Sunday, 29 November 2015

Gift Guide for Her

ITSSS CHRISTMAS!!! Well nearly, however I have got so excited, I couldn't wait to start my christmas posts so heres the first one...

I always want to find the perfect gift for everyone I want to buy for but sometimes I completely stuck on what to buy, so as I find these posts extremely helpful I thought I would do my own starting with todays as a gift guide for women, splitting it into sections to suit most women. And I am also holding my first giveaway!! so keep reading then see the end for details.

The Makeup Obsessed

I am quite makeup obsessed so for this I just picked things I would add to my christmas list starting with this Soap and Glory Well I'll Be Glammed Gift Set retailing at £40, this set is perfect for any makeup lover, and the packaging is gorgeous. I really rate all soap and glory makeup so would really recommend it for quality, also great for anyone you know just getting into makeup as this includes Thick & Fast  Mascara , Brow Archery , Smoulder Kohl Eyeliner, Supercat Eyeliner Pen and  Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Gloss in Candy Gloss and Plums Up, Love At First Blush Shimmer Powder, Solar Powder  Bronzer, Six Shades of Eye Shadow and a bronzer, blusher and eyeshadow brush. As you can tell even though its pricey you get an awful lot for your money.
Another gift I would recommend giving someone a little bit obsessed with makeup is the Benefit Pump up the Party Set  at £29.50 this is a little bit cheaper than the soap and glory set, however all products are samples and there isn't as many products however it does include the POREfessional, roller lash , high beam, benetint, rockateur with brush, an eyeshadow palette in milk it!, nude swings, it’s complicated, kiss me, I’m tipsy fluff shadow with hard angle brush. Benefit is really good quality, and although smaller I think its a great gift and gives someone a little taste of benefit without having to pay the same for a single products.

The Pamperer
A lot of women love a good pamper but can't go to the spa overtime they feel a bit stressed so why not come to the rescue with a christmas present?! The Body Shop Treats are perfect and affordable at £6 they come in a variety of smells with my favourite probably being the Mango but there are many more such as Japanese Cherry Blossom, Strawberry, Shea, Green Tea and Musk which all contain a shower gel, a cream and Body Puff, or The Body Shop also offers christmas themed treat boxes for £8 with scents such as Cranberry, Frosted Plum and Glazed Apple.
Soap and Glory again does amazing pampering gift sets at christmas so it was nearly impossible for me to pick anything better so my second pick for a pamperer is the Soap and Glory Its The Whole She-Bang which is £60 however again has amazing products! This set includes clean on me Moisture Shower Gel, Sugar Crush Body Buffer, The Righteous Body Butter, Hand Food Hand Cream, Heel Genius Foot Cream, Thick and Fast Mascara , Peaches and Clean  4-in-1 Wash Off Deep Cleansing Milk, Righteous Butter Instant Sunkissed Tint Body Lotion , Motherpucker Lip Gloss in pink shade Rose & Shine and a cosmetics case, perfect for any girly girl. However I wouldn't get this in conjunction with the previous gift due to some products being in both.

The Fashion Conscious
What girl doesn't love a handbag, and my favourite must be the Micheal Kors Totes, they are a bit on the pricey side as many are over £200 however any fashion loving gal would fall in love with this or any designer bag. 
Along with handbags, a girl can't have too many shoes can she?! Kurt Geiger do amazing shoes, I could only wish to have some as I feel I can't buy them for myself however a pair of shoes from any brand whether designer or high street would be loved very much by any fashion lover.

The Jewellery Lover
Pandora! They are obviously known for there charm bracelets but I think the rings are gorgeous with prices ranging £30 up they have something for everyone, I think this would be great for a mum as I know my mom would love it and so would I ;) They are amazing quality and really are a gift for someone to treasure rather than others that can easily be used up.

Mink & Stone do amazing unique jewellery at unbelievably cheap prices, so why not give someone a gift that was made specifically for them that no one else has. you can choose from a variety of beads to create necklaces and bracelets that are gorgeous. 

The Secret Santa

If you have been roped into a secret santa but don't know what to give apart from the usual chocolate, a nail varnish such as the Seventeen Duo's, they are pretty colours and some are perfectly named for christmas with Tinsel and Glitter. As a little gift I am sure any woman would appreciate it and is very affordable at £6.

