Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Tag!

ITS CHRISTMAS EVE!!! A different day to post however I couldn't go with out posting a tag at my favourite time of year! 

What Is Your Favourite Christmas Film? 
I don't know how anyone has picked a favourite because there are so many good ones! Now I am older The Holiday, but I also love Christmas with The Kranks  and to hold onto my childish side probably the Polar Express  or The Santa Clause Movie but all Christmas films make me feel all happy!

Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning? 
Christmas morning! Even though I really really really want to open them early due to the overwhelming excitement of my inner child, it wouldn't be christmas without waking up a bit earlier than I usually would to open presents.

Do you have a favourite Christmas memory? 
I just love all Christmases, *cheese alert* any moment with my family I always count as one I keep forever but I just love the small moments such as sitting and watching christmas films together or acting stupid playing games.

Favourite Festive Food? 
I am one of those people who really isn't picky when it comes to food, I love actual Christmas dinner but I also love Yule Log which is similar to swiss roll but has a fudge coating which I have after Christmas Dinner every year without fail. I am also  sucker for anything that is a normal food but changed into christmas themed such as snowmen crisps.

Favourite Christmas Gift? 
I love all the gifts I receive and I am so grateful, so I find it so hard to pick one as I love my camera but also Olly Murs tickets however when I was little, I am not sure if I got it for christmas or not but in terms of presents a Winnie the Pooh teddy bear which I have kept to this day.

Favourite Christmas Scent? 
Cinnamon or mixed spices and oranges, I love the smell and automatically think of Christmas when I smell them.

Do you have any Christmas Eve Traditions? 
I usually help my parents with any last minute preparations and then just watch a LOT of Christmas films and eat twice as much chocolate than I should.

What tops your tree? 
A Star, I have always had one, we use the same one every year and feed lights throughout it so it looks like its shining when the rooms dark.

What is the best part about Christmas for you? 
Spending time with family, its better than the presents, and even the food, because at the end of the day the presents have no meaning without the person behind them. So being with people I love for the few days surrounding Christmas.

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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Top 5 Christmas Films

Christmas films have to be one of my favourite things about Christmas, I love just snuggling under a blanket with a hot drink whilst the weather is freezing cold and rainy outside so I have compiled a list of my top 10 that are a must to watch!

Christmas With The Kranks- Another christmas film thats a under rated starring Tim Allen and his on screen wife who want to go on holiday for christmas instead of staying at home as there daughter is away at University, however she suddenly decides to return home and they have to rush to plan a party and perfect christmas day. Its very very funny and I always like to watch this on Christmas Eve night as its such light hearted fun.

The Holiday- This is for people who go for romance over comedy with a handful of amazing actor(esses) including Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black. Cameron Diaz swaps houses with Kate Winslet for the Christmas period to get away from there own lives, and they both fall in love. This probably has to be my favourite Christmas film as its so cute.

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation- This film I hardly hear anything about and is so underrated but it too me isn't a christmas without it, it follows the story of family christmas and how the dad tries to make a perfect christmas but everything just goes completely wrong and it is hilarious!

Home Alone- One of the most known christmas film, but you just can't love it with young Kevin getting left behind when his family go on holiday and he stops two men burgling his house, if you haven't watched this you need to as even though I have watched this probably more than a hundred times it still makes me laugh

The Santa Clause-  This is probably my favourite childhood film and I love all three however this ones my favourite and I just find it so light hearted and to keep to the tradition I have watched this every Christmas Eve and will do the same this year. The fact it is Walt Disney is also a bonus and proves how good it is because lets be real theres nothing better than Disney plus Christmas.

What's your favourite christmas film?

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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Christmas Bakes | Biscuits, Last Minute Christmas Cake and Mince Pies

The run up to christmas is possibly my favourite thing about the festive season and one thing that I always love to do is bake so this year I thought I would share some quick and easy recipes that you could use on your own christmas day.
Shortbread Biscuits, Christmas Cake & Mince Pies
Festive Shortbread
Although shortbread isn't typically festive, I'm pretty sure cutting out little gingerbread men, stockings, stars and christmas trees is! These would be especially good to do with little children as the recipe is simple and the icing is very very fun even for the not so little ones... *cough* me 
You Will Need:
225g Plain Flour
75g Caster Sugar
150g Butter

To start off I creamed the butter and sugar together until it was a pale yellow nearly white colour before adding the flour.
I then mixed in the flour well and created a ball by gathering all the mixture together with my hands.
I then rolled out the biscuits on a floured surface before cutting the shapes with different cutters.
I then placed them on a greased and lined baking tray in an oven of 180 degrees celsius for 15 minutes.

