Wednesday, 11 November 2015

5 Blogpost Ideas to Increase Traffic

Every blogger goes through the task of working out what blogpost receives the most traffic to try and make sure both you and readers alike are enjoying what you post. I always try to come up with ideas I would personally click on or posts that are currently popular.

Budget Friendly:
Although we all love to look at wonderfully packaged, photogenic high end products, they aren't always affordable for everyone, leading to some people avoiding them and looking at more drugstore, cheap options. Drugstore Dupes is always a good one, having something for both the high end or drugstore girl. I also find a drugstore favourites is also very well received. Having budget friendly posts also saves your own bank account as many bloggers feel pressured to buy the top of the range pricey products to review.

Blogging Tips and Tricks:
These are usually my most well received posts as everyone wants to know the best way to improve both there blog and its traffic. I also find these the most enjoyable to write, sharing bits of knowledge I have found on my way with blogging. Show the best tips and tricks, for increasing traffic, photography tips etc. all are very popular.

Being Nosey:
Everyone loves to nosey around, even if they say they don't. I don't know anyone who wouldn't want a look in someone else's makeup bag or handbag, but obviously we can't just dive our hands in, so Whats in my (makeup) bag is the perfect way to increase views. These are also often searched due to being very popular in the blogging world.

Relatable Posts:
I found that another post that increases my blog traffic is ones that others can relate to,  whether its nostalgic to you early childhood or modern issues that you need to get off your chest, it can really start a discussion and I know I love to read them.

Ironic eh? Lists like these are easier to read, more broke up and more appealing to the eye. A top 5 or top 10 including products, tips and tricks are great quick reads letting people pick up any information they want this is an all round good way to increase blog traffic.

What blogposts do you find yourself clicking on the most?

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  1. Brilliant and really helpful post!
    Charlotte //

  2. This is such a helpful post! I try and do all of these on a regular basis they always help x