so happy with it. I got it in lightest shade for obvious reasons and it is super pigmented and blendable.

Revlon Eyeshadow - Cocoa and Plum (£2.99 each)
I absolutely love these eyeshadows and have probably become my all time favourite, they are sold separately and allows you to make your own palette, I discovered these a while ago when I bought Cocoa probably about a year ago and never used it and still had the seal on which I know is very bad but I then used it at the beginning of September and loved the pigment. I then bought Plum which is a lovely matte purple with a brown undertone which really makes my blue eyes pop. I love how they fit together to make a palette as I have never found a palette where all the colours get used so I am definitely going to get more.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara 
Again another thing I am late to the hype about, after not being too impressed with Benefits Roller Lash I didn't really fancy trying its dupe but numerous times i complimented someones eyelashes and this is what they used so it was about time I purchased it and now I regret not buying it as soon as it hit the shelves. I got the waterproof version as I heard it held the curl better and I am seriously impressed and I too have had many compliments with some people saying I look like I am wearing false lashes which is a huge bonus for someone who is way too lazy to bother.

Rimmel Apocalips - Celestial
 Recently I have been really getting in to do more out there eyeshadow so I have been going for a nude lip on a quite often and I think it looks so pretty. If you have read my blog for a long time then you will know how much I love he apocalips for the pigment and longevity but this colour is probably my perfect nude for the your lips but better look.

EcoTools Stippling Brush (£5)
I featured this brush in a recent post about my most used drugstore brushes and it is also probably my most loved, perfect for applying foundation in a thin layer, buffing in concealer and also amazing for contouring as it gives such an accurate line, I would probably say I rate this just as good as my more expensive brushes or maybe higher as it is super soft too.


VO5 Give Me Texture Root Powder- (£3)
This is a relatively new purchase and the first time I used it I absolutely hated it, my hair got all matted and really dry but since then I have got used to it and found it gives great volume and texture especially with curled hair so it is definitely a product you have to get used to and is quite difficult to use.

Sudocream (£2.50)
Yes nappy rash cream is in m favourites but I promise you once you get over the fact you are using a babys bum cream on your face it works amazingly to get rid of those pesky spots, I usually put this on just before I got to bed and then in the morning they are all gone it is like a miracle cream and a lot more affordable than many other products. I bought the small tub at around the start of June and I can hardly see a dent meaning it lasts a very long time.


Primark Triangle Statement Necklace (£1.50)
I never really know what to say about a necklace but this one I couldn't miss out of a favourites, for the price it was and the amount I have worn it over the last two weeks since I bought it, it is my favourite necklace and goes so well with all my autumn outfits. I really rate Primark jewellery as I have found it is such good quality particularly the necklaces.

Whats been your favourite thing this month?


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A Day At The Zoo

All Photos Taken By Me

I love animals so a trip to the zoo is my absolute fave, so I took along my camera and thought I would share the pictures I took and can we appreciate how close I got to the animals (all were in open spaces except the tiger aha), and how cute the giraffe was!

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Sunday, 20 September 2015

My Most Used Budget Friendly Makeup Brushes

Originally I had the idea to just go for a post about my favourite makeup brushes, something I rarely talk about but an essential for anyone doing their makeup, but we all know the basics, off course MAC, Sigma, Nars and Zoeva to name a few produce amazing makeup brushes so why not go for a budget friendly option as I am pretty sure you can find very good brushes for a fraction of the price so  here are my top picks.

*Please excuse my dirty brushes, I forgot to clean them because lets be honest ain't anybody got time for that*

Starting off with the obvious probably most famous drugstore brand I absolutely love Real Techniques, especially these three including the detailer brush, all over lid brush and deluxe crease brush, these brushes are all round good ones when creating any eye look and I find they have a lot of uses, for instance, the all over lid brush, is great for highlighting the brow bone & inner corners, darkening the crease and of course what its name says whilst the crease brush is great for all over the lid, adding colour to the crease, highlighting, getting a very sharp contour whilst also great for the final blend of eyeshadow. Finally the accent brush is great for smoking out colour beneath the eye and highlighting the inner corner. Sadly the only downside is that to get these brushes you have to buy the set so if any break you have to get them all again which is these plus a definer brush perfect for gel eyeliner and a slanted brush I use for my eyebrows occasionally. However I have had these for a long time and haven't shown any wear yet.