Once cooled its time to ice I used melted white and milk chocolate and piped it onto the biscuits into any design I felt like on each biscuit but you could also use any coloured icing of your preference and maybe add some small sweets too however I just kept mine simple and I thought the end product looked quite good.

Christmas Cake 
I recently have become a huge fan of Christmas Cake however I can never be bothered to make a proper one as they seem incredibly complicated with having to use alcohol and 'feed' it over a long period of time however I really enjoy making this alternative.
You Will Need:
200g Self Raising Flour
Pinch of Salt
1tsp Cinammon
100g Butter
100g Caster Sugar
2 Eggs
2tbsp Milk
2oz Glaced Cherries
4oz Mixed Fruit 
Apricot jam
Royal Icing

I started off by creaming together the butter and sugar until pale. Then in a separate bowl sieved together the flour, salt and cinnamon.
I then beat in the egg and milk in the butter and sugar mixture before folding in the flour in parts.
Once this was folded together I added the cherries and fruit mixing until it is all combined.
I then poured this into a square cake tin and put it in an oven of 180 degrees celsius for 1 and a quarter hours.
Once the cake was cooled I rolled out the marzipan to put on the top. To make this stick to the cake I brushed the cake with a layer of apricot jam and then placed the marzipan on the top. The marzipan I used stated to wait 24hrs until i iced so depending on what you use this may or may not apply.
I then rolled out the icing and placed this on to the top of the cake after brushing the marzipan with boiling water to make it stick. 
I then trimmed the edges to make it neat and tidy before cutting into squares. Optionally you could then ice these pieces but I chose not too as icing isn't my particular strong point as shown by the biscuits aha!

Mince Pies
My favourite of the Christmas Treats I made, are Mince Pies, although I don't bother to make my own mince meat and just buy a big jar from Sainsbury's I really enjoying making the pastry and the end taste is delicious.
You will need:
8oz Flour
4oz Butter
8tbsp Water
1oz Sugar + some to sprinkle on top
Jar of Mincemeat

Firstly rub the butter into the flour, then add the sugar.
Next I added the water and combined with a knife then gathered it into a ball with my hands.
I then refrigerated this for about 15 minutes, as pastry is easier to work with cool.
I then rolled out the pastry onto a floured surface and started to cut out circles for the bottoms and stars for the tops.
I then pressed the circles into a muffin tin then filled with a teaspoon of mince meat before placing the star on the top and sprinkling with granulated sugar.
I then cooked these for 12-15 minutes at 200 degrees celsius.

I hope you try out some of these recipes and make sure to tweet or instagram me pictures if you do, or let me know if you have done any christmas recipes as I would love to try them out!


Sunday, 13 December 2015

Christmas Party Makeup | Silver Smokey Eye & Red Lips

I am going to a few christmas parties/events in the coming two weeks and as its christmas I always want to look the best I possibly can so I made this quick easy look that should last all night and I really like it... if i do say so myself.
For the base I started off by applying concealer first as I find that way blemishes stay covered for the longest time possible so I used the Seventeen Phwoarr Paint to conceal my under eye circles and a green concealer from MUA to cover any pesky redness which I have a lot of as my skin seems to be super bad at the minute. I then used Mac Longwear Pro Foundation all over my face as I find this lasts a really long time and I had forgot to prime my face oops! I then dusted my face with a small amount of Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Peach Glow.
For Contour I used the Sleek Face form kit in the hollows of my cheeks and then used whatever was left on my brush to bronze around my hairline before using my bare minerals loose blusher on the apples of my cheeks which compliments the red lipstick really well. I then moved back to the Sleek Kit and used the highlighter on the tops of my cheek bones.
Moving onto my favourite part of doing my makeup... eyes. I started off using a light silver shade from MUA Undress Me Palette and then the darker silver shade on the outer corner before using a dark silvery black from another palette in the crease blending it out into the rest of the shadows so it wasn't too harsh. I then went onto my winged eyeliner using my trusty Soap and Glory Supercat Liner, if you have trouble creating a wing then I have done a previous tutorial (link here) you might want to check out. I then finished the eye look off by using a Cliniques Long wearing mascara on my bottom lashes and Lancome Mascara for my top lashes.

To finish off the look I used the Clinique Lipstick in Cherry Pop which is the perfect festive red Lipstick. This also has a built in primer so won't have to disturb your night by having to keep topping it up.

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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas Playlist

One thing that always gets me feeling festive is christmas songs, any chance I get I will play them through the house, or just on my ear phones and I have found that this Christmas playlist has provided a perfect mix of originals and covers including two from Mr Olly Handsome Murs because I couldn't resist! I created this a few months ago now, ready for the festive season however I may have to admit I listened to them possibly as early as November October September... Oops however it was near the end I promise!