Ted Baker also do beautiful but cheap sets, with my particular favourite being the Ted Baker Mini Trio Gift Set at £7.50 which has a body lotion, wash and spray. Plus Ted Baker smells gorgeous and this gift will look worth a lot more than you have actually paid perfect if on a budget.


Wednesday, 25 November 2015

November Favourites!

What was a better post to finish off my blogposts before I start my Christmas posts than November favourites, so here they are!
Smashbox Eyeshadow Trio: I got this from TK Max a few months ago and just put it in the back of my drawer as I dropped it on the way home on the train leading to all the white shadow smashing however this month I decided to start using it and tried to save as much of the white as possible and it is amazing! Being the first smash box product I have tried I am very impressed, the pigmentation is absolutely amazing and lasts all day. The brown is a perfect crease shade for any look and the red toned copper shadow is a great outer third eye. The white shade is also an brilliant highlight shade so I was disappointed I only have a tiny amount.

Barry M Brow Kit: I featured this in my products I should use more often post a while ago and I have actually started to love it, although the powder is a tiny bit dark, it matches my brows perfectly when mixed with the wax, however the reason is in my favourites is for the highlight shade, which I use to highlight the brow bone and it surprisingly works amazingly, its not to shimmery which I love as I hate to have sparkles under my brow especially with a heavy eye makeup look.

W7 Angled Brush*: I never really used the w7 brushes I received for a while because my RT one did the job perfectly fine however this is slightly thinner and never realised until now that it gives such a better sharper brow so I have used it everyday and I believe it is a fraction of the price of the RT one.

Kate Moss 30: My favourite drugstore lipsticks with absolute amazing pigmentation and longevity however I have discovered a new shade that is just perfect for the past autumn but also the transition into winter. It is a berry colour however more on the purple side rather than red/pink which I think compliments my skin tone but also with the blue under tonnes which make my teeth look white which is always a plus point! 

Elegant Touch False Nails: I absolutely HATE doing my nails, the fact they just chip after like a day just makes me not see the point, especially when I then have the chore of taking it off and reapplying it everyday so instead I have been reaching for fake nails which just seems to make everything that bit easier. I love the already painted ones however I also like to paint them myself which is so much better as they don't chip and last longer so i don't mind the long task.

VO5 Plump It Up Dry Backcombing Spray: I used to rave about this product, in virtually every blogpost I could manage, since getting rid of my fringe I have found the front of my hair is a lot more limp and lifeless so this has just gave it the bounce I have been missing. Its not as good for volume as actually back combing however it is a brilliant alternative as it doesn't damage my hair.

Picnic Chocolate Bar: This is a very random favourite, however after trying this for the first time, I haven't been without one, even though its not the healthiest option and most people include healthy snacks into their blogposts, I have been loving these.

Olly Murs Never Been Better Special Edition: I couldn't not include this, after his single Kiss Me I couldn't wait for this to arrive and I even got a signed copy! My favourite song is probably if i stay or maybe sacrifice or love shouldn't be this hard ... or Stevie Knows. To be honest I just love them all! Its amazing and I really suggest giving it a listen.

On the topic of music I have also been loving Justin Bieber's Love Yourself and Turn the Music Louder by Katy B.

Whats your favourite this month?


Sunday, 22 November 2015

Winged Liner Tutorial

Every time I post a selfie, or makeup look I always get comments on my eyeliner, I can't actually remember the last time I wore makeup without eyeliner I just feel most confident wearing it so I thought I would do a step by step guide so if your having trouble achieving the perfect flick you might get one step closer to achieving, but it really is practise makes perfect.

Step One: Starting at the centre of my eyelid I draw a thin line towards the outer corner of my eye and then optionally also towards the inner corner of my eye but I don't do this on a daily basis only with a heavy eye makeup look.

Step Two: I then draw a line up from the outer corner in a diagonal line towards my brow stopping just after my crease but making sure it doesn't touch my crease as shown in the picture.

Step Three: I then join the top of that line down towards the line I first drew again this line doesn't touch the crease, as this will make the wing look wonky when eye is open, again it may be easier to see the photo.