I recently got sent a few W7 brushes and I was pleasantly surprised of the quality, my particular favourite is the duo brush where one end is a concealer brush and the other end is a flat foundation brush, I use both of these for concealer using the smaller end in all the nooks and crannies of my face like around my nose whilst doing the final blend out of concealer with the foundation end. The foundation brush would also be great for applying foundation if you like a thicker coverage but personally I like to buff mine in.

I spy with my little eye, a Real Techniques dupe! This brush is actually a wilko's own brush and is so soft! This is the domed powder brush, perfect for all over the face, I think this was about £2- £3 so isn't going to break the bank and I must say, I would actually think of buying some more instead of an actual Real Techniques brush.

Lastly I have the eco-tools stippling brush, a recent purchase of mine but I absolutely love it! Perfect for a lighter coverage as it buffs the foundation into the skin but gives the most flawless blend, this is perfect with any liquid foundation and makes my makeup look so much less cake than any other brush I have tried. The bristles are super soft but also don't leave streaks in my makeup like many other brushes do where the bristles leave marks. These are about the same price as Real Techniques brushes so are also very budget friendly and also eco-friendly which are huge plus points to an already fab brush.

What's your favourite budget friendly makeup brush?

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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Autumn Wishlist

I love internet shopping, and I have to say its how I spend the majority of my time, I build up little lists I might buy, and love filling up my basket, so I thought I would share my most wanted items.

I love jumpers, snuggling in them whilst drinking a cup of hot chocolate, so the first thing for my Autumn Wishlist is a Burgundy Jumper this ones from and I just love both the colour and the style, perfect on a lazy day just to throw on with jeans and a pair of boots.

The next thing on my wish list is a MAC Lipstick, I think this is the perfect colour for Autumn, a lovely wine to burgundy colour which I love. I always think a dark lip is the best for Autumn/Winter and know I will wear this everyday.

I also really love this tartan skirt, I am a big lover of Tartan and this skirt jumped straight out at me, I think this is the perfect Autumn outfit, with boots, black tights and a big coat. I love the shape of this skirt going straight down as recently I have found many skirts are becoming A-line which do not suit me at all!

Another makeup item on my wish list is the Lorac Pro Palette I have wanted this since it was released but it is so hard to get my hands on I think it would be a perfect all year around palette however particularly Autumn with the dark browns and bronze oranges. I just want this in my life!

Similar to loving, snuggling up in jumpers I love cardigans, in particular I love the look of this grey cardigan, it is quite long reaching just above the knee but is very slouchy and looks very very cozy!

Lastly I have a khaki shirt, Khaki is a new discovery for me, I wasn't sure if the colour really suited me but this shirt from Newlook I fell in love with, I saw this in store and actually think the picture on the website don't live up to what it actually looks like, but I think this is a perfect thing to just throw on.

Whats on your Autumn Wishlist?


Sunday, 13 September 2015

Homemade Custard Cream Recipe

I sat wondering what to write for todays post all day yesterday when I started craving Custard Creams, which are possibly my favourite biscuit ever! So I thought why not make some, I scoured Pinterest for the best and easiest recipe I could find, so after making them and trying one (or maybe three) I thought I would take a few pictures before I devoured the remainder and let you guys now the recipe.

200g Margarine
200g Flour
100g Caster Sugar
100g Custard Powder
Few Drops of Vanilla Essence
Butter Cream:
50g Margarine
100g Icing Sugar


Firstly cream the butter with the sugar until smooth and a pale cream. Sieve in flour and custard powder then mix. While mixing add a few drops of vanilla essence so it is all combined.

Gather the mixture into a dough like ball, and roll out on a floured surface. Once rolled out to around half a centimetre thick and then cut out them out. I personally made a variety of stars, circles and squares so any shapes are suitable.

Cook at 180Âșc for 8-10 minutes.

Leave to cool on a wire rack, meanwhile make the butter cream by creaming the butter and sugar again until smooth and a pale creamy white colour.

