Sunday, 31 January 2016

Winter Walks OOTD

Monochrome winter outfit, with patterned check trousers fur collared coat and chelsea boots
 Winter fashion is possibly my favourite all year round with an obsession for scarves, fur, coats and boots. I recently went on a walk, so whilst wearing my current favourite outfit I grabbed my camera to take some snaps to share with you.
OOTD,Monochrome winter outfit, with patterned check trousers fur collared coat and chelsea boots

Monochrome winter outfit, with patterned check trousers fur collared coat and chelsea boots. OOTD
I love wearing monochrome, but find it can be a bit plain so the mix of textures from the fur on the coat and the pattern of the trousers adds a bit more. Checked/patterned trousers have been a favourite in my wardrobe and appeared to be quite a trend, these from Topshop have a super soft finish and are quite thick which is perfect for Winter, there are also similar ones in Select which would be a great cheaper option. I then paired this with a simple black top with small gold buttons on the shoulders from Newlook.
Over the top of this I threw on this black coat with detachable fur, at £25 from primark, I don't think I could of gone wrong! This is a loose fit and is surprisingly warm so I really recommend having a look in store for it as I also think it looks a lot more pricey than it really is.
Monochrome winter outfit, with patterned check trousers fur collared coat and chelsea boots. Beauty Blogger OOTD. Curled Hair

Monochrome winter outfit, with patterned check trousers fur collared coat and chelsea boots. Beauty Blogger OOTD. Curled Hair
With a natural makeup look, small flower earrings and a selection of simple rings from Miss Selfridge and Pandora I kept the focus on the fur and the checks.
Monochrome winter outfit, with patterned check trousers fur collared coat and chelsea boots. Beauty Blogger OOTD. Curled Hair. Black Bag. Fashion Blogger.
Monochrome winter outfit, with patterned check trousers fur collared coat and chelsea boots. Beauty Blogger OOTD. Curled Hair. Fashion Blogger
Excusing the mud on the heel of my boots, I decided to wear a classic pair of chelsea boots which are my go to shoes for winter and have started quite a collection of them, I then used another bargain purchase of my bag from Primark at just £10. 


Sunday, 24 January 2016

My Blogging Process | Blogging Organisation

I never really thought about becoming organised when blogging before recently, it just came to a day when I felt I wanted to blog, grabbed my camera, uploaded then started to ramble on, I was never happy with my blog when this happened as to me it always looked rushed with unedited photos, and I never proof read a post. However over the past month I feel as if I have got myself into a blogging routine, making my blog more organised and well thought out.

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To get organised I started off making a schedule, I did this so I knew when I would post but it also helps ensure readers/followers now when to return for a new post. My schedule is posting every  Sunday
This has helped me organise my blog giving me more time, although I still have those days when I just want to blog, I pre-write a couple and find it works better so I still blog when I am in the right mood and have inspiration but save them and proof read them for the day I have planned to post.

I am a terrible planner, I can never stick to a plan however I do write the basic idea for a post in the notes on my phone, I wish I was the sort to carry around a cute little notebook and be that typical blogger quickly jotting down ideas wherever I am but I find a phone works best for me to make sure I have a variety of posts planned but I never do in depth notes as I know I will never stick to them. For inspiration I usually use Pinterest, magazines and other blogs.
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After I have got an idea I start snapping some photos, the most time consuming part of the blogging process but I also find it the most fun. First of all I usually set up a background, then place the products and take a variety of photos with my camera before editing the contrast and brightness to make photos uniform but nothing to change the shade of products.

Like photography, I have a passion for writing. Sometimes it proves more difficult but overall I love writing, using my plan and photographs I start to type away. I often get sidetracked meaning most posts are written in short bursts but overall I think this works better for me so the process isn't boring.
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I don't usually proof read my posts until just before I post as I usually miss mistakes if I reread it straight after writing. As I prewrite it only takes a few moments to publish, however recently I have started to schedule the post a few days before in case I run out of time on the day or forget due to school work or I am out. I then do the long task of sharing across all my social medias including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest then I am done.

Do you have a routine when writing blogposts?

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Top 5 Winter Lip Products

I love talking about my favourite products, especially lip ones as I must say I have an addiction to buying them with all the pretty colours slowly but surely filling my draw I thought I should share the Top 5 I have been whipping out this winter.
MAC Rebel sneaked into my makeup collection in mid- autumn but I hardly wore it which I can't believe as now I am in love, The colour is a stunning deep purple if built up but also if not built up gives a lovely deep pink with cool under tones it also appears to make my teeth look whilst the formulation is Satin which is probably my favourite type of MAC lipstick, its moisturising which I love in the Winter as I always get dry lips but also lasts all day. 

Next I have one by Bourjois, this is a liquid lipstick which are possibly my favourite lip products, I haven't been able to get my hands on any of the Rimmel Apocalips so this is the perfect replacement and I actually think it may be better. In the shade Happy Nude Year its very fitting for the season, but also is the perfect nude, to give that 'my lips but better look' I love to wear this with a lip liner and find it lasts all day however needs topping up if used on its own. Despite the Matte formula it doesn't dry my lips out.