Step Four: I then fill in the wing and sometimes thicken up the originally drawn line if I am feeling a heavier makeup look.

Step Five: Practise makes perfect


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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Beauty Find! Bare Minerals Blush

Being both the first bareMinerals product and loose blush pigment I have tried I was really excited to try this, it is a beautiful, dusky pinky red hence the name 'dusk' and perfectly suits the up and coming winter season.

I found this takes quite a long time to get used too as the first time i applied it I applied way, way too much however after that I have got used to it and find it gives the perfect flushed look, and matches perfectly with a berry lip which is my current go to but find sometimes a pink blush that I would usually go for sort of clashes, I also think this would suit any skin tone. This is also very long wearing and I still find I have a flush of colour on my cheeks by the time I get in at the end of the day which I love because the last thing I want to during the day is reapply makeup let alone blusher. Overall I really recommend this with the only down side I have found is the price tag.


Sunday, 15 November 2015

What's in my makeup bag?

When thinking what post to do today, I came to realise I don't have a What's in my makeup bag on my blog, I think I wrote one ages ago but I deleted it when I updated my blog so here it is.

L'oreal Infalliable 24hr Matte Foundation: I featured this in one of my recent favourites but I think it may be my all time favourite foundation I love it! Mine's in the shade porcelain, which suits my skin perfectly and I have found lasts all day without touching up which is rare with how oily my skin is.
Seventeen Phwoar Paint Under Eye Concealer: I don't have a regular concealer as the foundation is so high coverage, however I still feel my under eyes need a bit of concealer especially if I haven;t had much sleep the night before but this covers them like I never had them and doesn't cake which I find is always a problem with heavy duty concealers.

Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder: This powder isn't as good as the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder when it comes to using it with other foundations however I have been loving it with the L'oreal Matte Foundation I think because the foundation is matte I haven't need a super mattifying powder so instead this is great and works perfectly to set any concealer under my eyes.

Stila Bronzer: I have been loving bronzer recently but this has to be my favourite, even though it was a bit on the pricey side it has lasted forever and I think my favourite I have tried as many of the drugstore bronzers have a quite orangey undertone which I hate especially as I am pale.

BareMinerals Blush: This is in the shade Dusk, which is a lovely rouge blush perfect for autumn as I find a pink blush doesn't match my much loved dark berry lippies I wear everyday. Again this is a bit pricey however it is so pigmented and compliments my skin tone perfectly.

Technic HighLights: The perfect dupe for benefit's high beam, although it doesn't blend quite so easily I think for the price it is so worth it as it gives the 'highlight is on fleekkk' look.


Barry M Brow Kit: I featured this in my Makeup I should use more often post and since then I have been loving it, I am not too keen on the wax as my brows feel quite hard and a bit unnatural but I don't like much product in my brows however the powder and highlight is great for my brow bone.

Eyeshadows: I thought I would group all my eyeshadows together as I have already wrote about most of them before or are coming up soon so I have the Barry M Dazzle Dust in Gold, Nyx in Taupe, Revlon Eyeshadow Cocoa and Plum and MUA Twelfth Night Palette which gives me enough colours to do my two everyday looks of a purple smokey eye and gold smokey eye.

Collection 24hr Extreme Eyeliner Pen: Well I couldn't be without this could I? I use this to create the my winged eyeliner and its so easy!! Again I have spoke about this so many times but the longevity and pigment is amazing.

L'Oreal Mascara: I have recently been reloving it and have found it perfect for my makeup bag as I use the primer for a night out to have longer and more voluminous lashes or use the black mascara on its own for a day time for a fluttery eye look.

Clinique Lipstick: This was a sample in the December issue of Glamour and it went straight in my makeup bag, its the perfect red for autumn winter and I have had so many compliments when I have worn it plus it lasts a very very long time which I think is due to the built in primer.

Revlon Matte Balm: Usually I have hated that bright pink lipsticks aren't as suitable for Autumn due to not going with my outfits however this has berry undertones so I think i have found the perfect all year round pink, this is also so hydrating despite being matte.

