Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas Playlist

One thing that always gets me feeling festive is christmas songs, any chance I get I will play them through the house, or just on my ear phones and I have found that this Christmas playlist has provided a perfect mix of originals and covers including two from Mr Olly Handsome Murs because I couldn't resist! I created this a few months ago now, ready for the festive season however I may have to admit I listened to them possibly as early as November October September... Oops however it was near the end I promise!

I have made this playlist available to listen to and I'm sure you will find it via searching 'Katie Haddock' or just click the little widget that took me ages to put on my blog post so you all better use it! It's the perfect thing to lift the mood and if you aren't feeling festive yet maybe this will get you on your way to feeling as christmassy as me!



  1. Thanks for sharing your Xmas playlist! I love playing Christmas music while wrapping gifts. Really put me in the mood and enjoy the holiday spirit more. Great job putting in the widget. I am still very new to putting new twists to my blog and simple changing of layout would take me a while to get it to work.

    1. No problem! Whats your blog address I would love to check out your blog?