Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Gift Guide for Him

Heres my second gift guide, whether your buying for your Boyfriend, Husband, Dad or Grandad I think I have covered everything so I hope you find something to buy the special men in your life.

The Groomer

I absolutely love the scent of Boss by Hugo Boss and have bought it previously as a gift and I know a lot of men that love it, its around £40 up but I usually buy it on a deal and is a great present as I don't know any men who don't like to smell nice.

I always buy a little wash/ shaving kit for any men I buy for just too bulk up there present as they look good but are also affordable, when looking online on Boots I saw the L'oreal Wash Bag which is £20 but is great for any man whether they like to take somethings to the gym or they go travelling quite often or even just sitting in the bathroom cabinet I am sure any man who takes care of himself or even just doesn't want to smell! would love this.

The Car Lover

A car experience was the first thing that came into my head when I thought of a car lover, as most of the men in my life, love anything that makes a noise and goes fast. A day at a race course driving a fast car is a bit expensive with prices of around £100 it provides a brilliant day out but also is a big surprise to open!

To take a spin on a car lovers gift, I think this Top Gear hair and body wash which I think is a great affordable jokey stocking filler!

The Gadget Obsessed
I haven't ever used a Apple Watch and have no experience of one however I know a lot of men who actually want one leading to me putting into here, I can't give a review however I am pretty sure any gadget lover would love the idea of an Apple Watch. This would be a good gift for maybe a husband as something really special.
For a cheaper option something I think all men would love and even women is a portable charger, especially if they travel a lot or go to places like festivals with no way of charging phones this would be a great gift idea!

The Fashion Conscious
Like women a good pair of shoes wouldn't go a miss, with everyone having to wear them you could either splash out or even find a good pair in a high street shop, also depending on the guy this can be switched from a pair of good trainers to smart shoes.

The Secret Santa
Whether on a small budget or doing a secret santa in school or work and good gift could be a David Beckham set which are £6.99 in Boots however they are half the price in some shops like wilkos and body care. I think any man would appreciate it because lets be real what man wouldn't want to feel like they smelt like David Beckham.

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