The Revlon Matte Balm is a fairly new addition to my makeup collection, as I wanted to find a pink with more berry under tones to fit the the colder months, but the formulation of these are amazing being a balm it provides moisture whilst being matte so the formula seems perfect to match the winter trend but also practical. 

Rimmel Kate lipsticks are probably the best drugstore lipsticks you could find in my opinion, with the extensive colour range, amazing longevity and the wide range of formulations, the colours also often appear to be amazing MAC lipstick dupes. This is a lovely deep red perfect for all year round however at the moment it has proved my staple for Winter wearing it most days.

Lastly I have Clinique Cherry Pop Lipstick, this was my perfect festive Red and as I am still not quite over christmas, I have continued to wear this throughout January, with the inbuilt primer it lasts extremely well on the lips,  but also adds moisture. The formulation glides on the lips but can become sticky.

What's your essential winter lipstick?


Wednesday, 13 January 2016

My Dream MAC Palette

I have been longing over a MAC eyeshadow palette for a very very long time, but can never bring myself to pay £10 per one however after being stuck on a post to write I thought I would share the 15 I would fill my dream palette with.
White Frost - Starting with the basics this is a really bright white with a slight shimmer, which i purely put in because every one needs a white in there palette, but I love mine to have a shimmer to really highlight the inner corners.

Blanc Type - Again a basic, neutral colour, however we should know by now I am all about the neutral shadows! This is a lovely creamy beige which I think would work well as a base and even out the colour of my eyelid.

All That Glitters - I have been looking for this one for a very long time, with it being one of my top 5 of the 15, this again is a beige however with a rose gold glitter and it looks stunning whenever I see anyone wearing it.

Goldmine - I love wearing Gold eyeshadows, I think they really suit my blue eyes and I especially love to wear it in the Autumn and Christmas. I thought this would be great for the inner corners in my  Autumn Makeup Look (link here) as the one i did use has ran out.

Amber Lights - This is probably my favourite of all 15, and as said in the title is a lovely amber colour with a shimmer, again i think this would be perfect in autumn, but also all year round.

Wedge - On the next row is Wedge, again a neutral, surprise surprise! This is a really pale brown which I think would work amazingly as the transition colour in any eye look but also on a minimal makeup day in the crease.

Twinks - This is another brown but with a slight plum undertone, as again i really like the look of plum shades on my eyes but I think this would also be great for deepening the crease.

Swiss Chocolate- Ooh look another brown! I promise they are all different. This has a reddish undertone (see different!) I don't really know what the purpose this has in my palette other than i quite like it, and thats enough of an excuse for me.

Beauty Marked - Originally I put Cranberry in this place however I decided that it was too red so i settled for a dark purple as I love a good purple. I thought this would be nice in the outer corner of my eye.

Fig. 1 - Again this is a purple colour but this time its a very vibrant purple, I may be mad putting this in and may look like an idiot when i wear it however I quite like it.

Woodwinked - Yet another brown but this time on the gold side, and I think it looks very pretty on the eyes especially blue eyes which swayed me into giving this beauty a little spot in my palette.

Charcoal Brown - I put this in purely as I think it would be a good match for my eyebrows being both a matte shade and not having any red undertones in. I find using shadow is the best for my brows so why not spoil myself with a mac one.

Satin Taupe - There is a huge hype about this in the beauty blogging world and to be honest I don't think a palette is complete without a Taupe colour so why not try this one.

Knight Divine- This is a grey/ silver colour and probably the only one of the 15 I have never seen in real life however I really like to do a grey smokey eye on a evening out so chose this as I hoped it would do the job.

Carbon - Lastly I have a matte black perfect for the crease of a smokey eye or in the act of eyeliner, again I think this is an essential for any palette.

So thats my perfect MAC palette I hope you liked this post as I haven't seen one similar but liked the idea.
What's your favourite Mac Shadow?

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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Haircare Routine

After going to the hairdressers mid November, she told me my hair had started to get really damaged and to tell the truth I'm not surprised I used to wash my hair everyday and condition it rarely let alone use many other products on it plus I straightened it everyday so after she threatened she would have to cut five inches off my hair to get it back to health (something that broke my heart since I have been growing it for just short of 2 years) I decided to get into buying and actually using more hair products and since returning six weeks later yesterday and she said my hair was back to its original soft, well hydrated state I thought I would share the products I really thought had made the difference.

First off starting with Shampoo and Conditioner I have been using the Garnier Ultimate Blends Marvellous Transformer this has argan and camellia oils in which would of put me off a few months ago as my hair gets greasy very quickly however instead of making my hair greasier this has actually helped not only my lengths be less dry and frizzy but I have needed to wash my hair less often. I think this may be because my roots used to get oily from more oil being made to try and hydrate the ends if that makes sense. I also think the conditioner reduced the appearance of split ends.

I only bought the Tresemme Keratin Mask a few weeks ago as I had never tried a hair mask before and it was one of the first things my hairdresser mentioned I should use. I put this in the mid- lengths to ends of my hair for around five minutes and my hair feels so soft once I rinse it out and again it feels like it reduces the damage.