I have made this playlist available to listen to and I'm sure you will find it via searching 'Katie Haddock' or just click the little widget that took me ages to put on my blog post so you all better use it! It's the perfect thing to lift the mood and if you aren't feeling festive yet maybe this will get you on your way to feeling as christmassy as me!


Sunday, 6 December 2015

Christmas Essentials: How to Feel Festive

If you aren't feeling festive, first off you are just incredibly strange  however just in case you aren't I decided to comprise a list of christmas essentials that will help you feel festive at the most wonderful time of year!
Christmas Music: Compile a playlist of all your favourite christmas tunes and blast them throughout the house and if you are like me then this will make you feel incredibly happy, I also find listening to them through headphones automatically just makes me feel happier!

Decorate the Tree: I absolutely love decorating the tree and making the house look all pretty, I usually  play some christmas music whilst doing it and just generally have a happy time during this event why not...

Wear a Christmas Jumper!: These are possibly the cheesiest things out but is it really christmas without them? I love this one from Primark at only £8 (£1.50 also goes to Text Santa, meaning your giving a donation swell as your getting a cosy knit.)  but you don't have to go for a complete novelty one, subtle also can feel super festive. On a similar theme Christmas Pyjamas and Slippers are the way forward in feeling festive and I swear they just make christmas pyjamas extra comfy compared to usual ones.  

Watch a Christmas Film: My personal favourite you will have to find out in an up and coming post very soon however the perfect thing to do is cuddle up under a blanket and watch some cute christmas films that just make you feel all fuzzy and warm.

Read a Christmas Book: I haven't ever done this until this year as I wanted to read the sequel to Billy and Me (Click here for review) which just so happened to be christmassy however I have found it, like christmas films, makes me so excited for the season!

Christmas Shopping: Who doesn't love shopping?! I especially love walking under all the lights, wrapped up warm and pick out gifts for everyone I know.

Wrapping Presents and Writing Cards: I get so excited getting all presents and cards ready for christmas as I just can't wait to see the faces of people when they open them, I usually either watch a christmas film or listen to music and get cracking with a mince pie and a hot chocolate.

Go on a Day Trip: I love going to Christmas events and this year I have been/ going to a lot from turning the lights on, Christmas markets and Ice Skating and I think they are the best way to feel like christmas is just around the corner!

What's your favourite way to start feeling festive?

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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Gift Guide for Him

Heres my second gift guide, whether your buying for your Boyfriend, Husband, Dad or Grandad I think I have covered everything so I hope you find something to buy the special men in your life.

The Groomer

I absolutely love the scent of Boss by Hugo Boss and have bought it previously as a gift and I know a lot of men that love it, its around £40 up but I usually buy it on a deal and is a great present as I don't know any men who don't like to smell nice.

I always buy a little wash/ shaving kit for any men I buy for just too bulk up there present as they look good but are also affordable, when looking online on Boots I saw the L'oreal Wash Bag which is £20 but is great for any man whether they like to take somethings to the gym or they go travelling quite often or even just sitting in the bathroom cabinet I am sure any man who takes care of himself or even just doesn't want to smell! would love this.

The Car Lover

A car experience was the first thing that came into my head when I thought of a car lover, as most of the men in my life, love anything that makes a noise and goes fast. A day at a race course driving a fast car is a bit expensive with prices of around £100 it provides a brilliant day out but also is a big surprise to open!

To take a spin on a car lovers gift, I think this Top Gear hair and body wash which I think is a great affordable jokey stocking filler!

The Gadget Obsessed
I haven't ever used a Apple Watch and have no experience of one however I know a lot of men who actually want one leading to me putting into here, I can't give a review however I am pretty sure any gadget lover would love the idea of an Apple Watch. This would be a good gift for maybe a husband as something really special.
For a cheaper option something I think all men would love and even women is a portable charger, especially if they travel a lot or go to places like festivals with no way of charging phones this would be a great gift idea!

The Fashion Conscious
Like women a good pair of shoes wouldn't go a miss, with everyone having to wear them you could either splash out or even find a good pair in a high street shop, also depending on the guy this can be switched from a pair of good trainers to smart shoes.

The Secret Santa
Whether on a small budget or doing a secret santa in school or work and good gift could be a David Beckham set which are £6.99 in Boots however they are half the price in some shops like wilkos and body care. I think any man would appreciate it because lets be real what man wouldn't want to feel like they smelt like David Beckham.

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*photos are not mine*