Rimmel Kate: This is in shade 20 and is such a typical autumn berry, its quite dark however the blue undertones suit my pale skin tone and I also find it makes my teeth look whiter whites always a bonus. Kate Lipsticks are probably my favourite drugstore lipsticks, due to pigmentation and the length of time they last.

Rimmel Apocalips: I didn't know whether to include this as I can't find them in my local boots anymore even though they are online, so I hope they haven't stopped selling them as they are amazing liquid lipsticks! This is in Meteoric and again is a typical autumn berry which I am really into at the minute.

What's your makeup bag staple?


Wednesday, 11 November 2015

5 Blogpost Ideas to Increase Traffic

Every blogger goes through the task of working out what blogpost receives the most traffic to try and make sure both you and readers alike are enjoying what you post. I always try to come up with ideas I would personally click on or posts that are currently popular.

Budget Friendly:
Although we all love to look at wonderfully packaged, photogenic high end products, they aren't always affordable for everyone, leading to some people avoiding them and looking at more drugstore, cheap options. Drugstore Dupes is always a good one, having something for both the high end or drugstore girl. I also find a drugstore favourites is also very well received. Having budget friendly posts also saves your own bank account as many bloggers feel pressured to buy the top of the range pricey products to review.

Blogging Tips and Tricks:
These are usually my most well received posts as everyone wants to know the best way to improve both there blog and its traffic. I also find these the most enjoyable to write, sharing bits of knowledge I have found on my way with blogging. Show the best tips and tricks, for increasing traffic, photography tips etc. all are very popular.

Being Nosey:
Everyone loves to nosey around, even if they say they don't. I don't know anyone who wouldn't want a look in someone else's makeup bag or handbag, but obviously we can't just dive our hands in, so Whats in my (makeup) bag is the perfect way to increase views. These are also often searched due to being very popular in the blogging world.

Relatable Posts:
I found that another post that increases my blog traffic is ones that others can relate to,  whether its nostalgic to you early childhood or modern issues that you need to get off your chest, it can really start a discussion and I know I love to read them.

Ironic eh? Lists like these are easier to read, more broke up and more appealing to the eye. A top 5 or top 10 including products, tips and tricks are great quick reads letting people pick up any information they want this is an all round good way to increase blog traffic.

What blogposts do you find yourself clicking on the most?

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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Beauty Find! Maybelline Brow Satin

My eyebrows have to be one of the things I have a love- hate relationship with, everything always seems a chore the plucking, the filling in, the maintaining but although this doesn't solve the plucking it definitely has made the rest a lot easier!

Rating: 4/5
Shade: Dark Brown
RRP: £5.99

This eyebrow duo has a pencil on one end and a filling powder in the other, I usually use the filling powder on an every day basis as I find it gives a more natural look but if I am going out or I have a heavier eye makeup I use the pencil previous to the filling powder to give a more defined shape yet this still looks natural. I also find my eyebrows don't fade or wear off at any time during the day which I love as I hate topping up my eyebrows during the day.

When I first found out it was a pencil I was a bit unsure as the reason I always use a eyebrow powder is partly because I just hate sharpening them but this winds up so is a lot easier and also means the whole of the product can be used instead of having to waste some as the pencil is too small after sharpening. Although so far this seems a work of genius the powder application isn't very easy as you have to push the applicator up and down whilst trying to be precise but once I got used to it, it began to get easier each time however it takes a while to build up the amount you need as its not very pigmented.

Overall I think this is definitely worth the money and great for people who love a fuller brow, the shade range is also great and I think there is probably a shade that would fit everyone and will last all day.

What's your must have brow product?


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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Things I Have Learnt After 100 Blogposts


I never thought I would ever keep blogging for this long, and who'd have thought it after a year and a half my little brain has thought of that much to write about! However in celebration I thought I would post about the things I have learnt about myself and blogging in the past 100 posts.

One Post Can Explode Traffic
There are certain posts that will all of a sudden blow up your notifications, usually its something that is in top searches at that moment like posts to do with Autumn during the season or a good one i have found is blogging tips for fellow bloggers. However overall I have found posts I really didn't expect, that didn't take me long to put together blows up my notifications a lot more often.

