Sunday, 18 October 2015

Why I am Happy It Is Autumn!

I have probably been excited for Autumn since the middle of August as I get bored of summer very quickly so I am happy to say it is finally here as whilst I write this I can see from my window the leaves blowing around in the sky so I thought I would make a list of the reasons Autumn is finally here.

Wrapping up warm - Whether its a coat, jumper or even a blanket who doesn't love to just be cosy.

Berry Lipsticks - Becoming acceptable to wear them during the day without people thinking your over the top.

Boots - I know boots are a all year round fashion item however I just find they become slightly more wearable in Autumn leading into winter, with big cosy socks beneath.

Starbucks - Starbucks is acceptable all year around but when its cold outside there is no excuse why not to buy a hot chocolate in that photogenic cup.

Scarves - A must in Autumn but it also makes me feel like winters just around the corner which makes me very very happy.

Food - Food! Autumns the perfect excuse to start eating those feel good hearty meals and an excessive amounts of unhealthy snacks when watching TV.

Leaves - Gatherings of leaves on the floor, floating to the ground and the changing of the colours is just too instagram friendly not to love.

Darker Evenings - Means not feeling guilty about wasting your Saturday evening doing nothing.

 What's your favourite thing about Autumn?



  1. Love these posts - it makes me so happy we're now into autumn! I love wrapping up warm especially:)

    Lucy |

  2. I love Autumn and I love all these things you wrote especially scarves and leaves!

    1. They have to be my favourites of all my favourites too!

  3. couldn't agree more with everything you mentioned! now that the days are getting darker early, it won't make me feel bad about snuggling under a blanket and netflix-ing the night away hehe ;p

    ying |