I then usually towel dry my hair and spray on L'oreal Elnett Heat Protectant which smells so good which gives this an extra brownie point because who doesn't want nice smelling hair! So even though I don't straighten my hair everyday I still like to use this every time I wash it just in case I have the urge to whip out the straighteners or curlers as I like the look of my hair with heated appliances better than my natural hair.

In between washes I always use dry shampoo and currently I have been using Batiste, I never really know which dry shampoo to use as none ever really cut it but this is probably the best I have tried however if you have any suggestions please let me know! 

I then have the Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Treasure Strength Restorer Oil I use this after I have styled my hair as it makes my hair soft and reduces the look of any frizz or damage whilst again smiling amazing. However if I feel like a lighter product than the oil such as when I curl my hair as I find the oil leads to the curls dropping so I use the OGX Coconut Water which I find adds shine and reduces any frizziness.

Lastly once I have finished styling my hair, which isn't really part of my hair care but I absolutely love it so couldn't not mention it is the VO5 Back Combing Spray which I spray at my roots and it creates an unbelievable amount of volume and it is probably one of my favourite ever products.

What are your haircare essentials?


Wednesday, 6 January 2016

5 Tips on De-Stressing

I think everyone at some point in there life will feel stressed, whether its about an exam or just general day to day getting things done. I hate the feeling its probably one of the worst feelings, where you have 189483 problems to carry on your shoulders and your mind is going at an extraordinary speed to feel like you maybe, just might have a little chance of succeeding all the things you have to do.
I found my exams the most stressful period of my life so far, with so much to do and very little time, it also probably didn't help I left everything and I mean EVERYTHING until the last minute but I also get stressed about the smallest things that too others wouldn't ever matter which is made worse by the stress then being combined with feeling extremely anxious especially in the case of exams.

Recently I have been really trying to chill out a bit and the key is to take time out for yourself and forget the world around you so here are my top tips for stressing less.

Do Something You Enjoy- I love to read, bake or colour. I have always loved doing all three of these as I can just relax but also keep my mind busy so won't worry about the things that need to be done. 

Finish Things- If I have a lot to do I always end up panicking and doing only half a job, so I have found if you have numerous things to do work your way down a list and each time you finish something you will feel accomplished therefore less stressed instead of doing many things at once and taking longer to finish everything. I like to do this with things like homework and revision.

Pamper yourself- I find having a bath, or even just painting my nails is the perfect thing to make me feel de-stressed especially if i also feel anxious as its another way to forget about the world and this is also the perfect time to do the 'something you enjoy' such as reading but maybe not the baking ;) 

Laugh- Laughter is the best medicine! And I think this is true, maybe either catch up with a friend or even watch a comedy sketch or stand up I personally love watching Miranda, a bit of light hearted fun is always the best.

Fresh Air- Sometimes I just love to take a walk, it always helps me feel refreshed and relaxed leading to me being able to face the day ahead.

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Sunday, 3 January 2016

2016 Goals

So, where do I start? I can't believe 2015 is over, I decided to have a little break from all social media and blogs for the festive period and spend quality time with family, as some times I find the internet takes over mine and everyones life but now I am inspired once again and thought the best way to start is too look forward into the future year and explain my goals that hopefully at the end of the year I can look back at this post and see if I achieved them.

Post regularly- At the end of last year I made up a schedule of posting every Wednesday and Sunday at 6pm (GMT) and thought 2016 I want to try and keep up with this and stick to it every week.

Reach 500 Bloglovin' Followers- Recently I have found this is the best platform to get more views, and although I don't really care about numbers, I want to feel like I have stepped forward and achieved something with my blog.

Improve my photography- I absolutely love taking photos, but I want them to become better, and hopefully this will improve my blogs quality but also something fun to take a record of my year as I received a photo album for christmas I really want to fill with the whole of my 2016.

Be Healthier- I am sure everyone says this in their new year goals however my lifestyle is terrible, I eat rubbish and do zero exercise, I don't want to diet but I want to improve my health, I don't know how I am going to change yet, but expect a blogpost.

Be more organised- I am the least organised person you could find, everything is a mess and I can never find anything leading to me forgetting or messing things up, whether it be having to rush to do a blogpost, school work or even going places such as remembering appointments.

Stress Less- This ones probably easier said than done however by being more organised I should be able to chill out a bit more but I get so anxious about anything even if its tiny so I am going to try and take time to relax and put things back into proportion.

Be more positive- I am one of those people who always feels inadequate to others, and cares what they think of me so in some senses I want to be more positive about myself but also more positive that I too can achieve things I want and not always feel like I am below others as I am just as capable as them. I also want to feel more positive in situation and not worry about the worst thing that can happen.

Get a job- This is a bit random, but at 16 I feel like I should try and start earning some money, so i build some savings for the future and get some experience.

Start learning to drive- I am 17 in June so this can't happen straight away but I really want to drive, so getting a job will help pay for it as well so more reason to get a job but I want to be well on my way to being able to drive by the end of 2016.

Meet Olly Murs- This is one I know more than likely isn't going to happen but you can't blame a girl for trying.

What are your goals for 2016?

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