Sunday, 6 December 2015

Christmas Essentials: How to Feel Festive

If you aren't feeling festive, first off you are just incredibly strange  however just in case you aren't I decided to comprise a list of christmas essentials that will help you feel festive at the most wonderful time of year!
Christmas Music: Compile a playlist of all your favourite christmas tunes and blast them throughout the house and if you are like me then this will make you feel incredibly happy, I also find listening to them through headphones automatically just makes me feel happier!

Decorate the Tree: I absolutely love decorating the tree and making the house look all pretty, I usually  play some christmas music whilst doing it and just generally have a happy time during this event why not...

Wear a Christmas Jumper!: These are possibly the cheesiest things out but is it really christmas without them? I love this one from Primark at only £8 (£1.50 also goes to Text Santa, meaning your giving a donation swell as your getting a cosy knit.)  but you don't have to go for a complete novelty one, subtle also can feel super festive. On a similar theme Christmas Pyjamas and Slippers are the way forward in feeling festive and I swear they just make christmas pyjamas extra comfy compared to usual ones.  

Watch a Christmas Film: My personal favourite you will have to find out in an up and coming post very soon however the perfect thing to do is cuddle up under a blanket and watch some cute christmas films that just make you feel all fuzzy and warm.

Read a Christmas Book: I haven't ever done this until this year as I wanted to read the sequel to Billy and Me (Click here for review) which just so happened to be christmassy however I have found it, like christmas films, makes me so excited for the season!

Christmas Shopping: Who doesn't love shopping?! I especially love walking under all the lights, wrapped up warm and pick out gifts for everyone I know.

Wrapping Presents and Writing Cards: I get so excited getting all presents and cards ready for christmas as I just can't wait to see the faces of people when they open them, I usually either watch a christmas film or listen to music and get cracking with a mince pie and a hot chocolate.

Go on a Day Trip: I love going to Christmas events and this year I have been/ going to a lot from turning the lights on, Christmas markets and Ice Skating and I think they are the best way to feel like christmas is just around the corner!

What's your favourite way to start feeling festive?

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  1. Watching Christmas films for sure. I watched ELF today as I was feeling a little down and it was the perfect festive pick me up! I love listening to Christmas music too whilst just going about my day to day business.

    Sophie x | Essential Twenty

    1. I have actually never watched Elf! I feel like its a must this year!

  2. Aw, this is such a lovely post. Very festive! I'm doing 25 days of Christmas on my blog at the moment and love how you have made this festive, the photograph is beautiful. x