Sunday, 20 September 2015

My Most Used Budget Friendly Makeup Brushes

Originally I had the idea to just go for a post about my favourite makeup brushes, something I rarely talk about but an essential for anyone doing their makeup, but we all know the basics, off course MAC, Sigma, Nars and Zoeva to name a few produce amazing makeup brushes so why not go for a budget friendly option as I am pretty sure you can find very good brushes for a fraction of the price so  here are my top picks.

*Please excuse my dirty brushes, I forgot to clean them because lets be honest ain't anybody got time for that*

Starting off with the obvious probably most famous drugstore brand I absolutely love Real Techniques, especially these three including the detailer brush, all over lid brush and deluxe crease brush, these brushes are all round good ones when creating any eye look and I find they have a lot of uses, for instance, the all over lid brush, is great for highlighting the brow bone & inner corners, darkening the crease and of course what its name says whilst the crease brush is great for all over the lid, adding colour to the crease, highlighting, getting a very sharp contour whilst also great for the final blend of eyeshadow. Finally the accent brush is great for smoking out colour beneath the eye and highlighting the inner corner. Sadly the only downside is that to get these brushes you have to buy the set so if any break you have to get them all again which is these plus a definer brush perfect for gel eyeliner and a slanted brush I use for my eyebrows occasionally. However I have had these for a long time and haven't shown any wear yet.

I recently got sent a few W7 brushes and I was pleasantly surprised of the quality, my particular favourite is the duo brush where one end is a concealer brush and the other end is a flat foundation brush, I use both of these for concealer using the smaller end in all the nooks and crannies of my face like around my nose whilst doing the final blend out of concealer with the foundation end. The foundation brush would also be great for applying foundation if you like a thicker coverage but personally I like to buff mine in.

I spy with my little eye, a Real Techniques dupe! This brush is actually a wilko's own brush and is so soft! This is the domed powder brush, perfect for all over the face, I think this was about £2- £3 so isn't going to break the bank and I must say, I would actually think of buying some more instead of an actual Real Techniques brush.

Lastly I have the eco-tools stippling brush, a recent purchase of mine but I absolutely love it! Perfect for a lighter coverage as it buffs the foundation into the skin but gives the most flawless blend, this is perfect with any liquid foundation and makes my makeup look so much less cake than any other brush I have tried. The bristles are super soft but also don't leave streaks in my makeup like many other brushes do where the bristles leave marks. These are about the same price as Real Techniques brushes so are also very budget friendly and also eco-friendly which are huge plus points to an already fab brush.

What's your favourite budget friendly makeup brush?

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  1. Really enjoyed reading this post, "aint no body got time for that" made me laugh haha! I love real techniques brushes.
    Charlotte //

  2. I love RT brushes, I recently got the Core Collection, they're amazing! The Wilko dupe sounds so good as well, definitely going to have to check those brushes out!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Real Techniques are definitely the best drugstore brushes x