Wednesday, 25 November 2015

November Favourites!

What was a better post to finish off my blogposts before I start my Christmas posts than November favourites, so here they are!
Smashbox Eyeshadow Trio: I got this from TK Max a few months ago and just put it in the back of my drawer as I dropped it on the way home on the train leading to all the white shadow smashing however this month I decided to start using it and tried to save as much of the white as possible and it is amazing! Being the first smash box product I have tried I am very impressed, the pigmentation is absolutely amazing and lasts all day. The brown is a perfect crease shade for any look and the red toned copper shadow is a great outer third eye. The white shade is also an brilliant highlight shade so I was disappointed I only have a tiny amount.

Barry M Brow Kit: I featured this in my products I should use more often post a while ago and I have actually started to love it, although the powder is a tiny bit dark, it matches my brows perfectly when mixed with the wax, however the reason is in my favourites is for the highlight shade, which I use to highlight the brow bone and it surprisingly works amazingly, its not to shimmery which I love as I hate to have sparkles under my brow especially with a heavy eye makeup look.

W7 Angled Brush*: I never really used the w7 brushes I received for a while because my RT one did the job perfectly fine however this is slightly thinner and never realised until now that it gives such a better sharper brow so I have used it everyday and I believe it is a fraction of the price of the RT one.

Kate Moss 30: My favourite drugstore lipsticks with absolute amazing pigmentation and longevity however I have discovered a new shade that is just perfect for the past autumn but also the transition into winter. It is a berry colour however more on the purple side rather than red/pink which I think compliments my skin tone but also with the blue under tonnes which make my teeth look white which is always a plus point! 

Elegant Touch False Nails: I absolutely HATE doing my nails, the fact they just chip after like a day just makes me not see the point, especially when I then have the chore of taking it off and reapplying it everyday so instead I have been reaching for fake nails which just seems to make everything that bit easier. I love the already painted ones however I also like to paint them myself which is so much better as they don't chip and last longer so i don't mind the long task.

VO5 Plump It Up Dry Backcombing Spray: I used to rave about this product, in virtually every blogpost I could manage, since getting rid of my fringe I have found the front of my hair is a lot more limp and lifeless so this has just gave it the bounce I have been missing. Its not as good for volume as actually back combing however it is a brilliant alternative as it doesn't damage my hair.

Picnic Chocolate Bar: This is a very random favourite, however after trying this for the first time, I haven't been without one, even though its not the healthiest option and most people include healthy snacks into their blogposts, I have been loving these.

Olly Murs Never Been Better Special Edition: I couldn't not include this, after his single Kiss Me I couldn't wait for this to arrive and I even got a signed copy! My favourite song is probably if i stay or maybe sacrifice or love shouldn't be this hard ... or Stevie Knows. To be honest I just love them all! Its amazing and I really suggest giving it a listen.

On the topic of music I have also been loving Justin Bieber's Love Yourself and Turn the Music Louder by Katy B.

Whats your favourite this month?



  1. Woo Smashbox! I haven't tried this particular trio yet, but given how impressed I always am with their products, I'm definitely going to have to give this a go soon <3

    PS - If you're looking to treat yourself with a new blog design this Christmas, I'm your girl! ;)

    Emily / Lynde Avenue

    1. You should, I really recommend especially for pigmentation!

  2. I just found your blog and I'm already loving it. I love to try the Brow Kit. Great Post.

  3. The Barry M brow kit sounds really good, I love the fact that it includes a highlighter!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  4. Nice selection !

  5. Need to get my hands on the Barry M brow kit! Looks amazing

    1. You should! especially for the highlight shade!