It Takes Time To Accumulate Viewers
When I first started blogging I was under the impression blog readers came just like that. One post up and I would have hundreds of views however a year later and over 10,000 view (which is insane) I have found that its not the number that matters and it takes time, but the reward for writing blogposts is talking to fellow blogs and people who read my blog.

You Don't Have To Post Everyday
Theoretically posting everyday should increase views shouldn't it? however having a schedule and more meaning and time put into less posts has made blogging more enjoyable and puts a lot less stress. Also if you do have a schedule it doesn't matter if you miss the occasional time slot as life comes first right?

Be Social
Being a blogger, being sociable is a must whether its talking to other bloggers, talking to readers, commenting on other blogs or posting on social medias, its all important and really makes a difference in how my blog has been received, increasing news and I have had a lot more fun because who doesn't love a good chat!

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Sunday, 1 November 2015

October Favourites!

October is over! I cannot believe it, I say it every month but this year has gone unbelievably fast however this month, especially last week, was so jammed pack I barely had time to breath however I have been loving a few products and also have a few random favourites to share.

Bare Minerals Blusher - Dusk
I am a big fan of blusher and I never feel like my makeup is complete without a dusting across my cheeks, as Autumn has come I thought I should move away from the paler and hotter pinks suitable for the spring and summer months so when I spotted this more peachy natural blush I thought it would be the perfect colour. This blush is a loose powder so is harder to apply than a pressed powder as its harder to control and more does get wasted however it is so pigmented, and lasts a long time with a translucent powder over the top.

Barry M Dazzle Dust- 44
I have heard a lot of great reviews of these eyeshadow pigments and love the look it gives to my eyes,   it has become my go to eyeshadow replacing the gold I previously used in my Autumn Makeup Look, I usually spray a eye brush with a make up setting spray and then blend out giving a stunning foiled effect, I have used this blended out with a taupe colour for an everyday look or created a more smokey effect with dark browns for a evening look. However this does have a lot of fall out so I would apply this before finishing off your face makeup.

Eylure Lash Fix Clear Adhesive
I have been really loving wearing false eyelashes when going out and makes my eyes look so much awake however I have become very picky about the glue I use as I really love the Ardell Demi Wispies but absolutely hate the glue however this stuff is brilliant keeping my lashes on all day or night and sets clear which is always a good thing.

Revlon Matte Balm- Passionate
I bought this nearer the end of October as I need a more pinkie berry to match an outfit I was wearing  to a special occasion and I love it. This is a balm so obviously it is moisturising but I love how it gives a matte effect to the lips perfect for this time of year, it also lasts such a long time which I was surprised at due to being a balm however it lasts all day maybe only needing one top up and thats only if I have ate. I can't wait to pick up more colours as its an all round good lip product and affordable!

Barry M Nail Polish - Ballerina
I am not sure if I have mentioned this in a previous post or even a favourites however if I have it just shows how amazing this colour is, I love to put a nude polish on my nails every now and then but have found this dusky pink is a go to when it comes to my nails with the brown undertones being brilliant for Autumn.

Nivea Oil Free Day Cream
I neglect moisturiser a lot, always forgetting to put it on in the morning as I find it makes my skin feel greasy leading to makeup sliding off my face quicker however this seems to be making my skin feel so much smoother and due to being oil free my skin feels a lot more matte with shine reduced.

Billy & Me - Giovanna Fletcher 
I recently wrote a review of this book (see here) so won't go into too much detail however I have been loving reading as a whole, as its perfect for the colder nights, wrapped up in a blanket and drinking hot chocolate has just been perfect. However this book may just be my favourite story I have read in a while. 

On The Road - Olly Murs
This month I also started reading Olly Murs' new book and although I haven't yet finished it, it couldn't not be in my favourites, its about Olly Murs' life on tour and what he gets up to with behind the scene photos and so far it is amazing!

Tartan or plaid clothing especially scarves have been a must for October with thee weather getting colder and it officially being Autumn I don't think I have been without Tartan in any outfit this month.

My music favourites this month has to be Kiss Me by Olly Murs which obviously had to appear as Olly Murs is just bae, Hello by Adele and finally Can't Feel My Face by The Weeknd

Whats been your favourite this month?
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