Once the biscuits are cool spread the buttercream on one side and sandwich the same shape onto the other side.

There we have it. What's your favourite biscuit?

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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Autumn Makeup Look

I can now officially say it is Autumn! I have whipped out the candles and my whole wardrobe has suddenly filled itself with jumpers and a lot of burgundy so to celebrate here is my Autumn makeup look!
Recently I have been really loving primers, previously I always felt like they blocked my pores however after getting a sample of Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer I am converted, so to start off i just put some on my t-zone and a blended outwards.

I then used the MAC Pro longwear foundation which is another recent discovery and being the first high end foundation I have tried I am very impressed, lasting all day and has amazing coverage. I buffed this in all over my face using the Eco Tools Buffing Brush before moving onto eyes to prevent fall out appearing onto finished makeup look.

 As you would expect this eye look completely revolves around burnt orange and browns so after applying the MUA Eye Primer I used the colour Oudh (I am so glad I don't have to attempt to pronounce that!) from the MUA Twelfth Night Palette and smudged this all over my lid from about a quarter of the way in, then using the same brush I used the colour Myrrh from the same palette which is a beautiful golden yellow shade and also a complete dupe for MAC Amber Lights and blended this with Oudh which is already over the lid. I then got the Real Techniques Accent Brush and slightly smudged the Myrrh under my eye in the inner corner about halfway across.

I then wanted to make this look less bright so used NYX Taupe Eyeshadow and blended it using the Real Techniques All Over Shadow Brush in and slightly above the crease, acting as a transition colour, then to define the crease a bit more I used a tiny bit of Revlon Single Eyeshadow in Cocoa and then blended all the colours together with a very fluffy brush. Going back in with the RT Accent brush I smudged a bit of cocoa beneath my eye on the outer corner. 

To finish off the eye I used the Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner to create my signature cat eye and then applied a few coats of the L'oreal Double Extension Mascara.

I then filled in my brows with the Maybelline Brow Satin Pencil and Powder in Medium Brown.

Moving back onto face makeup I used the Seventeen Under Eye Concealer to cover my under eye circles and then used a small amount of Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer on any blemishes or redness.

I then dusted with my trusty Rimmel Stay Matte Powder before going onto bronze my face in the hollows of my cheeks and sides of my face using the Stila Bronzer and a tiny amount of the contour from the Sleek Face Form to deepen the hollows of my cheeks a bit more. I then went onto blusher applying the Collection blush in Bashful and highlighting my cheeks, nose, cupids bow and brow bone with the highlight from the Sleek Face Form Kit.

Lastly I moved onto lips, lining them with MUA Clear liner which I must say is amazing as stops bleeding but is great as an around good lip liner as you don't need to colour match. Then coloured my lips with Rimmel Apocalypse Meteoric Matte.

Whats your favourite autumn look?

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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Beauty Find! Make Up Revolution Highlight Palette

Shade: Highlighter Lights
RRP: £6
Rating 4/5

This highlighter palette has three gorgeous shades, one which is more white, a more pinky shade and then a more purple toned highlight. I have used this virtually everyday and have done for the past month yet it hardly looks like I have made a mark in it. The longevity of the product on the skin is super good and I find lasts all day. The whiter shade I like to use on the brow bone to highlight there whilst I use the pink on the cheek bone. I have not yet dared to use the purple as I am not sure how to use it so any suggestions leave in the comments. Please tell me how it works!

The colour pay off is also amazing which I didn't expect for the price as it was so cheap and I bought it on a whim. The mirror is also very handy! I don't think I could specifically fault this product but I do think the packaging is quite bulky and cheap looking. Despite this the actual product has to be one of the best highlights I have tried!


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

That 60's Chic

For this summer look I opted for a dress and flats. This dress from Topshop has a very 60's look about it, the cut outs around the stomach and the crocheted detailing adds something a little different to this simple piece.

I am wearing this with a simple black bag and flat shoes, but I have also found this dress is absolutely stunning with a pair of statement heels. The bag from Next and the shoes from Newlook are both cheap and affordable yet make this dress transitional for both day and night.

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